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  • whilst im sure this is a very effective way of slug prevention why not try the slug bell... take a look
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Slug trap

  1. 1. Andrew MattJon KreppsRoommate (Joshua Zolko)Mike Timberg
  2. 2. Define the Pr oblem  Any farmer/gardener knows that slugs can cause significant damage to his or her garden, additionally, slugs are just an unsightly thing to look at. A typical slug trap is baited with the scent of beer, which can easily add up in expenses, and contains food inside which is not only toxic to slugs, but often to humans as well. Also, the majority of slug traps clearly look as if they do not belong near a garden. Design a slug trap that allows a person to keep some money in their pocket, is non-toxic in case a younger person happens to digest it, and is not an “eyesore” sticking in the middle of someone’s garden or yard.
  3. 3. Criteria For Success  The slug trap must be low in cost. Criteria for Success: Design Design  The components such as the bait and #1 #2 what kills the slug must be cheap. No Chemicals x x  The slug trap must be safe among children and pets. Safe For Children x  The slug trap must be environmentally Environmentally x friendly. Friendly  The slug trap must be aesthetically Low Cost x pleasing.  The trap must kill the slugs in a way such Easy Clean-up x x their bodies wont just be lying there for Aesthetically Pleasing x ages.  The trap must be easy to understand and use.
  4. 4. Per tinent Infor mation  The Lilly Miller Brand of slug bait is a big name in the slug industry, as it is not harmful to pets and wildlife, but it is harmful to have around children and at $16.11 per box, it can put quite a dent in someone’s pocket.  Popular Traps such as the “Snail Jail” and “Slug Saloon” are all effective at trapping slugs, but require expensive and toxic bait, and are basically big hunks of plastic sticking out of somebody’s lawn or garden.  The brand simply entitled “Slug Trap” does have a nontoxic method to lure its slugs, but for a small bag of its bait, it costs an unreasonably expensive $17.99.
  5. 5. Per tinent Infor mationcont..  The brand “SlugsAway” created a special electric fence for slugs, and obviously this method can run into quite a few problems regarding safety, and can cost over $40 just to keep a relatively small area slug free.  The majority of slug traps use beer to attract the slugs, and while this is an effective method, there are a few problems one can run into when using beer as bait. One problem is that beer should be sitting around in the yard where kids are playing. Secondly, beer when left sitting out has a will produce a very nasty stench.
  6. 6. Multiple Solutions  Slug Eating Chia Turtle: A trap that involves slugs being bated by the scent of compost, and then falling into the base of the turtle. Slugs drown when the Chia Turtle is watered and deteriorate into the compost, which further fertilizes the Chia Turtle’s grass.  Dat Der Bucket O’ Sawlt: This trap is a simple bucket that is placed into the ground in which the rim of the bucket is just barely sticking out of the earth. The trap lures the slug with compost that is lying under a thing layer of sea salt. The slug falls into the bucket for a meal and then gets dissolved by the salt where its body becomes part of the compost.
  7. 7. SketchesDesign #1 Design #2
  8. 8. Multiple SolutionAnal ysisMaterials Design #1 Design #2 Decision Chia death Bucket n Matrix Weight trap Salt methodContainer $2.59 $2.59 Attracts Slugs 0.1 9 6Potting Space $21.00 $0 Cost 0.1 6 10Plant/Grass $4.95 $0.21 Eco-Friendly 0.05 10 7Netting $0.08 $0 Safety 0.2 9 5Dirt/Compost $0.15 $0.15 aesthetics 0.2 10 7Slug Eliminator $0 $1.15 keeps/kills 0.3 9 7 slugs easy to use 0.05 9 8Total Cost $28.77 $4.10 Total Score 1 8.95 6.85 Materials Chart design #1 design #2 Container Bucket Bucket Potting Space Chia pet None Plants-Grass specialized Chia None Seed Netting Fishnet None Dirt/compost Mushroom mushroom compost compost Slug eliminator water Salt
  9. 9. Final Analysis The charts all show the superiority of the Chia death trap as opposed to the bucket and salt method; except for cost, but makes up for functionality, ease of use, and safety.