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Tell. Share. Teach. We’re living in a world where communication is king. And in today’s mobile technology world, live streaming video is often the easiest way to get your message seen and heard.

Government agencies, education institutions, businesses and non-profits all can benefit from an HTTP-based video streaming system by which IP video is delivered to viewers via mobile device. Enter Visionary Solutions, an industry leader in digital technology systems, with PackeTV® Mobile. It’s an easily deployed, server-based solution that makes simple work of delivering HLS content.

PackeTV® Mobile dramatically lowers operational costs and provides seamless, around-the-clock availability of the video streams for organizations large and small. For mobile IP video distribution to iOS, Android phones, pads and tablets, PackeTV® Mobile conveys programing to hundreds of clients from one server. It can also be configured from a hosted solution to reach unlimited clients on a corporate or public network.

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is now one of the primary methods for delivery of video content to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The HLS format is supported by a wide range of devices, including those that use Apple’s iOS, like the iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini, as well as a variety of desktop and portable devices including those that use Android, Java ME, Symbian or Blackberry operating systems.

The market for delivering streaming video content to end users is growing rapidly, especially for mobile devices. An increase in tablet usage of over 60 percent year over year
is forecast by Gartner, and sales of the iPad Mini represented 60 percent of overall iOS tablet sales for Q1 2013. Bringing video content of optimal quality with seamless speed to these devices is an imperative.

HLS is a popular delivery format because it is easy to deploy on a standard Web server, and because it performs well in mobile environments. Applications running on mobile devices can easily download chunks of content on-demand and ensure smooth, uninterrupted playback of high-quality video content.

HLS requires a sequence of processing steps for delivery of live and pre-recorded, compressed video to mobile and other devices. This whitepaper provides an overview that
explains the primary technology required for streaming. This includes video capture systems, video processing hardware, and software needed to create HLS streams. PackeTV® Mobile is a unique, single device integrated file server that can support hundreds of users, eliminating the need for content delivery network (CDN) services.

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