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Article by Garr Reynolds.

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  • Best-selling author and speaker Garr Reynold’s article on the most effective slide presentation design.
  • Don’t let your message and your ability to tell a story get derailed by slides that are unnecessarily complicated, busy, or full of what Edward Tufte calls “chart junk.
    Nothing in your slide should be superfluous, ever.
  • The best slides may have no text at all.
    Remember, the slides are meant to support the narration of the speaker, not make the speaker superfluous.
  • Listeners will get bored very quickly if they are asked to endure slide after slide of animation.
    For transitions between slides, use no more than two-three different types of transition effects and do not place transition effects between all slides.
  • Never simply stretch a small, low-resolution photo to make it fit your layout.
    Doing so will degrade the resolution even further.
    Avoid using PowerPoint Clip Art or other cartoonish line art.
    Again, if it is included in the software, your audience has seen it a million times before.
  • Shy away from any supporting visuals, such as the ubiquitous PowerPoint Design Template, that suggests your presentation is formulaic or prepackaged.
    You can make your own background templates which will be more tailored to your needs.
    You can also purchase professional templates online at
  • Display your data in graphic form.
  • The right color can help persuade and motivate.
  • Use the same font set throughout your entire slide presentation, and use no more than two complementary fonts.
    San-serif fonts are generally best for PowerPoint presentations.
    Make sure the text can be read from the back of the room.
  • Using a video clip not only will illustrate your point better, it will also serve as a change of pace thereby increasing the interest of your audience.
    The use of superfluous sound effects attached to animations is a sure way to lose credibility with your audience.
  • In Slide Sorter view, you can see how the logical flow of your presentation is progressing.
    You will be able to notice more pieces of visual data that can be removed to increase visual clarity and improve communication.
  • Top 10 Slide Tips

    1. 1. Top 10 Slide Tips Article by Garr Reynolds source: ANDREW CAESAR Image credit: JBLM PAO
    2. 2. KEEP IT SIMPLE Image credit: melgupta 00/4910713199
    3. 3. Image credit: Chris Denvers LIMIT BULLET POINTS & TEXT
    4. 4. LIMIT TRANSITIONS & BUILDS (ANIMATION) Image credit: US Army Africa
    5. 5. USE HIGH- QUALITY GRAPHICS Image credit: Funny Farm
    6. 6. VISUAL THEME Image credit: Cooley high 5253163452/
    7. 7. USE APPROPRIATE CHARTS Image credit: GrapeCity Inc 08/4237886048/
    8. 8. USE COLOR WELL Image credit: Ace and Garcon 00/9432239040
    9. 9. CHOOSE YOUR FONTS WELL Image credit: J is for Jetsetter 243907757/
    10. 10. USE VIDEO OR AUDIO Image credit: Ulf Lijankoski 393/
    11. 11. SPEND TIME IN THE SLIDE SORTER Image credit: American Council on Education 07/7073766263/