Hitchhiker’s Guide to SharePoint BI


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  • http://www.chegg.com/textbooks/foundations-of-sql-server-2008-r2-business-intelligence-2nd-edition-9781430233244-1430233249http://www.chegg.com/textbooks/smart-business-intelligence-solutions-with-microsoft-sql-server-2008-1st-edition-9780735625808-0735625808
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to SharePoint BI

    1. 1. Hitchhiker’s Guide to SharePoint BI(and Big Data too)◦ Andrew J. Brust, Founder and CEO, Blue Badge Insights
    2. 2. Meet AndrewCEO and Founder, Blue Badge InsightsBig Data blogger for ZDNetMicrosoft Regional Director, MVPCo-chair VSLive! and 17 years as a speakerFounder, Microsoft BI User Group of NYC• http://www.msbinyc.comCo-moderator, NYC .NET Developers Group• http://www.nycdotnetdev.com“Redmond Review” columnist for Visual Studio Magazine and Redmond Developer Newsbrustblog.com, Twitter: @andrewbrust2
    3. 3. Andrew’s New Blog (bit.ly/bigondata)
    4. 4. Read all about it!
    5. 5. The 2010 Business IntelligenceStack, OverallBusiness User ExperienceData Infrastructureand BI PlatformAnalysis ServicesReporting ServicesIntegration ServicesMaster Data ServicesData MiningData WarehousingBusiness CollaborationPlatformDashboards & ScorecardsExcel ServicesWeb based forms &workflowCollaborationSearchContent ManagementLOB data integrationFamiliar User ExperienceSelf-Service access & insightData exploration & analysisPredictive analysisData visualizationContextual visualizationBusiness Collaboration PlatformInformation Platform
    6. 6. Today’s StackData WarehousingAnalytical RepositoryEnterprise Info. Mgmt. (EIM)Analysis ToolsBig DataSQL Server Enterprise,Fast Track, PDWSQL ServerAnalysis ServicesExcel, Excel ServicesPower ViewIntegration Services,Master Data Services,Data Quality ServicesHDInsight (Hadoop)
    7. 7. The 2010 Presentation FlowPerformancePoint ServicesExcel ServicesExcelSQLServerTera-DataOracleDB2Reporting Services
    8. 8. AgendaExcel as an analysis clientPowerPivot, Excel ServicesPower ViewReporting Services, PerformancePointHDInsight/Hadoop (Big Data)8
    10. 10. PivotStuffPivotTable, and linked charts (sometimes referred toas PivotCharts) work extremely well with OLAP cubesHow to create a PivotTable:• Ribbon’s Data tab (From Other Sources button/FromAnalysis Services option or Existing Connections button)• Insert tab (PivotTable “split button”)How to insert a chart• PivotChart button on PivotTable Tools/Options tab• Several others
    11. 11. Formula Language CUBE FunctionsCUBEMEMBER and CUBEVALUE• Also CUBEKPIMEMBER, CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY,CUBERANKEDMEMBER, CUBESET and CUBESETCOUNTIntelliSense style support• In a cell, type “=CU” and all CUBE formulas will display• Select one with arrow keys and hit Tab• When prompted for connection, type " and view pop-uplist• Other pop-ups activate on " or "."
    12. 12. At Your Service“Range Drag” and relative formula support on CUBEVALUECUBEVALUE and Data Bars go great togetherAbility to convert PivotTables to formulas
    13. 13. Excel as an Analysis Client
    15. 15. Self-Service BI with PowerPivotExcel + Analysis Services + SharePointEnables the working in Excel but mitigates the “spreadmart” pitfalls:• Use Analysis Services (AS) as a hidden engine•Instead of no engine• Share via SharePoint, accessible by all AS clients•Instead of “deploying” via email• Formal data refresh on server•So data doesn’t get stale, and users don’t have to make effort at updating• Allow IT to monitor•So it’s not all rogue• Provide path to more rigorous implementations•Can be upsized to Analysis Services
    16. 16. How Do You Get PowerPivot?For Excel 2010:• Download the add-in from www.powerpivot.com• Get 32-bit or 64-bit version, depending on your version of Office (notWindows)• Run the installerFor Excel 2013:• Requires Excel ProPlus retail product under volume license, or an Office 365ProPlus, Enterprise E3 or E4 subscription• It’s still in add-in, installed but not activated by default• Same goes for Excel version of Power View
    17. 17. PowerPivot GuidebookTable tabsView datain ExcelDAX formula barRelationshipindicatorImport data fromalmost anywhereSort and filterCalculatedcolumnentry
    18. 18. Modeling the DataKPIsCalculationsData andDiagram viewsCalculationareaCalculationformulaSort one columnby another
    19. 19. Diagram View Default Aggregations Special Advanced ModeReportingpropertiesHierarchiesHide specificcolumns andtablesCreaterelationshipsvisuallyKPIsPerspectivesCalculations
    20. 20. PowerPivot Client
    21. 21. Excel ServicesA component of SharePoint Server 2007+; requiresEnterprise CALAllows export of workbook, worksheet, or individualitems to SharePoint report library• Works great for PivotTables and Charts!• Also for sheets with CUBExxx formulas or conditionalformatting-driven “scorecards”Content can be viewed in browser• Excel client not required• Drilldown interactivity maintained• Rendered in pure HTML and JavaScript• Parameterization supported
    22. 22. PowerPivot ServerPublish to Excel ServicesViewing and interactingData RefreshTreating as SSAS cube• 2008 R2 version: URL to .xlsx as server name• 2012 version: use POWERPIVOT named instance andtreat just like SSAS• DB name is GUID-based; best to discover itUse Excel, Reporting Services as clients• And now Power View too…more later
    23. 23. The IT DashboardIncrease IT efficiency:Familiar Technologiesfor Authoring, Sharing,Security, andComplianceCustomizable ITDashboardVisualize usage withanimated chartsSimplify management of SSBI content usingIT Operations Dashboard for SharePoint
    24. 24. SQL Server Analysis ServicesTwo Modes:• Multidimensional (was the only mode until SQL Server 2012)• Tabular (the SSAS version of PowerPivot)Both modes query-able by various clients:• Excel• Excel Services• Reporting Services• PerformancePoint• Even PowerPivotOnly Tabular mode is query-able by Power View• Power View wedded to BISM, so PowerPivot on SharePoint works too• Let’s talk about Power View now…24
    25. 25. POWER VIEW
    26. 26. What is Power View?Ad hoc reporting. Really!Analysis, data explorationData VisualizationIn Silverlight, in the browser, in SharePoint• And now in Excel 2013, tooIs actually based on SSRS• Power View makes a special RDL file
    27. 27. Power View Data SourcesPower View works only against BISMDirectQuery mode supported, howeverSupport for SSAS Multidimensional cubes comingGist is this: Power View emits DAX expressions• PowerPivot and SSAS Tabular support DAX (Data Analysis eXpressions).• SSAS Multidimensional will support DAX soon
    28. 28. Create a Power View ReportIn Excel 2013, click Power View button on Insert tab of ribbon• Make sure add-in is activatedIn SharePoint, click “Create Power View Report” button or option onworkbook in PowerPivot GalleryFor SSAS tabular model, create BISM data source, then click its “CreatePower View Report” button or option• BISM data sources can point to PowerPivot workbooks too, if you want.Can export to PowerPoint and view there
    29. 29. Power View
    31. 31. SSRS and Report BuilderReport Builder 3.0• Familiar Microsoft Office Interface• Powerful Wizards• SharePoint list as data source• Powerful Query Designer• Flexible Layout Options w/ richvisualizations• PowerPivot as data source
    32. 32. Rich Visualizations
    33. 33. Report PartsSkilled SSRS designers can publish report parts• From Report Builder 3.0 or VS report projectsEnd users can pick them from a gallery• A task pane, in Report Builder 3.0, with search capability• Cannot select from VS report designerWhat can be published?:• Tablixes (i.e. tables, matrices)• Rectangles• Images, Charts, Gauges, Maps• Parameters and ListsAll aided by new ability to share Datasets and originalability to share Data Sources
    34. 34. Easy to Publish; Easy to Select
    35. 35. PerformancePoint Services (PPS)ScorecardsCascadingscorecardswithinteractivecharts anddata frommultiplesourcesAnalyticsMulti-dimensionalslice and dicefor advancedanalyticsincludingdecompositiontree,performancemap, andperspectiveview
    36. 36. PPS CapabilitiesAnalytic Grids & Charts• PPS’ own data visualizations• AJAX-based interactive analytics capabilitiesScorecards• Key Performance Indicators• Objectives• DimensionsDashboards• Bird’s eye view of business activities• Display Analytic Grids and Charts; Scorecards• Integrate SSRS, Excel Services (including PowerPivot) content• Add Filters
    37. 37. SSRS and PerformancePoint
    38. 38. Microsoft HDInsightDeveloped with Hortonworks and incorporates Hortonworks DataPlatform (HDP) for WindowsWindows Azure HDInsight and Microsoft HDInsight (for WindowsServer)Single node preview runs on Windows clientIncludes ODBC Driver for HiveAnd Excel Add-In that uses itJavaScript MapReduce frameworkContribute it all back to open source Apache Project
    39. 39. The New Presentation FlowRelationalDataHadoop/HDFSUnstructuredDataSSAS TabularPower ViewExcel
    40. 40. Thank youandrew.brust@bluebadgeinsights.com@andrewbrust on twitterWant to get on Blue Badge Insights’ list?”• Text “bluebadge” to 22828
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