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SME Community Talk 15032012

  2. 2. ‘Good Maître d’ is like a good Salesperson’ Smile Welcoming Focused on you How can I help?
  3. 3. ‘How to Stop Selling and Increase Your Sales’ (It’s about Relationships Stupid!) Andrew C. Keogh Aristo Connect 2 Grow
  4. 4. Profile Qualities of Good Person  ???????????  ????????????  ????????????
  5. 5. 80% of our Success Relies on "Soft Skills" Many recent studies have shown that “Technical Skills” (our natural skills and learned skills through training and experience) only represent at best 20% of the input into our performance. The remaining 80% which affects our performance comes from our "Personal Skills"
  6. 6. Aristo PhilosophyStop delivering Sales Pitches (no one wants to be sold to) Sermons (churches empty) Speeches (no audience) Pitches /Presentations (uninteresting)
  7. 7. Have a Conversation (Chat)Aristo promotes the art of extended conversationHave a conversation be it with 1-5-50 or 500 people
  8. 8. Confidence to Connect
  9. 9. Build Relationships
  10. 10. Create Trust
  11. 11. Connect 2 Grow
  12. 12. Tip Scales in your Favour3 step sales process;AreDoGetTo connectsuccessfully
  13. 13. “A gossip talks about others, abore talks about himself, asalesman talks about his product– and a brilliant conversationalisttalks about you.”Andrew Keogh
  14. 14. 3 Types of Buyers Influencer Admin. Buyer Economic Buyer
  15. 15. The Basics: Preparation ARE DO GET Situation Appraisal Objectives Measure of Success Value to Organisation
  16. 16. “If a potential customer has made time to meet you, this means they have a problem to solve or a project in mind and they expect that you are not simply coming to tell them what you do, but that you have put some real thought into how you are going to help them solve their problem,”Deirdre McPartlin of Enterprise Ireland Düsseldorf
  17. 17. The Proposal: Delivery ARE DO GET Situation Appraisal Measure of Success Objectives Value to Organisation
  18. 18. e is e b is m st th ld li ; to a ic u ot cif yo tedN e t p a an s h w w u yo
  19. 19. Restaurant Analogy Enjoy meal/ occasion  Enjoy benefits of what Pay Bill you do!  Pay the Invoice Leave a Big Tip  Repeat Orders Come again  Provide - Testimonials Referrals
  20. 20. “ A weak message from a good speaker will have more impact than a strong message from a poor speaker, regardless of how much we like to think the opposite might be true.” Deiric McCann from his book ‘Leadership Charisma’
  21. 21. Cake or Worm?
  22. 22. Questions & Answers
  23. 23. My contact details:E: andrew@aristo.ieT: @aristoc2gwww.aristo.ieTel: 01 8208552