Why Email marketing is CRITICAL October 2013


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Email Marketing is, by far, one of THE most effective forms of Digital Marketing.

Done well, Email Marketing can make a huge impact on your business. Done poorly and you'll wonder what all the fuss is about.

In this short presentation, I share the CRITICAL checklist that you should follow when planning for Email.

Even if you simply think through the CRITICAL framework and put more effort into each of these areas, you are bound to improve.

And if you'd like to improve still further, then please get in touch :)

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Why Email marketing is CRITICAL October 2013

  1. 1. Why Email Marketing is CRITICAL Andrew Lloyd Gordon Digital Marketing Trainer, Speaker & Coach
  2. 2. Email Marketing is powerful... It has high response rates Is quick to turnaround You get rapid feedback It’s low cost
  3. 3. Just remember to follow... CRITICAL
  4. 4. CRITICAL Creative Relevance Integration Timing Incentive Copy Attributes Landing page
  5. 5. CREATIVE Use a modern, attractive design Use lots of whitespace Stay close to your brand
  6. 6. Use a design that is both... Exciting Different Memorable Creativity Clear Relevant Concise Informative Practicality
  7. 7. Modern email templates look great...
  8. 8. Use good, strong images...
  9. 9. Of course, images don’t always display... 22
  10. 10. So, combine images & text together... Tables of colour Lost images, but so what? Text, not images Logo as Text Text Personalisation
  11. 11. Use photos of real people... They outperform stock photos by 95% Source: Marketing Experiments
  12. 12. No images? It’s still clear what to do...
  13. 13. RELEVANCE People want relevant messages from you Have strong, simple Data Capture systems Be obsessed about the quality of your data
  14. 14. Segment your database carefully... Prospects vs Clients Best Customers Acquisition Channel Most Recent Purchased Follow-up Campaigns Most Recent Visited Demographics Interest Based Open & CTR Rates Non-Opens & Inactives
  15. 15. INTEGRATION Look at your Customer Journeys See where Email Marketing could play a part Use Email Automation wherever possible
  16. 16. Integrate email with other marketing Day One Email 1 Day Two Telesales & supporting email Day Seven Email 3 Day 12 Direct Mail Day 14 Email 4
  17. 17. TIMING Don’t assume you’re sending at the right time Experiment with different send times Try sending on different days of the week too
  18. 18. INCENTIVE Give people a good reason to subscribe They don’t want more enews or newsletters They want useful, valuable information that will help them
  19. 19. COPY They will scan read your emails so... Use headlines, sub-headings, bullet points, highlighted words, short sentences, short paragraphs and simple language
  20. 20. ATTRIBUTES Avoid the spam filters by... Having clean data Sending relevant, targeted emails without ‘spammy text’ An easy unsubscribe
  21. 21. LANDING PAGE Design unique landing pages for email campaigns Or send them to the most relevant page on your site Do not drop them on the Home Page!
  22. 22. Need help with Email Marketing? Please get in touch... Andrew Lloyd Gordon Digital Marketing Trainer, Speak & Coach You can find me online at: www.andrewlloydgordon.co.uk https://twitter.com/AndyLloydGordon http://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewlloydgordon