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  • MDES Design Entrepreneurship: “The Heroes of Messines”   The product is a graphic novel / comic describing and illustrating the key events surrounding the Irish participation in the World War One battle of Messines on the 7 th June 1917. Michael O’Brien: Publisher / CEO O’Briens Press Today, The O'Brien Press is Ireland's leading independent publisher, with a diverse publishing programme covering many different areas including fiction, architecture, travel, humour, environmental issues, history, biography, classic literature, autobiography, business, folklore, travel & tourism, art, photography, poetry, sport, music, politics, true crime, reference books and much more. Background: The publication provides the reader with a visually stimulating insight into the story of the battle where the Nationalist 16 th Irish Division lead by the Irish Nationalist MP Major William Redmond and the Unionist 36 th Ulster Division fought together successfully. The key event of the battle is where the Unionist Private soldier John Meeke risks his life on the battlefield to save the life of the Nationalist Major William Redmond. The mutual respect of both ideologies is forever galvanised in this heroic act.
  •   IRELAND’S FORGOTTEN LEGACY (Irish Book Awards 2010: Non-Fiction Book of the Year WINNER) In 1914-1918, two hundred thousand Irishmen from all religions and backgrounds went to war. At least thirty-five thousand never came home. Those that did were scarred for the rest of their lives. Many of these survivors found themselves abandoned and ostracised by their countrymen, their voices seldom heard. The book includes: The Irish soldier firing the first shot The first Victoria Cross Leading the way at Gallipoli and the Somme North and South fighting side by side at Messines Ridge Ireland’s flying aces Brothers-in-arms – heart-rending stories of family sacrifice The lucky escapes of some; the tragic end of others The homecoming – why there was no hero’s welcome Neil Richardson studied Philosophy in University College Dublin and works as a creative writing teacher and editor. He is also a playwright and two of his plays, Through the Dark Clouds Shining and From the Shannon to the Somme , are inspired by stories from his book on the First World War. Neil is also a member of the Reserve Defence Forces and his family have a long military tradition stretching back over 150 years. His great-grandfather’s experiences in the trenches inspired this collection of Irish veterans’ stories.
  •   The rationale for this project is based on the success of the “ Blood Upon the Rose: Easter Rising 1916” Graphic Novel by O’Brien Press.   This is the first graphic novel publication of relating to a significant time in Irish history. The publication has been a financial success. Released in October 2009 it sold out in many branched of Easons immediatley.   A key aspect of the marketing strategy for this publication is the consideration of a series of historical publications and possible interest by O’Briens Press in terms of their business strategy. The success of “Blood upon the Roe” may encourage them to support futher projects such as “The Heroes of Messines” or indeed a graphic novel publication telling the story of the Civil Rights Movement in Ireland and ultimately the history of “Bloody Sunday” in Derry.
  •   Classical Comics publishers of pioneering three-tier dialogue graphic novel adaptations of literary classics announces an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Heinle, part of Cengage Learning, to publish and distribute ELT (English language teaching) versions of the first four publications in its series The first two ELT versions of the series, Henry V and Macbeth , will be launched in early April 2008; Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Dickens' Great Expectations will follow in the summer. Heinle is a leading provider of materials for English language teaching and learning throughout the world, and part of Cengage Learning. Cengage Learning is committed to helping learners become more effective readers, writers, and communicators, and to helping teachers become more effective in guiding learners to achieve their goals. Cengage Learning’s mission is to shape the future of global learning by delivering consistently better learning solutions for learners, instructors and institutions. O'Brien Reading Programme Real Books for Primary Schools For many years now, teachers have been using our novels as the basis for their class reading material. And, because of recent changes to the curriculum, many others have approached us seeking advice on how best to introduce real books to their pupils. O’ Briens Reading Programme: For may years now, teachers have been using our novels as the basis for their class reading material. And, because of recent changes to the curriculum, many others have approached us seeking advice on how best to introduce real books to their pupils.
  •   O'Brien Reading Programme Real Books for Primary Schools For many years now, teachers have been using our novels as the basis for their class reading material. And, because of recent changes to the curriculum, many others have approached us seeking advice on how best to introduce real books to their pupils. Oct 7th 2010 By: Laura Hudson   Novel Sales Down 20%, Digital Comics Up Over 1000% in 2010 While the news for print was less than positive, with manga sales facing an estimated 20% drop in 2010, the news for digital comics was very good indeed, with Griepp projecting that digital comics sales would see a more than ten-fold increase this year over last.
  • O'Brien Press Manuscript Submission Guidelines Should your submission be 1000 words or less then you may submit your work in its entirety. Please number all the pages of your submission appropriately. For anything in excess of this length -- for example a children's novel -- a synopsis and 2 or 3 sample chapters is more than adequate. We will only accept submissions/proposals/artwork etc, via the post. Please do not email your work to us. Please send submissions to Submissions Department, The O'Brien Press, 12 Terenure Road East, Rathgar, Dublin 6, Ireland. Please allow a minimum of 8/10 weeks response time. As the number of unsolicited manuscripts requiring review by our editorial team can be quite high, sometimes this process can take longer. Please do bear with us. At The O'Brien Press, we are very conscious of the environment and recycle as much paper as we possibly can. We would therefore encourage you not to use excess paper clips, staples, folders, etc. … Go Digital!   ** Transform your iPad or iPhone. The entire comic book universe all in one app.. Only from IDW Publishing, the leader in digital comics. DUAL STATEGY … GO DIGITAL … Heroes of Messines … WILL MEET ALL STRATEGIC AIMS OF CONTENT / READERSHIP & TECHNOLOGY DIVERSITY !!! … AND MAKE PROFIT !!!
  • Des 809 elevator pitch_presentation

    1. 1. Elevator Pitch … Going Up?… Michael O’Brien (Publisher) O’ Briens Press 12 Terenure Road East, Rathgar, Dublin 6, +353-1-4923333 FAX +353-1-4922777 [email_address] Andrew Hepburn (Author / Illustrator) “Heroes of Messines” Muff ... Co. Donegal +353-74-9384401 [email_address] Objective: Meet Michael O’Brien at IBA: Irish Book Awards 2011 ……….
    2. 2. Elevator Pitch … I noticed you had great success with a ‘Coward if I return a Hero if I fall .. Irish Non Fiction Book of the Year? That’s Correct a new publication 2010 … we are very happy Indeed! I see one of the stories is an account of “North and South fighting side by side at Messines Ridge” Yes … indeed .. I found it fascinating …
    3. 3. Elevator Pitch … Have you ever considered publishing Any further graphic novels based on your success with “Blood upon the Rose” Yes … this sold out in Easons within a few months of publication … we have launched a new print run … more compact in size … proving popular ..
    4. 4. Elevator Pitch … I have just published a Graphic Novel / Short Run … at the VA in Derry called “Heroes of Messines” Telling the story: “North and South fighting side by side at Messines Ridge” … Very Interesting … 24 page full colour A4 Unit costs £1.80 … 2.20 EUR Approx … Print cost would be 1.20 EURO if a full litho run … I also have a digital version. Mmmmmmm ….
    5. 5. Elevator Pitch … Yes … great concept … Are you aware of classical comics in the UK… They have teamed up with Heinle / Cenage the Education Publishing giant … increasing distribution of their graphic products worldwide .. US$1.958 billion (2009) Revenue … Wow! … we have our own reading programme / strategy with Irish Schools …
    6. 6. Elevator Pitch … Not until now! … Are you aware of IDW comic publisher have Developed a full digital library of their products downloadable via iTunes There are over 15 million hand held devices (exluding phones) and 57 million iPads forecast to be sold worldwide Fascinating … this is certainly an issue for the Irish Publishing … and US! Graphic Novels (print) down 20% Digital Sales up by %1000
    7. 7. Elevator Pitch … <ul><li>‘ MESSINES Graphic Novel’ WILL MEET ALL YOUR STRATEGIC AIMS OF </li></ul><ul><li>CONTENT / READERSHIP STRATEGY </li></ul><ul><li>TECHNOLOGY DIVERSITY !!! … </li></ul><ul><li>AND MAKE PROFIT !!! </li></ul><ul><li>Check out URLS … </li></ul><ul><li>Can I send you and email / telephone </li></ul><ul><li>Contact me any time … details on website ! </li></ul>I’ll probably remember one of those … will check it out … give me a buzz! Jolly Good!