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12 Contradicting Lessons I Wish I Learned In College


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A presentation I give at CU every term, 12 Contradicting Lessons I Wish I Learned In College.

If a slide seems harsh, it is a joke.

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  • Very cool Andrew, wish I'd seen your presentation back in the day.

    If you think of a way, maybe, throw in half a phrase about how college students should make sure they spend less than they earn, oh, and not forgetting to pay their taxes.

    Yr neighbor,

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12 Contradicting Lessons I Wish I Learned In College

  1. 1. 12 Contradicting Lessons I Wish I Learned In College
  2. 2. one day you will graduate
  3. 3. and that day you will be sad
  4. 4. but it is ok
  5. 5. ;)
  6. 6. because this is life
  7. 7. and with all the shit, it is beautiful
  8. 8. unique snowflake beautiful
  9. 9. but we all make mistakes
  10. 10. and I wanted to give you some notes I had from college
  11. 11. 12 Contradicting Lessons I Wish I Learned In College
  12. 12. It is stunning, and sad, how much time we all tend to waste trying to get from milestone to milestone, and dismissing all those days in between, which one day adds up to a lifetime— whether you have appreciated them in the process or not.
  13. 13. Andrew Hyde
  14. 14. hi
  15. 15. startups
  16. 16. startup weekend
  17. 17. techstars
  18. 18. boulder startup community
  19. 19. 12 Contradicting Lessons I Wish I Learned In College
  20. 20. It Matters What You Think vs. This Shit is So Predictable 1
  21. 21. Be General vs. Focus 2
  22. 22. Small Biz vs. the Man 3
  23. 23. Party Like There Is No Tomorrow vs. You are Learning Life Habits 4
  24. 24. You have Privacy! vs. You have NO Privacy? 5
  25. 25. Startups are the Jobs you Want vs. Startups Don't Pay 6
  26. 26. Go For Your Highest Vision vs. Be Happy 7
  27. 27. Start a Center for Kids Read Good vs. Grammar Means Nothing kthxbi 8
  28. 28. One Night Doesn't Mean The Rest of Your Life vs. One Night Could Mean The Rest of Your Life 9
  29. 29. Get Straight A's vs. Grades Don't Matter 10
  30. 30. Nerds Rule vs. Nerds Rock 11
  31. 31. Get a Mentor vs. Go It Alone 12
  32. 32. Take This Away
  33. 33. If you are not taking notes, you are an idiot or you think I am an idiot your choice
  34. 34. Start Something
  35. 35. It is Awesome to Fail (advice fail)
  36. 36. Start a Blog Today
  37. 37. Internship Application? Screw that... blog about them.
  38. 38. It is Really About What You Can Do For Others. (aim to have 1000 people owe you a beer)
  39. 39. Never underestimate the power of creativity and community. When combined in a open forum, there is little it cannot achieve.
  40. 40. Don't Be Lame
  41. 41. Andrew Hyde