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Practical Conceptual Modeling at UX Detroit Feb 2015

  1. PRESENTED BY UX Detroit | February 19, 2015 PRACTICAL CONCEPTUAL MODELING Hoff | Hinton | Elmendorf
  2. 2 Abstract Models Physical Models Mathematical Models Scientific Models Conceptual Models MANY KINDS OF MODELS Our Focus Here
  3. 3 • Manipulate ideas as objects • Explore their relationships • Work with complex systems Conceptual Models
  4. 4 MODELS INTERFACES (relationships/ideas) (pixels/atoms) Models can do things interfaces can’t…
  5. 5 MODELS INTERFACES Why are we doing this? What is it? How do all the parts relate? How will someone use each part? What will it look like?
  6. 6 Conceptual is not the opposite of practical.
  7. 7 Models become molds for making.
  8. 8 • Gain shared understanding • Align direction • Prioritize focus • Identify assumptions • Grasp essentials about big/complex challenges When collaborating, models help us… … before getting tangled in the weeds.
  9. 9 Models establish understanding … project Before During After
  10. 10 Examples …
  11. 11 An “Info Model” for a large medical ecosystem
  12. 12 Defining the nature of a site among stakeholders
  13. 13 Describing complex workflow before making the system
  14. 14 How people shop / decide + supporting site functions
  15. 15 Created to clarify structure of checkout for developers Cart with Purchasable Items Messaging asking users if they would like to keep their cart Cart empty Cart deleted No? Yes? Cart with Purchasable Items & Non-Purchasable Items Cart Non-Purchasable Items Checkout Confirmation of Purchase Page Purchasable Items purchased
  16. 16 An example going from blobs to boxes…
  17. 17 Circles can help avoid implying structure prematurely … no sides, no lines sides imply lines
  18. 18 Architects’ “Bubble” Diagrams
  19. 19 Architects’ “Bubble” Diagrams wikimedia commons
  20. 20 Looking for emergent patterns in all the elements …
  21. 21 Finding functional priorities & centers of gravity … … before locking down structure. !
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  23. 23 • Modeling is a kind of making: it’s the craft of understanding. • It can work at many levels of fidelity, from abstract to specific. • You can do it whenever, to figure out big / complex concepts. Practical Modeling
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