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ahepburn MDES PRES4 Analysis Its only a Comic


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Presentation 4 Re: Analysis for MDES Research Proposal.

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ahepburn MDES PRES4 Analysis Its only a Comic

  1. 1. Prepared: Andrew Hepburn
  2. 2. Prepared: Andrew Hepburn
  3. 3. Prepared: Andrew Hepburn
  4. 4. Opportunity ! “2D” Ireland's foremost comics festival
  5. 5. Opportunity !
  6. 6. ** Transform your iPad or iPhone. The entire comic book universe all in one app. Only from IDW Publishing, the leader in digital comics.
  7. 7. “The cleverest iPad book yet … For the first time in my life I am blown away by an interactive book design.” - ♠
  8. 8. Education … International Centre for Peace Studies