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Intro to Andrew Maher


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Intro to Andrew Maher for the Social Media Academy course

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Intro to Andrew Maher

  1. 1. Andrew
  2. 2. Who am I? 47 years old New Orleans native Lived now in Europe 20+ years Married, 3 children Avid cyclist
  3. 3. What is Social Media to me? Connecting with  Expanding my family, friends and horizons exchanging with  Connecting with others my others who are experiences working to the same Learning new things goals Meeting new people  Learning new things Consuming  Testing my ideas, information on my and at times killing time them offPersonally Professionally
  4. 4. Where do I want this to go?  I want to take the level of conversations corporations are having with their customers to a new level  I want the skills to show them how to honestly make the customer the center of the conversation  I want to know the methods, drives to make this work  And all of this MUST be to a benefit to the corporation
  5. 5. Presenting TodayAndrew Maher is a 20 year veteran of thecustomer experience arena. For over 17years he has been working with Avaya’sclients across the globe.He is an award winning leader in the areaof new media and its role withinenterprises and their interactions withcustomers. When consulting with clientsAndrew describes himself as a B2B2Cfocused, his concern is of his customer’scustomers. As a certified social mediastrategist he is addressing the CxOs ofFortune 100s to develop with them theneeds of this up and coming interactionchannel.Andrew is based in Frankfurt, Germany.He can most easily be found on Twitter@serviceplease20 where he talks aboutthe Enterprise 2.0, Customer Service andwhat a Social Business really #serviceplease 5
  6. 6. Certified #SoMe Strategist Andrew Maher @serviceplease20 #serviceplease 6