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Des 809 dpw capital_bid_city of culture 2013


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Derry Print Workshop City of Culture Capital bid 2011

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Des 809 dpw capital_bid_city of culture 2013

  1. 1. ----------------------------------------------------------------- For office use only ----------Application ref No: ________________________________________Date Received: ________________________________________------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- City of Culture Capital Fund Cultural Community Infrastructure: Expression of Interest for Funding 1
  2. 2. SECTION ONE: CONTACT DETAILS1. Name of Organisation: Derry Print Workshop.Ltd2. Address of Organisation: Location: 9-11 Pump St. (Inner City Trust Craft Units) Derry *Please use contact address below for written correspondence Town_Derry / Londonderry________ Postcode ____________________ Phone number: _028 71261253 mobile: 07706862496 E-mail address: Web site: ____________________________3. Name of contact person within organisation who will deal with all correspondence: Andrew Hepburn or Paul Barwise4. Position of contact person within organisation: _ Treasurer / Secretary________________________________________5. Details of contact person (if different from 2 above): Address: __8 Miller Street______________________________ Town __Derry______________________Postcode __BT486SU Phone number: _028 71261253_ Fax number: ___________________ E-mail address 2
  3. 3. SECTION TWO: ORGANISATION DETAILS1. What does your organisation do? Derry Print Workshop.Ltd (DPW) is a recognised non-profit organisation founded with the aim of providing facilities for artists to make limited edition original fine art prints and to promote print making as an art form. Its objectives are providing print making facilities for artists and provide tuition for those from as wide a range of backgrounds as possible who wish to learn and develop print making skills, and to organise a range of exhibitions, catalogues and productions of prints. The Workshop aims to create opportunities for artists from differing social and cultural backgrounds to work together. An initial workspace has been though the workshop requires further investment and development in order to satisfy the mission statement of the DPW: The aim of Print Workshop is to provide a focal point and a properly staffed and equipped centre of excellence to promote both the appreciation and practice of print- making and other related visual arts, and to service the print- making needs of both professionals and the wider community. 2. In what year was your organisation started? 20003. What is the legal status of this organisation? Voluntary Organisation Company limited by guarantee x Company limited by shares Recognised charity x Trust Other public body Sub-section of a regional / national organisation Other: Please specify _______________________________________________________________ 3
  4. 4. 4. Recognised Charity Number (if applicable) _XR51294 (Limited Company with Charitable Status) Revenue evidence attached5. VAT Registration Number (if applicable) ____________________________6. Please list the names and positions of the 3 main office-holders in your organisation: Name_Andrew Hepburn Position _Treasurer Name _Paul Barwise Position _Secretary Name _Julius Guzy Position _Chairman7. How many permanent paid staff (if any) work for your organisation? All staff are voluntary8. Outline the current financial position of your organisation. Please attach any supporting information you consider relevant. The company is solvent and has been cleared by the revenue each year since 2000. Copy of most recent bank statement attached.9. Please confirm whether the building, for which the project is proposed, is: o Currently leased with the Inner City Trust since 2006 Statutory approvals: Does your proposed project require any statutory approvals such as Planning Approval, Listed Building Consent or Building Control approval? YES NO x If any statutory approvals are required, please provide details of these requirements and the status of related submissions and approvals. 4
  5. 5. SECTION THREE: PROJECT PROPOSAL1. Using the following sections, please provide a detailed description of your proposal, outlining the rationale for the proposed project, how it will be delivered and the anticipated impacts and outcomes of the proposed project, indicating how it can add value to the cultural offering of the city region. Where appropriate: plans, drawings, images or sketches should also be provided. This information will be used to assess your proposal against the stated criteria. 5
  6. 6. Please provide a description of the proposal: (400 words)The aim of Print Workshop is to provide a focal point and a properly staffed andequipped centre of excellence to promote both the appreciation and practice ofprint-making and other related visual arts, and to service the print-making needs ofboth professionals and the wider community.The proposal will extend the capability of the existing facility in order to provide fullintaglio, relief and digital print requirements for artists, groups and education. Therehas been a continued interest and high demand for access and education inprintmaking but the existing facility and equipment and insurance requirementsprohibit this development.DPW would like to be able to provide courses in printmaking. At the moment with justthe one etching press, little work bench area and very basic clean up facilities, it isnot feasible. There is also a need to provide a safe facility for public use, whichmeans; Insurance ventilation, heating, and boiler units (for hot water) should bemade safe. The installation of fire safety equipment i.e. extinguishers, fire door exitlocks, smoke detectors etc. is also a priority. Funding will need to be found in order toaddress these problem areas.Artists with different levels of print making experience may use theworkshop. Those not familiar with workshop practice may use the facilitiesunder supervision and will be encouraged to develop their skills andbecome full members with full access privileges.There are many Print Workshop around the world and the ethos of openaccess and community development are common to all. It is envisagedthat this ethos will be reflected in developing the Print Workshop.The proposal will involve running workshop for etching, relief printing andgyclee (digital print).The key success factor will be in establishing at least one annualexhibition of fine art print in the city, such as in Belfast and Bangor, withan objective of staging a specific print exhibition to enhance the 2013 cityof culture event.The investment sought will extend the services and facilities of the DPWand provide a capital investment necessary to properly equip and run theworkshop. 6Please outline the rationale for the proposed project: (150 words)The only comparable facilities are available in Belfast (Belfast Print
  7. 7. 2. How does your project meet the criteria listed in the guidance notes? Criterion 1: Adding value to the Arts/Cultural infrastructure See Guidance Notes, Criterion 1. How does your proposal add value to the cultural offering in the Derry City Council area and help to deliver on the ambition and step changes for City of Culture and its legacy? (300 words) Born out of need, it will extend the resources in the Derry City area providing a facility for artists, illustrators, and professional printmakers. It will provide taught courses in printmaking techniques for beginners, professional artists and the general community. The facility will benefit local and visiting artists. Art teachers and students, providing a resource for professional development and organised printmaking demonstrations by resident and visiting artists. Those in the general community who have an interest in printmaking techniques. The project will have a lasting legacy long after 2013 providing the city with a facility that can further grow, expand and become part of an international network of printmaking organisations. The proposed project will add value through: • Print making facilities - for the professionals. An open workshop used all the time with room for up to 10 competent artists to work on their own printmaking. • Provide a much needed Digital Printmaking facility extending the capability of the existing facility CBA • Courses / Teaching, and demonstrations workshops for professional artists and a Comment variety of classes and supervision for all levels of experience and covering all s: aspects of printmaking. • Cross community initiatives - for the Community Relations Council. An input to cross cultural and community development by means such exhibitions. Projects using themes reflecting cultural traditions and training for youth workers. • Employment - for the locality. • Tourist attraction - also for the locality. A programme of exhibitions, both permanent and temporary, local and travelling, and including exchange exhibitions. 7
  8. 8. Criterion 2 : Cultural services provided:See Guidance Notes, Criterion 2What opportunities will your proposal provide to the local cultural sector andthe local community to experience and appreciate arts and/or culture? (300words)The proposal will provide many opportunities for the local cultural sector andcommunity.The following are the Workshops main stakeholders and/or clients (present andpotential) and their requirements within:Directors:Who want to have a significant say in the direction of the workshop, to have the use ofits facilities, and to exhibit their work.Other Professional Artists:Who want to do, and to exhibit, their own work and some of whom want to earnmoney from workshops, demonstrations and teaching.Visiting Artists and Artists-in-Residence:With requirements specific to the individuals but which include use of the facilities andthe opportunity to exhibit.Leisure Users:Participants in Classes who want tuition and the opportunity to practice and to exhibit.Institutions: such as schools, colleges, and education boards who want to rentspecialised facilities and expertise.The City: Who want a key arts resource to build into the tourism and marketingstrategy of the area.The proposal will enable:• An open workshop used all the time with room for up to competent 10 artists to 8
  9. 9. work on their own print-making.• A variety of classes and supervision for all levels of experience and covering all aspects of print-making. Extending existing work with local organisations.• A programme of exhibitions both permanent and temporary, local and travelling, and including exchange exhibitions.• An input to cross cultural and community development by means such exhibitions. projects using themes reflecting cultural traditions and training for youth workers.• Potential to engage with the community and increase awareness and appreciation of fine art printmaking produced by local artists.Criterion 3 : Innovation and CreativitySee Guidance Notes, Criterion 3.Will your proposal bring something new, exciting or innovative to the widerarena of arts and culture? (200 words)No fully accessible print workshop has yet been established in the NorthWest of Ireland. The workshop would provide important support for theartist community and assist in its continued development in this region ofthe UK and IrelandThe aim of Print Workshop is to provide a focal point and a properly staffed andequipped centre of excellence to promote both the appreciation and practice ofprint-making and other related visual arts, and to service the print-making needs ofboth professionals and the wider community.There has been a highly positive reaction to the proposal from local artists andeducators in the area. There is a real demand to expand the limited provision atpresent. This proposal will go some way to improve the facilities and enable artists,educators and the community to engage in an ancient yet highly innovative andprogressive art form. 9
  10. 10. Criterion 4 : Deliverability and capacity to deliverSee Guidance Notes, Criterion 4.How will the project be delivered? Give details of the current status of theproject and the project delivery structure..See Attached document. Any other information you consider relevant (150 words) The workshop has highly experienced and capable voluntary directors; professional educators in the visual arts, established fine artists and practising printmakers and exhibitors. There is now a ‘Critical Mass’ of visual artists who need access to the facility in order to develop their practise and have a focal point for artistic and cultural development. The highly positive impact of Belfast Print Workshop and Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor indicate what can be achieved in terms of the positive cultural, economic and community impact a small investment can achieve. We fully believe if our proposal is supported that the Derry Print Workshop expansion plan will provide a real legacy to the city and make a considerable cultural impact in the region. We hope the panel will look favourably on our expression of interest submission and are happy to work in partnership and realise the potential of the proposal. 10
  11. 11. Derry Print Workshop Expansion Project and ImplementationPlanTime FrameCapital investment sought through Phase one of the proposal outlined can beginimmediately after final decision in July 2011 using the existing workshop premises inthe Inner City Trust Craft Unit at Pump Street.Capital Investment sought through Phase two of the proposal outlined can begin onsecuring the proposed larger location at the ‘Old Clinic’ site on Pump Street. Theworkshop is working closely with Studio6ix.Ltd and a long term lease is availablefrom summer 2011. The workshop intends to move to the new location enabling fullimplementation of Phase two of the proposal from August 2011. The projected timeframe to fully realise the expansion of the project is no more than three months andcertainly well in advance of the Derry City UK 2013 City of Culture event.Estimated Project Costs (Capital)The following cost estimate is outlined in two phases. The first phase can beimplemented within the existing workspace facilitating the provision of digitalprintmaking (gyclee) system enhancing the existing facilities of the DPW.Improving workshop facility: Phase OneAssessment of what is needed for first phase of development:Provide a Digital Imaging / Printmaking FacilityIf the workshop is to embrace the digital era and support new artforms then itwill have to expand into this area. All key print workshops now support andprovide digital printmaking facilities. This equipment will be supported through 11
  12. 12. digital imaging workshops provided at the Northwest Regional Collegeutilising existing digital imaging studios. An assessment (based onequipment used by Glasgow print workshop) of what is needed in order tofacilitate small and large scale digital fine art printmaking has been provided:If the above areas are addressed then the workshop will be able to • Offer public access to the workshop by running courses in Digital (gyclee) Printmaking • Facilitate group work and exhibitions • Improve workshop facilities • Vary artistic production • Encourage and increase membershipList of Equipment Needed (with approximate pricing)First Phase of set upEquipment Approx priceEPSON 44" STYLUS PRO 9880 £7000COLOUR PRINTEREPSON A2 STYLUS PHOTO R4880COLOUR PRINTER £22002 x iMac, 27-inch, 3.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo £3000 2 x Photoshop Imaging Software £600 12
  13. 13. Also an initial material stock will be needed in the set up inorder to facilitate courses2 x Lyson Media 265gsm Fine Art Paper £380 – Roll Format, 610mm x 30m (44’)Continous Ink System /supplies £1200Paper Stock £500TOTAL ESTIMATE COST: £13780 13
  14. 14. Improving workshop facility: Phase TwoDerry Print workshop would like to be able to provide courses in printmaking.At the moment with just the one etching press, little work bench area and verybasic clean up facilities, it is not feasible. There is also a need to provide alarger safe facility for public use, which means electrical installation of lighting,ventilation, heating, and boiler units (for hot water) should be made safe. Theinstallation of fire safety equipment i.e. extinguishers, fire door exit locks,smoke detectors etc. is also a priority. Funding will need to be found in orderto address these areas.The workshop will relocate to Studio6ix workshops Pump Street.Assessment of what is needed for second phase ofdevelopment:Making good the Print workspace at Studio6ixIf the workshop is to run courses then it will have to expand into this area. Anassessment of what is needed in order to make the back workspace suitablefor working in has been provided:PressesThe workshop would like to provide courses in etching and relief printprocesses. To do this we need additional equipment and materials.At present we have two presses:1 etching press – plank size 48 inch x 24 inches with double reductiongearing.And1 small bench mounted Platen relief press suitable only for A4 size paper. 14
  15. 15. While the small bench press is suitable for small individual work it is restrictivefor any group work and does not facilitate large-scale relief printing. Theinclusion of an Albion or Columbian press to the workshops equipment wouldenhance the process of relief printing in all areas.In addition to improving the relief printing area the introduction of a secondlarger good quality etching press (Harry Rochats double reduction gearingetching press, size 813mm x 1651mm bed) will prove invaluable. It will makeit easier for running courses by freeing up the smaller etching press while alsoallowing the production of larger intaglio prints of good quality.The provision of these presses would also necessitate the improvement of thelarger work area to accommodate equipment and work procedures.Larger sink for clean up area.We need a large, purpose built, sink to ease the task of cleaning up andimprove the workshops facilities for courses. An example would be one of thesinks offered by Richards of Hull (see enclosed description). The addition ofsuch a large sink is invaluable when trying to create a good, safe workshoppractice. An electric water boiler would also need to be installed in order toprovide hot water for clean up and an extraction fan unit should also belocated here, particularly as it is also intended to place the acid bath facility inthis area.Aquatint AreaWhether incorporating a resin based or non – toxic aquatint procedure aproperly ventilated booth area needs to be set up. 15
  16. 16. Workbench areasThe workshop needs additional workbenches (both fixed and freestanding) inorder to facilitate working on drawings, plate preparation, inking up plates,cutting blocks etc. This will become particularly necessary with theintroduction of courses and the increase in the number of people using thefacility at the one time.VentilationWith any print workshop ventilation is important, so as to extract any fumesfrom inks, acids etc. Although DPW mean to set up as a non-toxic workshop,i.e. using ferric chloride for the acid bite, a non resin aquatint process andlimiting the use of turpentine for clean up etc, there is still a need for goodventilation. The large workspace (which will contain the clean up, acid bathand aquatint areas) is enclosed with very little natural ventilation so ventilationis a necessity here. Local ventilation booths are needed solvent use.HeatingTwo large portable electric heaters will be needed in order to make the workarea comfortable for working in.Health and safetyThe workshop must adhere to the Health and Safety at works act and apply toCOSHH (control of substances hazardous to health) regulations. So in 16
  17. 17. addition to safe clean up, good ventilation, and adequate heating, fire safetystandards need to be met.This necessitates the provision of fire extinguishers / blankets suitable for aprint workshop environment, smoke detector installation and good fire dooraccess.SecurityAll access doors and windows need to be secure. The installation of an alarmsystem may also be advisable.If the above areas are addressed then the workshop will be able to • Offer public access to the workshop by running courses in relief print and intaglio processes • Facilitate group work and exhibitions • Improve workshop facilities • Enable larger scale artwork to be produced in both relief and intaglio. • Vary artistic production • Improve print quality of relief work • Help free up existing etching press • Encourage and increase membership. 17
  18. 18. List of Equipment Needed (with approximate pricing)Second Phase of set upEquipment Approx priceClean up area: • General purpose sink for cleaning of plates / blocks, With a waste disposal treatment unit Richards of Hull model T1 standard sink £600 Waste treatment unit ? £500 • Point of use hot water boiler £150 • Local ventilation unit £ 250 • Extraction fan unit £150 • Small sink for eye wash with spray attachment (Health and safety) £150 • Metal storage cupboard £100Large area: • Medium sized etching press Harry Rochat double geared 813mm x 1651mm bed £9,000 • Guillotine for plate cutting £1,200 • Aquatint booth set up – (non toxic) Compressor and spray attachments, Local ventilation unit. £ 2,500 • Free standing benches – various sizes some with storage £1,200 • Drying wrack £460 • Metal storage cupboard £250 • Large ventilation and ducting units £2,000 18
  19. 19. • Free standing electrical heaters x 2 £400Front room: • Large Platen relief press – Albion £4,500 • Print storage drawers £500 • Drying Wrack £500 • Print display wrack £150 • Ventilation units – wall or window mounted and local ventilation unit £250Other associated equipment and tools needed for workshop Inking up tools – knives, rollers, dabbers Relief cutting tools, chisels – for woodcuts, V-tools gauges for linocuts, etc. Dremal drill tool (for relief and intaglio) Engraving tools- student and some professional Etching tools- student and some professional Dishes – large for soaking paper / acid trays Etching press blankets Cutting mats Rules and straight edges Magnifier Vertical Acid Bath Nitric / Hydrochloric Acid Total: £5000 19
  20. 20. Also an initial material stock will be needed in the set up inorder to facilitate coursesLino blocks – 1 rollPaper drypoint platesPerspex sheets (for Drypoint)Zinc plates (for drypoint) small and large sheetsCopper platesGrounds / stop outs etcWax groundsAcrylic groundsNon toxic aquatint materials – Hunts speedball etcPaper- cartridge, reams card reams blotting reams tissue Etching papers - bk rives reams German etching white Relief papers Zerhkal white Ts saundersInk- For relief – water based and oil based Bk/white and various colours For intaglio - 300g cartridges in Black / white and various coloursSundries- 20
  21. 21. Brushes, pencils, crayons, Indian ink, drawing pens, tracing paper, carbon paperFor Collograph - PVC glue, acrylic gesso, carbarundum powder, scalpels, hard board, mount board, masking tape etc. Total: £2500 Fire safetyFunding will be required in order to supply sufficient fire preventionequipment.A brief assessment of what is needed is as followsPrint Workshop space -Clean up / acid bath area - Total: £1000TOTAL ESTIMATE COST: £33310Installation of sink and extraction unitsExtra costs will be incurred for the electrical and plumbing installation ofabove equipment. An estimate would need to be sourced if we are successfulin securing the equipment.TOTAL ESTIMATE COST: £2500 21
  22. 22. Additional Operating CostsAdministrationAll investment, work and input has been on a voluntary basis so far. If the truepotential of this project is to be realised the Workshop needs to employ theequivalent of a full-time manager / administrator/technician to deal with the routineadministration of the Workshop and to provide a basic technical service for its users.Belfast and Seacourt have full time staff dealing with administration, funding andtechnical operation.It is proposed to establish a 3 year post (fixed term) to satisfy the initial requirementsof the workshop.Additional Operating IncomePhase 1: With the provision of Fine Art Digital Print facility additional income will begenerated through providing gyclee print editions for existing artists and enable theworkshop to source new business. The service will enable the workshop to providethis bespoke service for artists and potentially gallerys.Phase 2: With an increase in members and fee contributions and the ability togenerate income through teaching courses, events and joint exhibitions there will beadequate revenue to meet higher rent and running costs associated with theexpansion.Sent: 21 April 2011 00:36To: Hepburn, AndrewDear Andrew,I refer to the recent Expression of Interest made on behalf ofDerry Print Workshop, in relation to the City of Culture CapitalScheme. I wish to advise that the assessment panel for theCommunity Cultural Infrastructure fund have recommended that 22
  23. 23. your proposal would be brought forward for consideration atStage II (Economic Appraisal). We will follow up with youagain in the coming week to advise of the process for Stage IIand to offer guidance in that regard.Yours sincerely,Caoimhín Corrigan_____________________Caoimhin CorriganILEX ~ Cultural BrokerDerry ~ Londonderry 23