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Google Plus Cover Photo Dimensions Size 2014 and Template


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Google Plus Cover Photo Dimensions Size 2014 and Template

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Google Plus Cover Photo Dimensions Size 2014 and Template

  1. 1. andre wm acart m m/andrew-macarthy-so cial-media/go o gle-plus-co ver-pho to -dimensio ns-size-2014 Google has introduced a new cover photo size f or all Google Plus prof iles and pages, dramatically shrinking it in size. Here are all the details and dimensions you need to get your Google Plus cover photo sized right f or 2014. The old Google+ cover photo
  2. 2. T he last time Google decided to amend the size of its social network's cover photos, users were perplexed by and critical of their huge size ( 2120 x 1192 pixels). Now, to the relief of many, they've had another redesign and are much more aesthetically pleasing. The new Google+ cover photo And here it is. Its shape is closer to that of the Facebook cover photo. T he recommended size is 1080 x 608 pixels (480 x 270 pixels minimum), and this takes up the portion of main block of space on the righthand side. By def ault, Google+ adds the blurry-grey box on the lef t, complete with your prof ile image, name, and website. Note: T he size of the new cover photo is about 1.963 times smaller than the last, and will automatically be shrunk down to f it, so you shouldn't notice too much disruption. Google+ cover photo template 2014
  3. 3. My Google+ cover photo templates, as well as several others f or Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, are all available f or download as PSD f iles f or editing. For people who purchase either the Kindle or paperback version of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips, they are f ree. Otherwise, the download will cost just a f ew bucks. Click here to download.