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How to develop messages


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How to develop messages

  1. 1. How  to  Develop  Messages   Wednesday  17  December  2014   Breakfast  workshop       CommunicaCng  Europe+  
  2. 2. Management  CommunicaCon  Training  
  3. 3. What  problem  is  this  a   soluCon  to?  
  4. 4.       How  many  messages  do   we  see  a  day?  
  5. 5. How  many  messages  do  we  see  each  day?  
  6. 6. CommunicaCon  objecCves   Change   behaviour   Develop   opinion   Raise   awareness  
  7. 7. You  have  to  move  your  audience  to  a  new  place       Message   What  do   they  think   now?   What  do   they  care   about?   What  do  you   want  them   to  think?  
  8. 8. Messages           EffecCve  communicaCons     revolve  around  two  or  three   key  messages   “A piece of information that you want your audience to know and act upon.”
  9. 9. The  message  house  
  10. 10. Messages  need  proof   Hard  proof   •  StaCsCcs   •  Trends   •  Graphs   •  Charts   •  Percentages •  Voter turnout So*  proof  
  11. 11. Messages  are  simple   •  We  need  clear,  concise  language  that  we  can   understand   •  We  need  two  or  three  supporCng  statements   •  The  foundaCon  is  proof  –  hard  or  soQ  
  12. 12. Messages  –  the  message  house   Four  quesCons     1.  What’s  the  big  picture?   2.  What  two  or  three  supporCng  statements  do   you  have?   3.  What  is  your  proof?   4.  What  do  you  want  them  to  do?  
  13. 13. Which  one  is  a  message?      Meet  your  life   companion    Through  innovaCve,  reliable   products  and  services;   talented  people;  a  responsible   approach  to  business  and   global  ciCzenship;  and   collaboraCon  with  our   partners  and  customers,   Samsung  is  taking  the  world  in   imaginaCve  new  direcCons.     Message  Slogan                         InformaCon   Credibility     Reason   Facts     MarkeCng  /  adverCsing     Psychology   EmoCon   Memory   Image   Do  not  mix!  
  14. 14. McDonald's  Mission      We’re  determined  to  conCnuously   improve  our  social  and   environmental  performance.  We   work  hard,  together  with  our   suppliers  and  independent   restaurant  franchisees,  to  strive   toward  a  sustainable  future  –  for   our  company  and  the  communiCes   in  which  we  operate.        From  the  beginning,  we’ve  been  a   company  commi^ed  to  doing  the   right  thing.  Today,  our  values   conCnue  to  be  the  foundaCon  for   who  we  are,  what  we  do,  and  how   we  operate,  
  15. 15. Which  message  works?   “Our   mission  is...   …to  become  the   internaConal  leader   in  the  space   industry  through   maximum  team-­‐ centred  innovaCon   and  strategically   targeted  aerospace   iniCaCves.”  put  a  man  on   the  moon  and   return  him  safely  by   the  end  of  the   decade.”  
  16. 16.   EU  InsCtuCon  Clichés       2012  -­‐  European  Year  for  Ac6ve  Ageing  and  Solidarity  between   Genera6ons   •  The  year  is  intended  to  raise   awareness  of  the  contribuCon   that  older  people  make  to   society.  It  seeks  to  encourage   policymakers  and  relevant   stakeholders  at  all  levels  to   take  acCon  with  the  aim  of   creaCng  be^er  opportuniCes   for  acCve  ageing  and   strengthening  solidarity   between  generaCons.   •  Awareness   •  Policymakers   •  Stakeholders   •  CreaCng  opportuniCes   •  Strengthening   •  Solidarity    
  17. 17. Messages  –  the  message  house   Four  quesCons   1.  What’s  the  big  picture?   2.  What  two  or  three  supporCng  statements  do   you  have?   3.  What  is  your  proof?   4.  What  do  you  want  them  to  do?  
  18. 18. CommunicaCng  Europe  2014  
  19. 19. What  you  will  do  with  this  training     What  can  I  apply  to   my  job?     What  resources  do  I   need?     How  can  I  further   pracCse?       What  else  could  I   benefit  from   learning?      
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