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WP Squeeze Bar | Download WP Squeeze Bar Review and Bonus Here


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Download Wp Squeeze Bar Here:

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WP Squeeze Bar | Download WP Squeeze Bar Review and Bonus Here

  1. 1. Honest WP Squeeze Bar 2.0ReviewWP Squeeze Bar 2.0 will help you maximize CTR from Websites for more visitors,more hits, more leads and more sales which affiliate marketers are looking foreveryday… That’s all words I would like to tell you about this wordpress plugin. Soundgood, right? But before you make any decision, just give me 5 minutes to tell you moreinformation about it first.WP Squeeze Bar 2.0 Review– The Quick OverviewProduct Name: WP Squeeze BarCreator: Aravindh ShridharFocus on: Affiliate Marketing, List Building, Internet MarketingOfficial Website: http://wpsqueezebar.comLaunch Date: 8 March 2013 at 11 AM (EST)Price: $17What is WP Squeeze Bar2.0?Before I tell you what is wp squeeze bar, I need you have a look on the picture below
  2. 2. YES, that was the notifications which AOL, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla… use to grabattention of their users. And in next step, they could offer their users other services toincrease conversion and income also. That’s really brilliant strategy, right?I know that almost every Affiliate Marketer is finding something similar to this whichcould help them drive traffic and focus visitor to offers in their website, more traffic,more leads, more sales, more money, simple theory right?And WP Squeeze Bar will be perfect missing part for this puzzle which nearly everyaffiliate marketer is looking for to jump in to online business success. But you still donot know that whether this is true or not, so do I until I know what could Wp SqueezeBar do?What Could WP SqueezeBar 2.0 Do For You?
  3. 3. Have a look on the list below to see what could WP squeeze bar do for you, and me?Those are most advantage of this wordpress plugin: It’s very highly customize, advanced, and easy to use, even if you don’t know much about wordpress It grab the attention of visitor to your offers, your affiliate product or anything that you need them to see It help you build a huge list with high conversion. Why? because it’s clean, bright and attractive, you could customize Font, Color, Size, HTML… very easy. It also support most of email marketing services It help you go viral on social network in very efficient way. WP Squeeze Bar support many type of social network interface And many more hot functions inside which you could check it out yourself when you download it here….Screenshots of WP SqueezeBarCheck out some screenshots below to see what this plugin could doShows different notification bars (top or bottom) according to the type of pagecontent orcategories with limitless Font, Color, Size, HTML customizations for the Headline text.Shows social network profiles (included Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn,Pinterestand StumbleUpon) inside the notification bar.
  4. 4. It also has options to show the social media buttons with share counts.WP SqueezeBar is designed to increase the number of leads andsubscribers, withits in-built subscription form feature..It also can add a built-in subscription form to the notification bar itself withoutmaking the Opt-in Form Annoying or Intrusive, and integrated with any emailmarketing solution that you may use
  5. 5. Hot Feature in WP SqueezeBar 2.0The new feature which I call Hottest Feature in WP Squeeze Bar version 2.0 is: A/B Splittesting. It allows people to split test different notification bars and gives them analyticsreport so that they could check, find which one has good conversion and improvetheir campaigns!
  6. 6. Version 2.0 makes it mobile responsive.The version 2.0 also support for mobile device. It improves the user experience onmobile devices and solves the styling issues which a site may have if it has to show thesame, big notification bar on mobile browsers.This plugin is totally awesome, so how many bucks you have to pay to own it?The Price
  7. 7. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to own this awesome plugin, the priceof WP Squeeze Bar Plugin is just $17, which I think that it is really an affordable pricefor many feature in this plugin, right? I really like this, I took it myself, so if you wouldlike to own one like me, feel free to click here to download it now.ConclusionHere are some final facts about WP Squeeze Bar which I would like tosummary for you 1. It is simple to install. Getting this plugin set up ready takes only seconds. 2. It is very easy to use and has many options for you. Very easy to customize your own bar. 3. If you can tweak a few basic settings in your WP Admin Panel, you’re all set for success. 4. It attracts more visitors to your affiliate links/squeeze pages and increase your leads, sales and off course your money as well 5. It help you to build your huge list and increase conversion with same visit everyday, amazing. And List + conversion = MONEY. You know that, right?I think that, with just $17, you’re having big chance to turn your online business intonext success. WP Squeeze Bar deserve every penny you spent. So, what are you waitingfor, click here to get more information about WP SQUEEZE BAR.