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  • To fill in the questionnaire use the attachment links top right of this window. And send to Dave Cornish at county hall or send to Connecting Somerset direct by using the contact details found in the attachments link.
    The presentation was closed by Dave Cornish who announced that once we have all questionnaires are returned a report on how to improve our team internet presence will be made at the end of November so we need you to return the questionnaire by the end of October.
  • Sw mas-web-workshop

    1. 1. Making Web Design Work for You A Presentation for Manufacturing Industry Presented by Andrew Knutt AIBA
    2. 2. Welcome – About Me & ADK • IT & Design for 14 years • Member of UK Web Design Association • Institute of Business Consulting • South West Design Forum • Somerset Design Enterprise Network • Chambers & Business Associations
    3. 3. Technologies Environment Expectations Higher Services Have Changed Broadband Things Have Changed
    4. 4. Research words people are searching for Name pages & navigation with keywords Use usability studies & design psychology Design site & create great content Optimise for search engines & emarketing The correctThe correct way to planway to plan youryour websitewebsite
    5. 5. We see •Images •Headings •Links •Highlights We satisfy •In a hurry •No penalty •Fun Guessing We muddle through •Not important •If it works why not! We find it complex •We have low tolerance •We like to be lead We don’t read we scan We don’t make optimum choices We don’t figure out how things work We don’t like visual noise How we really use the web…
    6. 6. What we see?
    7. 7. 1 2 3 4
    8. 8. What about other types of websites? • Web Design guru Jakob Nielson said the ‘F’ word • Software Usability and Research Lab (SURL) studies show that this does not hold true • Studies suggest that users’ viewing patterns depend on the nature of the web page (text-rich versus image-rich) but also by the users’ tasks (browsing versus searching).
    9. 9. Image Website Task 1Task 1 Search for a Product Category Task 2Task 2 Browse for a Product Categories Task 3Task 3 Search for Non-existent Item
    10. 10. Browse for a Product • research suggests that users tended to spread their visual attentions uniformly over the image-rich test page. Test subjects tended to be drawn to the product images equally across the visible page.
    11. 11. Search for a Product Category • A more surprising outcome centered around users’ viewing patterns when searching for an image corresponding to a target product category. Users seemed to instantaneously identify the correct category image.
    12. 12. Search for a non-existent category • Viewing patterns tended toward those associated with browsing. In fact, the gaze pattern heat map suggests that their visual attention was even more broadly and uniformly spread out over the page.
    13. 13. More Website Facts! The Six Rules You get 3-4 seconds to convince the visitor that they are on the right website and deliver information they are looking for Search engines index web pages not websites People see images before they read textSite design and visitor experience is considered as added value Think like the Internet searcher & target customer. What do they search for? No price or call for action – no sell
    14. 14. JUST REMEMBER THAT: Users Use All Websites the Same
    15. 15. A Little Bit About Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    16. 16. UK’s Biggest Source: Hitwise UK – An Experian Company • This list features the top 5 leading search engines based on UK Internet usage, ranked by volume of searches for the May 22nd 2010.
    17. 17. Ethical Techniques Up-to-date Info Good Clean Code Links Coming In 4 Facts of SEO
    18. 18. W3C is the web design industry's ISO Best Practice – Good Clean Code
    19. 19. How to test a website W3C - World Wide Web Consortium http://validator.w3.org http://www.mas.bis.gov.uk 26 Errors http://www.diy.com 293 Errors, 418 warning(s) http://www.sony.co.uk 152 Errors, 65 warning(s) http://www.manufacturinginstitute.co.uk 56 Errors, 20 warning(s)
    20. 20. Research is required to find out relevant terms (high keyword scores) for use on each webpage including uncommon combinations and expand keywords to include plurals and misspellings Keywords and Phrases Copywriting is the selection of the right keyword phrases, coupled with skilful integration in using these terms with your actual web page text that makes your site relevant for search engines and visitors
    21. 21. To achieve a high search engine placement a web site must contain the appropriate positioning and density of Keywords & Phrases
    22. 22. How can you discover what people search for? • Go to Google • Search for ‘keyword suggestion tool’ • Select Google Adwords • Search for your keywords/phrases
    23. 23. Keyword Global Monthly Searches Local Monthly Searches manufacturer 4090000 246000 furniture manufacturer 60500 3600 jewelry manufacturer 33100 3600 plastic manufacturer 90500 3600 food manufacturer 27100 3600 shoe manufacturer 33100 2900 bag manufacturer 33100 1900 window manufacturer 18100 1900 custom manufacturer 1900 91 Custom Manufacture & Manufacturer
    24. 24. Keyword Global Monthly Searches Local Monthly Searches design and manufacture 22200 2900 product design and manufacture 5400 480 computer aided design and manufacture 1600 110 electronic design and manufacture 1000 110 pharmaceutics the design and manufacture of medicines 210 58 medical device design and manufacture 140 46 pcb design and manufacture 390 46 tool design and manufacture 480 36 jewellery design and manufacture 110 12 Design & Manufacturer
    25. 25. Simple Check List Use Alt Tags to repeat keywords or phrases Use the keywords or phrases in the name of the web page if possible & have a sitemap Ensure you have at least 4%-12% density of these words Include these in all meta tags (Title, Description, Keywords) and body text Ensure text links to and from use keywords or phrases Have 3-4 keywords or phrases per web page Remember these fundamental rules for each page throughout your website
    26. 26. Engaging content can help ranking Associated keywords between sites are important Links to inner pages can make a difference Internal link structures can tell the search engine which pages are important Links coming in are highly measured How 1 How 2 How 3 How 4 How 5 Other Important Aspects
    27. 27. Now My Perfect Design
    28. 28. Final Checklist
    29. 29. For Success Order of Work Market Keywords Content Strategy Create Great Design Optimise
    30. 30. Fact 1Fact 1 Keywords & Phrases are important for most search engines Fact 2Fact 2 Quality Links play a large role in your search engine ranking Fact3Fact3 Fresh Information and up-to- date information will increase ranking
    31. 31. Thank You Andrew Knutt of ADK Ltd andy@adk.ltd.uk www.adk.ltd.uk Questions & Answers