Burning money


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Australian Federal Election 2010

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Burning money

  1. 1. Best viewed with the sound on…
  2. 2. Best viewed with the sound on…
  3. 3. Burning Houses How the government of Kevin Rudd, Wayne Swan and PART I
  4. 4. Julia Gillard Is Wasting Money At a rate that can only be described as INSANE
  5. 5. This PowerPoint explains how Australians like YOU
  6. 6. This PowerPoint explains how Australians like YOU Are currently being controlled by governments that are…… (and all of us) Burning Our Tax Dollars….
  7. 7. Like you Click for next won’t believe . Get ready to be HORRIFIED
  8. 8. Here’s a quick history lesson:
  9. 9. When John Howard and the Liberal Party left office in 2008 they also left Click for next $20 billion dollars in Australia’s ‘ savings account ’ Australia was a genuinely rich nation Yes… “ was ” before all the money was handed over to The Socialist Labor Party and Rudd/Swan/Gillard
  10. 10. The interest from John Howard’s saving up 20 BILLION DOLLARS AMOUNTED TO 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS IN COME A YEAR. making us richer MONEY COMING INTO AUSTRALIA, Click for next and able to afford better facilities for all Australians .
  11. 11. 4,000 houses EVERY YEAR Click for next EVERY YEAR 4,000 houses FOR FOR FREE FREE That’s like some overseas country giving Australians …….
  12. 12. THAT is how a nation As any chump or chimp would know … uh… …er…um….
  13. 13. THAT Click for next is how a nation As any chump or chimp would know … uh… …er…um…. “ Moves Forward ”
  14. 14. after less than three years But …. of Rudd, Swan Gillard
  15. 15. after less than three years Click for next Australia is now in so much DEBT and paying so much interest (about $5 BILLION a year, and increasing by $100 MILLION a DAY !) But …. of Rudd, Swan Gillard
  16. 16. It’s like Click for next Julia Gillard’s government burning down 7,000 houses a year Julia Gillard’s government is now
  17. 17. (and ladies, do you know that) Click for next Is also Anna Bligh’s Queensland Labor government wasting just as much money
  18. 18. - FACT – Ms. Gillard and Ms. Bligh For (in effect) BURNING DOWN are TODAY jointly responsible
  19. 19. 14,000 HOUSES EVERY YEAR
  20. 20. T HREE Click for next HOUSES EVERY HOUR! BURNING DOWN The Socialists now in control of YOUR FUTURE are In effect In effect
  21. 21. THAT will be bankrupted Click for next is how our nation As every ..er..APE would know unless voters stop supporting this madness
  22. 22. and the reality that our near future national well-being is balancing…. RIGHT NOW on a knife-edge of disaster Click for next
  23. 23. If you truly love the Australia we are now rapidly losing because voters simply do not know , you would very willingly onforward this everywhere possible..….