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Lead checkupv3mp03122010 online

  1. 1. The Mark of really knowing your leads<br />4/19/2010<br />Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />LeadCheckUp.com<br />Lead and Data Monitoring System; Escrow, Certification, Validation and Disposition Services <br />
  2. 2. Online Lead Ecosystem<br />Lead Sources<br />Short/Long Form<br />Co-Registrations<br />Source Aggregators<br />Arbitragers<br />Lead Exchanges<br />Source<br />Destination<br />Scoring<br />Validation<br />Enhancement<br />Lead Destination<br />Lead Management Systems<br />Direct Buyers<br />CRM<br />4/19/2010<br />Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />
  3. 3. Ecosystem Problems and Inefficiencies<br /><ul><li>Lack of ability to identify exclusive leads versus non-exclusive leads.
  4. 4. Unknown number of times non-exclusive leads have been sold.
  5. 5. Oversold leads lead to poor conversion results and upset customers.
  6. 6. Large value/price difference between exclusive and non-exclusive leads.
  7. 7. Arbitragers and Exchanges take advantage of price differences source and end user of leads.
  8. 8. Too much room for aggregators, arbitragers, and exchanges to lie and/or not know the about the number of times a lead has been sold.
  9. 9. Derivative leads enter the supply without Buyers knowing.
  10. 10. Age of leads is unknown.
  11. 11. Is a lead really exclusive if the consumer has filled out multiple requests from different sources? No Systems in place to understand this lead type. Common
  12. 12. Currently Buyers are not following DNC or are adhering to opt in policies that are at the collection site. </li></ul>4/19/2010<br />Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />
  13. 13. New Online Lead Ecosystem<br />Lead Sources<br />Short/Long Form<br />Co-Registrations<br />Source Aggregators<br />Arbitragers<br />Lead Exchanges<br />Scoring<br />Validation<br />Enhancement<br />LeadCheckUp<br />Lead Destination<br />Lead Management Systems<br />Direct Buyers/CRM<br />4/19/2010<br />Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />
  14. 14. LeadCheckUp Service Offering<br />There five main components to LeadCheckUp (LCU) service. <br />Lead Data Source Verification – During the Mark retrieval process the LCU records the lead data collection URL along with the IP address of the lead. This is then matched up during the escrow process to allow Buyer to verify the source of the lead data did come from the collection site. <br />Lead Data Non-Monetary Escrow – This protects the Supplier from Buyers who could steal their data.<br />Lead Validation – This process allows for third party validation services to evaluate the lead prior to the Buyer finalizing the sale.<br />Lead Certifying – LCU stores the entire data record and give it a unique identity. Once the Buyer agrees to purchase the lead our system certifies it after we compare it to the original lead data that was presented to us. <br />Lead Return System - Allows Buyers to return leads via LCU by the Buyer marketing each lead with our predefined disposition codes. LCU then routes each lead back to the appropriate seller for notice of invalid lead or successful sale tracking as it pertains to cost per acquisitions programs. <br />It is important to note that the LeadCheckUp escrow system never passes the lead data to the Buyer. The escrow system allows a lead Supplier and Buyer to share information while maintaining the confidentiality of the personally identifiable information in the lead data. Once the validation has been completed then the Buyer can agree to complete the purchase by asking the seller to send the remain information to them. The system then allows the Buyers to ask the LCU system to certify the lead data. <br />There are five steps in how the system interfaces with the Buyers and sellers<br />4/19/2010<br />Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />
  15. 15. Browser Submit<br />LCU<br />Collection Site Registration and Mark Generation<br />Lead Check Up Process Map<br />Server Submit<br />Supplier Mark Returned<br />Supplier Mark + Non-PII Data Sent<br />LCU<br />Mark & Data Verification<br />Supplier Mark CheckIn<br />Mark CheckUpReport <br />Buyer Accepts or Rejects Lead<br />Buyer<br />Supplier<br />Buyer<br />Supplier Posts All Lead Data + Supplier Mark<br />LCU<br />Data Integrity & Fraud Detection<br />Lead &Mark CheckIn<br />Integrity CheckUpReport & <br />Buyer Mark Generated<br />Post Accepted or Post Reject by Buyer with Buyer Mark Returned<br />LCU<br />Buyer Mark CheckIn<br /> + Sale Confirmation<br />Supplier Credit<br />Registry<br />Buyer Credit Confirmed<br />LCU<br />Disposition and Scrub Service<br />Buyer Mark Returned +<br />LCU Disposition Code<br />Disposition Returned<br />Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />4/19/2010<br />
  16. 16. Step 1: Collection Site Registration and Supplier Mark Generation<br />Browser Submit<br />Server Submit<br />LCU<br />Supplier<br />Supplier Mark Returned<br />Buyer<br />Supplier Mark + Non-PII Data Sent<br /><ul><li>Source data is submitted to LCU by two methods.
  17. 17. Browser Submit - This process requires a script to be placed on the form submission page. This script will submit the PII form data and return the Supplier lead Mark that then is included in the post to the Buyer.
  18. 18. Server Submit - This process allows a Supplier to post the following fields and in the response LCU will provide a non-collection verified Mark.
  19. 19. Collection IP Address
  20. 20. Collection URL
  21. 21. Lead’s IP Address
  22. 22. Lead Type (home security, payday, auto insurance, etc.) required
  23. 23. Name (first & Last Name) required
  24. 24. Postal Address, City, State, Zip
  25. 25. Lead Contact Methods (at least one type required) Phone and/or email
  26. 26. LeadCheckUp system returns in the post response a unique id we call a Mark.
  27. 27. Along with the Mark the LeadCheckUp system will supply the following validation information in the post response.
  28. 28. Lead Has Been Processed by LCU in prior 7 days Y/N
  29. 29. Lead Has Been Processed by LCU in other Lead Types. (will allow publisher to redirect lead to other landing pages or present more relevant offers)
  30. 30. Once the Supplier has received the Mark then Supplier will post only the lead data but not the personal identification information (PII) to the Buyer. This step protects the Supplier from having their data stolen if not purchased.</li></ul>Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />4/19/2010<br />
  31. 31. Step 2: Mark and Data Validation <br />Supplier Mark CheckIn<br />LCU<br />Supplier<br />Mark CheckUpReport <br />Buyer<br />Buyer performs a Post Accept or Post Reject<br />Buyers posts(checkin) only the Mark that was supplied by the Supplier. LeadCheckUP system will the following information will be returned in post response allowing the Buyer to view an initial validation of the lead data.<br />Indication of lead data is from a browser or server. Browser submitted data indicates complete collection verification. This is the preferred method to buy lead data. LCU does not give the Buyer the collection url but does validate the data came from the address.<br />Number of Times lead has been checked into the LeadCheckUp system over user defined time frames. Hours, Minutes, Days<br />Age: Time and Date when lead was submitted from Supplier.<br />Lead Type Check (home security, payday, insurance, etc.)<br />3rd Party scoring and data validation services can be added to this process.<br /><ul><li>Contact Ability Y/N (phone number validation)
  32. 32. Deliverable Postal Address Y/N(CAS certify)
  33. 33. Deliverable Email Address Y/N</li></ul>Lead IP Location<br />Number of times lead has been sold by LCU over time periods.<br />Buyer can setup custom LeadCheckUp responses in order to deny or except leads from Supplier. Future releases will allow Buyer to filter by any number of fields in the lead data.<br />Buyer can either accept the lead or reject it based upon the LCU CheckUp report in the LCU post response.<br />Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />4/19/2010<br />
  34. 34. Step 3: Data Integrity and Fraud Detection Process<br />Supplier Posts All Lead Data + Supplier Mark<br />Lead &Mark CheckIn<br />Buyer<br />Supplier<br />LCU<br />Integrity CheckUpReport & <br />Buyer Mark Generated<br />In this step the Buyer has already agreed to purchase the lead as long as it matches the original lead presented to the LeadCheckup escrow system. <br />Supplier posts the entire lead along with the original Mark.<br />The LeadCheckUp system then validates the data based upon the original post in step 1. <br />LeadCheckUp in the post response provides the Buyer with the following information in which they can respond back to the Suppliers with a post reject. <br />Post response includes mainly indicates a data mismatch . This prevents data appending and prevents other data from being sold to the Buyer that was not validated in Step 2. <br />Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />4/19/2010<br />
  35. 35. Step 4: Buyer Mark CheckIn& Sale Confirmation<br />Post Accepted or Post Reject by Buyer with Buyer Mark<br />Supplier<br />Buyer<br />Buyer Mark CheckIn<br /> + Sale Confirmation<br />LCU<br />Buyer Credit Confirmed<br />In this step the Buyer has done a final confirmation that they will purchase the lead. The Buyer gives a post acceptance response and includes the LeadCheckUp Buyer Mark.<br />The Supplier then can CheckIn in the Buyer Mark they received to a monetary reimbursement for confirming the sale of the lead. <br />Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />4/19/2010<br />
  36. 36. Step 5: Disposition and Invalid Data Processing<br />Buyer Mark Returned +<br />LCU Disposition Code<br />Buyer<br />Supplier<br />LCU<br />Disposition Returned<br />Disposition Codes<br />01 - Data Mismatch<br />02 - Completed Sale<br />03 - Invalid Contact Info<br />04 - Did not request<br />05 - Duplicate<br />06 - Missing Required Field<br />07 - Contract Restriction <br />08 - Failed Buyer Validation<br />09 - Was Incentivized<br /><ul><li>Buyers can use the LeadCheckup API as a lead return and disposition system. System then sends leads to Supplier in real-time. This can be done by the Buyer in batch or real-time.
  37. 37. Disposition can be use to validate/account for Cost Per Acquisition agreements.
  38. 38. Disposition Data can be used to build scoring models. </li></ul>Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />4/19/2010<br />
  39. 39. Lead Supplier<br />Features<br />LCU uses standard web services. All server communications done on post with a post response. <br />No cost register your leads.<br />Suppliers can remain anonymous. <br />LCU gives the sellers intelligence about the lead.<br />LCU validates lead source but does not reveal source info to Buyers. <br />LCU escrow prevents leads from being stolen.<br />Allows suppliers to get disposition of the leads they generate.<br />For aggregators or resellers' who want to understand the history of the leads your buying to be resold may prevent you from buying oversold leads.<br />LCU can help you better optimize where or what confirmation pages you present to your website users by using the data during the initial lead registration step.<br />LCU allows you to checkin your Buyer marks and receive a credit.<br />Free validation of your leads. Buyer only will accept your leads that they really want to buy. <br />Benefits<br />Technology is easy to configure and communicate with our servers. Setup in hours not days. Our technical staff is here to support your integration.<br />Free value service that adds value to your leads. Buyers pay more to know your leads are certified by a third party.<br />Supplier an<br />Knowing the history of your lead may help in optimizing your site.<br />For aggregators or resllers that understanding the history of the the leads your buying to be resold may prevent you from buying oversold leads.<br />Optimizing what page or offers your users see after submit may help further monetize your site. <br />Add a new revenue stream by having you Buyers participate in the certification and validation of your leads. <br />Buyers want to work with Suppliers who actively try to improve the quality of their leads. <br />4/19/2010<br />Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />
  40. 40. Lead Buyer<br />Benefits<br />Features<br />LCU provides the ability for Buyers to by leads from verified collection pages.<br />LCU provides a dashboard the Buyer can set their buying parameters based up validation and certification reports in real time.<br />Validation system allows you to understand more about your lead.<br />LCU can track the number of times a lead is seen over periods of time. <br />We integrate with most 3rd party data validation companies.<br />LCU makes sure you’re the data you agreed to buy is the original data provided during the Mark generation step. <br />LCU lets you provider your suppliers with a Buyer Mark that confirms the sales and also helps in tracking bad data providers. <br />Simple means to return invalid or the disposition of leads in batch or real-time by just returning the Buyer Mark along with our predefined disposition code.<br />Our collection page verification process insures you are buying the lead that came from the form you approved. <br />When you understand the history and validity of your leads you will be better prepared to make buying decisions.<br />You want to work with suppliers who want to take every step they can to provide you better leads. <br />Accept only leads you really want to purchase which lowers your scrub rates and pressure on your sales team.<br />When you understand the number times a lead is seen by LCU you might make a different buying decision.<br />Helps you determine if leads you are purchasing are exclusive or how many times they might have been sold to competitors. <br />Gives you full control over using 3rd party validation and scoring companies. We enable almost any service for your use. Add their service to our validation system and really build a sound self control lead scoring system.<br />LCU detects fraudulent and manipulation of the data during the process of buying saving you time and money during the scrubing process. Stop bad data providers in their tracks.<br />Never be accused of taking data that you refused during the buying process by using our escrow.<br /> LCU makes returning the disposition of the leads bac k to the appropriate Buyer easy and in one simple step. <br />Disposition system can be used for CPA reporting back to lead Supplier. <br />We offer tiered pricing and discounts based upon volume. <br />If you have been a post only lead buying vertical now you can take advantage of our system to buy data that you really want. No more countless hours spent denying and scrub bad and fraudulent data. <br />4/19/2010<br />Confidential: Property of Indigo Interactive, Inc. by Mike Palitto<br />