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Case Study: Top Brands' Twitter Background Design Fails


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Case Study: Top Brands' Twitter Background Design Fails

Published in: Business, Technology
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Case Study: Top Brands' Twitter Background Design Fails

  1. 1. andrewmacart hy.com Study: Top Brands Twitter BackgroundDesign FailsIn a recent blog post, I offered my new Twitter background template as a freedownload so that you can easily optimise your profiles design to be viewed asintended on whichever screen resolution a desktop viewer is using. That got mewondering... with teams dedicated to design and social media management, how dothe Twitter background designs of some of the worlds biggest companies fare?Across a random sample, Iscreen grabbed the 1920 x 1200 (the biggest screen resolution at which people arelikely to view a Twitter profile) and 1366 x 768 (currently the most common screenresolution, according to global statistics). The results were pretty surprising...The BadWhere the companies I came across had attempted specific Twitter branding on bothsides of the news feed, i.e. not just a single-image background), lots of the designshad not been optimised for viewers on different resolutions. Here are a fewexamples:
  2. 2. Heres the Twitter page for Gillette. At 1920 x 1200 pixels, the design looks great butfor the big black bar on the right-hand side which reveals that the navy gradient hasntbeen made big enough to accommodate for large displays. And at 1366 x 768 pixels,the "Get the Look Women Want" branding is hidden behind the feed, while the imageon the right-hand side of the feed completely disappears!
  3. 3. Onto SmartWater now. As with Gillette, its Twitter profile suffers from a big emptyspace on the right-hand side at high resolutions. At the most common resolution,however, a "SmartWater" brand logo appears... well, most of it.
  4. 4. Last up, heres fast food company, Wendys, who get things half-right. At highresolution, its left-hand side Twitter branding is fine, but a second large image isobscured by the news feed. At 1366 x 768 pixels, the design looks as it was probablyintended to.The GoodIt was surprisingly difficult to find good examples of optimised Twitter backgroundsfrom the hour or so I spent looking at the feeds of big brands, so props go to Gapand Sprite (kinda) for these examples!
  5. 5. Gaps Twitter background works at both the biggest resolution, and at the mostcommonly viewed resolution. While one person is chopped off either side in thereduced view, the design still looks great.
  6. 6. Finally, heres Sprite. Okay , the logo is chopped off the side in both examples, andthe lemon-sipping-a-drink graphic is missing in the high resolution review, but bothdesigns still mostly work!ConclusionFrom my terribly unscientific experiment, it seems that a significant proportion of bigbrands, while keen on branding their Twitter accounts, have not done so in a way thattakes into account all of the different resolutions that people will be viewing theirpages at on desktop computers, resulting in branding that is unusually slack for suchbig commercial voices.
  7. 7. If you want to stay one step ahead of Gillette, SmartWater, Wendys, and manyothers with an optimised Twitter background design, have a read of my Twitterbackground Template blog post and grab a link to download the template there too.