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How to Create A Seamless Twitter Header Background and Profile Image


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How to Create A Seamless Twitter Header Background and Profile Image

Published in: Business, Technology, Art & Photos
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How to Create A Seamless Twitter Header Background and Profile Image

  1. 1. andrewmacart hy.com of the most inventive ways to utilise your Twitter header space is to create aheader background image that blends seamlessly into the profile photo that overlaysit, as shown in the examples above. If youd like to do something similar, its reallynot too difficult, even if you are a photo editing newbie. All you need is todownload my Twitter Header Template .psd file for Photoshop or GIMP (link opens ina new window), and follow the simple step-by-step instructions below:Alternatively, if youd just like me to do it all for you or your business, get in touch andhire me via the Contact Me page or purchase using the Shoplocket widget above.1. Open the template.When you first load the template, this is what you will see. The grey area representsthe size of your Twitter headers background image, while the orange boxesrepresent the different sections that sit on top of it - name, bio, website address,etc..2. Hide every layer except the profile photo box.
  2. 2. In this instance, were only concerned about the position of the profile photobecause we want it to overlay on top of our background image in exactly the rightposition. So, go ahead and hide every layer except the orange profile box layer,as above.3. Insert your background image behind the profile box layer.I want my header image to show this ferocious grizzly bear. Whatever image youchoose, insert it into the template and move the layer so it is positioned behindthe profile box. To make sure the image is lined up as you want, lower the opacity of
  3. 3. the profile box to get a better look.4. Select the profile box layer, then copy from the backgroundlayerHeres where we create the profile pic that will sit above your background image.Choose the profile box layer and use the Magic Wand tool to select the orange box,as above. With the selection made, highlight the background image layer from theLayers panel, and copy the selection.5. Create a new image file and paste the copied selection intoit.With your selection copied, create a new imagefile and paste the selection in - if done correctly, itshould be 195 x 195 pixels big. Save this file as aPNG and keep it safe for later.6. Save your Twitter backgroundimage
  4. 4. Return to the Twitter background template, hide the orange profile box layer and savethe image as a PNG. You should now have two images - this one, and the profileimage you created in the last step.7. Visit Twitter and click Edit on your Header imageIts time to upload your seamless header image! Visit your Twitter account, hoveryour mouse over the header and click the "Edit" button that appears.8. Upload your profile and header background images.
  5. 5. Click the "Change photo" and "Change header" buttons to upload your profile photoand header images. Dont adjust the position and zoom of them when prompted,just save them as is.9. Tweak background image position if necessary
  6. 6. If, as above, your background image doesnt line up with the profile pic seamlesslywhen you upload it, no worries. Head back to the template file and shift the positionof your background image up or down a four or five pixels, then upload it again. Itmight take a try or two, but youll get there :)10. View the finished product!
  7. 7. Here it is, the finished header and profile image, perfectly lined up with each other andlooking great!Want me to do it for you?If youd like me to create a Twitter header image like the ones above for you or yourbrand, please get in touch via the Contact Me page for more information.