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Digital Derry SeedComp 2011 Submission

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Des 809 kilderrypress e_commerce site_andrew hepburn

  1. 1. [Type text] Prepared by Andrew Hepburn
  2. 2. Please describe your business idea (300 words max) Fine Art Pressis an e-commerce venture designed to promote and capitalise on the fine art publishingsector based in Derry and the Northwest region of Ireland.The idea for the company is born out of the existing Derry Print Workshop.Ltd (DPW) formedin 2000. DPW is a recognised non-profit organisation founded with the aim of providingfacilities for artists to make handmade limited edition original fine art prints; intaglio, etchingand relief woodblock and also to promote print making as an art form in this region of Ireland.DPW have recently been successful in the City of Culture Capital fund bid investment for afull blown gyclee fine art digital print system and expansion of the existing workshop toaccommodate a high demand from local artists. There is a definite opportunity in establishingan e-business in promoting, growing and selling fine art prints of local graphic artists and theartists associated with the Derry City and Northwest region of Ireland in will act very much as a ‘brand’ indicating quality fine art print artwork, fineart consultancy and as a promotional device to educate and encourage the development andsales of the graphic visual arts in this region of Ireland and will be a totally private venture distinct from the DPW enabling it to fullycapitalise on other graphic fine art products to include works from quality galleries,established artists such as Chris Wilson and Michael McGuiness and other printmakers whohave no connection to the DPW.Existing strong links with the Gordon galleries and Studio 6ix in the centre of Derry City willprovide a further product stream of high quality artwork products that will be marketed, soldand distributed through the site.The brand is drawn from an area known as Kilderry bordering Culmore inCo Derry and Inishowen Co Donegal. The location is known as one of the very first areas ofhuman settlement in Ireland and definitely of Derry City. The marriage of one of the firstprinting techniques, intaglio etching, used by artists such as Rembrandt and Picasso, digitalgyclee fine art printing and e-commerce provides a fitting product range for the brand.How big is the market you hope to address? (100 words):The local Market to include Derry City and NW of Ireland provides successful revenuestreams during key periods of Christmas and the tourism sector during the spring, summerand halloween periods for the craft sectors; using the city craft fair as an example.There is a definite ‘market’ for locally produced ‘products’ with intrinsic value and potentialinvestment potential. will act as brand and an e-commerce outlet that will bemarketed during these events and become 24/7 accessible store for these clients. 2
  3. 3. The potential market, though niche, is one focusing on a quality product and certainly has theability to reach an international market and distribution network through and inestablishing commercial relationships with galleries in Europe and North America. Thebusiness will certainly benefit from the forthcoming exposure during the UK City of Cultureevent in 2013.Please describe your plans for developing this concept commercially and include a rough timescale for thisprocess (200 words) will become a recognised brand for quality fine art products synonymous withthis region of Ireland throughout the island of Ireland and UK through the network of localcollectors and their connections abroad. A time frame of 3 months will be required toestablish a fully functional e-commerce site with a suitable range of graphic fine art products.The development of a quality brand and product is critical in promoting the business to privateand commercial clients. A key aspect in developing the business is to target business andpublic sector building directors, managers and architectural practices. There are taxincentives within the UK and ROI in providing fine art within buildings. This will be initiatedwhen the existing site is in operation.Commercial targets will include hotels, restaurants and event venues such as theatres andnight clubs. Public sector targets will include hospitals, education centres and will initially seek local fine art print work from emerging and established artists.In terms of scaling the business there is potential in establishing further categories of graphicfine art products to include international contributions and to undertake bespoke large scaleinstallations for existing or new architectural projects. Once the infrastructure is established itis possible further brands could be established to capitalise on different markets such ascultural events and fine art photographic exhibitions and sales.The viability of expanding into further markets will be assessed based on commercial successof the initial and further investment sought if required.Who’s involved in your team and why do you think they’re the right people (or person) to take this ideaforward? (300 words):Andrew Hepburn is the principal and sought the following experienced people make up thedesign and development team; highly skilled in their field and committed to making the projectwork.Andrew Hepburn, DirectorA graduate of DunLaoghaire College of Art and Design, Andrew continued to complete aMasters Degree at the University of Ulster in 1996 in Multimedia. In over twenty years ofcommercial design, research and education experience he has worked as a designer for 3
  4. 4. GEC, Ericsson and the Interactive Systems Centre; University of Ulster and as Director ofTVL Design Solutions Ltd. Project roles included senior designer on multimedia educationalproducts and Marketing for Deutsche Telecom, Telecom Portugal, BT and Telecom Eireann.Other clients have the Cultural Traditions Group of the Community Relations CouncilNorthern Ireland, LMI Ericsson Ireland, The Abbey Theatre, BESOM Productions and manysmaller organisations and businesses.Andrew completed a CEAD (Continuing Education in Art and Design) at the NCAD (NationalCollege of Art and Design) in Intaglio printmaking in 1994 and co-founded the DPW IN 2000.He is currently a lecturer in Design at the North West Regional College and Chairman of theDPW.John McDaid, Designer, Web Technical ConsultantJohn has over 12 years experience in design with a focus on strong layout and cleartypography, as well as hand coded CSS driven websites with an emphasis on visual appeal,ease of navigation and usability, and standards based accessibility. John has worked ascreative director and developer on a range of projects including:Verbal Magazine – Design and production of the literary magazine, with a circulation of over100,000 across Ireland. Gilbert Ash – Two corporate websites for the award winningconstruction company. Skillnets – Website and intranet design for the training network, whohave over 40,000 users. Northern Ireland Medical Committee – Branding, marketing material,corporate website and intranet design. Heritage Lottery Fund – Video presentation design,Heritage Matters 2010 creative direction and site designMike McCool – Networking / IT ConsultantMike holds an honours degree in Computer Science and an MSc in Computing and Design.Upon obtaining his first degree, Mike was employed as Research Assistant on the UlyssesProject from 1990-93 University of Ulster. He was then employed by the Faculty ofEngineering as a Computer Officer and subsequently seconded to the Interactive SystemsCentre from 1993-97 as Research Officer on the TALENT Project. He was later seconded toINCORE/ARK until 2007 when was offered the permanent post of ICT Manager. He has hadseveral publications over the years and his current roles include System Administration,Database Administration, Web site design/development, Graphic/Multimedia design andsystems programming and general troubleshooting. 4
  5. 5. Who will your customers be and why will this idea appeal to them? (200 words):Present stakeholders and artists within the DPW. They will be satisfied with a dedicated andproactive organisation marketing and selling their productsPrivate clients will have 24/7 access to a range quality fine art products. The brand is focusedon delivering a range of products that will enhance the living environment with quality artworkand also provide clients with the opportunity to invest in Fine Art in the long term.Professional artists not in the DPW will benefit commercially and be satisfied with a dedicatedsite marketing their work. The company is profit driven though commission rates will be muchless for commercial artist than conventional gallery. The promotion of fine art as an‘obtainable’ will encourage more people to buy and invest in prints.Tourism sector will benefit from the cultural dividend from promotion of Derry as centre forvisual arts.Corporate and public sector clients will have 24/7 access to the site and will be able tocustomise searches for their requirements and avail of a bespoke fine art consultancy servicewhen required. There will be flexibility in commercial relationship allowing for the lease ofparticular artworks over pre-determined time frames.What are the main challenges you think you will need to overcome in making this idea a success? (200 words):Initial product sourcing and curated artworks quality control. Establishing a range and varietyof prints without compromising on quality and maintaining brand integrity. Product storagerequirements and insurance implications. Establishing contractual relationships with potentialartists and equitable commission rates.The initial distribution and packaging requirements and packaging implications. This will be aninitial challenge that will be quickly resolved.Marketing the site and brand in order to establishing a client base with a focus on corporateclients and serious investors.Marketing and establishing a client base within the public sector to include hospitals,retirement homes, and public sector buildings. 5
  6. 6. There are no challenges that cannot be resolved and the design and development team arehighly capable and will deliver a scalable site according to schedule.What is the competition like? What other similar products or services are there in the marketplace? (200 words)The only comparable printmaking facilities are available in Belfast (Belfast PrintWorkshop) and Bangor (Seacourt Print Workshop). Considering the success ofBelfast and Seacourt Print Workshops in the east of the province and thecatchment area in the northwest the success and sustainability is very realistic.The success of the Glasgow Print Workshop has had a considerable impact inestablishing this city as one of the leading visual arts centres in the world. Thissuccess certainly indicates the positive long term potential DPW could achieve. in Scotland is a collaborative initiative between Dundee Contemporary Arts, EdinburghPrintmakers, Glasgow Print Studio and Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen. A key driving factor ispromoting the sales of Scottish Print and the collaboration has been highly successful inevents such as the London art fair competition to the DPW could contribute to the success of as it will beable to market, sell and distribute work from all the workshops based in Ireland.There are many businesses in the marketplace printing and distributing artwork such as The key emphasis is on volume rather than the niche mid andhigh level premium collectors market. Many galleries in Ireland have websites andecommerce facilities but are again limited to the artists they represent and charge highcommission rates.The only other private fine art press that has a similar profile to isStoneyroadpress in Dublin. The product range is limited, very specific and certainly leavesplenty of room in the market for emerging and mid-range artists working in the medium ofprint. 6
  7. 7. How much do you think it will cost to bring this idea to market and how would you hope to fund this? (100words):The domain is now registered with hosting company provides ecommerce facilities from £8.99 to £39.99 per month. Theoverheads for the maintaining the site once built should be very reasonable.The key development costs will be in time, establishing relationships and researchingpotential products and in marketing and targeting the site toward appropriate potential clients.The cost implications in designing and building the ecommerce site will be scalable and it ispossible to establish an initial site within a two to three thousand pounds budget.The success of site may encourage the purchase of a content management system butcommercially available eshops such as provided by 123-reg will certainly suffice in themeantime.How do you think your idea will change the world (or at least your part of it?) (300 words) will make a positive impact for local graphic arts community providing anaccessible ecommerce site to sell their work. The artists themselves will becomeambassadors for the site promoting it to friends, colleagues and potential clients.The company will help raise profile of graphic art printmaking as an artform in this region ofIreland and raise the profile of the visual arts in Derry City abroad.The global access afforded by the site will encourage links with commercial arts organistionsacross Europe the US and elsewhere in the world. This can only benefit the region, the artistsand ultimately the economy of the region.There is a desire in people to own something different, have something that they can connectwith on a spiritual or intimate way. Mass produced prints don’t satisfy the human spirit in theway handmade pieces of artwork do. The products will have a real impact in visual cultureand ultimately the well-being of the client. 7
  8. 8. A key factor in establishing is to improve economic well-being of localartists and ultimately, as the business expands and develops in the different areas outlined inthe previous section; enhance economic activity and development in the Northwest Region ofIreland with Derry City at its heart. 8