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Des 809 andrew hepburn_strategic vector

  1. 1. Graphic Novel“The Heroes of Messines” DES 809 Entrepreneurship - 2011 Prepared by Andrew Hepburn
  2. 2. Andrew Hepburn_ DES_809_ EntrepreneurshipContentsPRODUCT..................................................................................................................... 3STAKEHOLDERS........................................................................................................ 3STRATEGIC VECTOR: MARKET ANALYSIS......................................................... 4STRATEGIC VECTOR: OBJECTIVES...................................................................... 6 2
  3. 3. Andrew Hepburn_ DES_809_ EntrepreneurshipPRODUCTThe product is a full colour graphic novel / comic describing and illustrating the key eventssurrounding the Irish participation in the World War One battle of Messines on the 7th June1917.Background: The publication tells the story of the battle of Messines where the Nationalist16th Irish Division lead by the Irish Nationalist MP Major William Redmond and the Unionist36th Ulster Division fought together successfully. The key event of the battle is where theUnionist Private soldier John Meeke risks his life on the battlefield to save the life of theNationalist Major William Redmond. The mutual respect of both ideologies is forevergalvanised in this heroic act.STAKEHOLDERSThis project has two sponsoring organisations.1.The Verbal arts Centre (VAC): The organisation has a mandate and the technical capacityto support graphic novel design and production. The VAC has been promoting sequential artand supporting comic culture in Ireland for the last four and a half years. The Centre hasdeveloped a £100, 000 capital facility for the production of high quality comics and graphicnovels. (Supporting Statement attached)2. International School for Peace Studies (ISPS): The publication will be used in the“Conflict Resolution Messines Experience” for the schools links programmes in Ireland toincrease awareness of the story.The key reasons in designing the comic are to provide and easy and engaging learning toolfor the students in the ISPS programme and also for the adult education programme. There isa clear need and requirement from the ISPS to provide a graphic novel to meet the needs oftheir clients and full publication costs are factored into their financial projections . 3
  4. 4. Andrew Hepburn_ DES_809_ EntrepreneurshipSTRATEGIC VECTOR: MARKET ANALYSISThe following section outlines important organisations and key issues regarding their currentstatus and strategic plans that will directly impact the sales and distribution strategy of myproduct.Derry: Verbal Arts Centre:The Verbal Arts Centre have been instrumental in establishing “2D” Northern Irelandsforemost comics festival 2D promoting the comics related work that the Verbal Arts Centrehas undertaken over the last three years bringing the best international talent and industry tothe North West of Ireland.The NI Arts Council Strategy designates the Verbal Arts Centre as the key centre to developthe comics / graphic novel publishing sector in the Island of Ireland.Derry: International School for Peace Studies (ISPS)The International School for Peace Studies will use the product to promote their crosscommunity education programmes.Derry: Yes PublicationsMission StatementYes! Publications produces work of local interest to provoke, stimulate, and encourage writingand writers in the North West of Ireland.Publishers of: ‘We were Brothers’, ‘Remembering’, Three Cheers for the Derrys’ and the‘Amelia Earhart Story’ (Graphic Novel)Organisation is very interested in promoting / distributing the product.Dublin: O’Briens PressToday, The OBrien Press is Irelands leading independent publisher, with a diversepublishing programme covering many different areas including fiction, architecture, travel,humour, environmental issues, history, biography, classic literature, autobiography, business,folklore, travel & tourism, art, photography, poetry, sport, music, politics, true crime, referencebooks and much more. 4
  5. 5. Andrew Hepburn_ DES_809_ EntrepreneurshipPublisher off: “Blood Upon the Rose: Easter Rising 1916” Graphic Novel by O’BrienPress. This is the first graphic novel publication relating to a significant time in Irish history.Released in October 2009 it has sold out in many branched of Easons almost immediatelyand now has been republished in a smaller format.Ireland’s Forgotten Legacy (Irish Book Awards 2010: Non-Fiction Book of the YearWINNER) Author: Neil Richardson In 1914-1918, two hundred thousand Irishmen from allreligions and backgrounds went to war. At least thirty-five thousand never came home. Thosethat did were scarred for the rest of their lives. Many of these survivors found themselvesabandoned and ostracised by their countrymen, their voices seldom heard.O’ Briens Reading Programme: “For many years now, teachers have been using ournovels as the basis for their class reading material. And, because of recent changes to thecurriculum, many others have approached us seeking advice on how best to introduce realbooks to their pupils.”O’Briens Reading has had excellent success in the market area, a strong brand identity andhas a successful strategy focusing in promoting reading / education and subsequent sales inthe Irish Education system.UK: Classical Comics UKClassical Comics are new publishers who are creating engaging new versions of literaryclassics, by converting the timeless stories into stunning graphic novels. The books, as wellas meeting the criteria of being strong in colour, dynamic in action, vibrant, engaging andexciting, have a myriad of applications in education across all ages and skill levels.“Publishers of pioneering three-tier dialogue graphic novel adaptations of literary classicsannounces an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Heinle, part of Cengage Learning, topublish and distribute ELT (English language teaching) versions of the first four publications in itsseries.”Classical Comics Press Releases: Link with Heinle, Cenage a Worldwide educational publisher with a $2billion dollarrevenue. The company is now selling / distributing Classical Comics products throughout theirnetwork IDW PublishingIDW comic publisher have Developed a full digital library of over 650 products downloadablevia iTunes, Playstation network and other platforms. 5
  6. 6. Andrew Hepburn_ DES_809_ EntrepreneurshipDerry Print Workshop Ltd. Pump St. / Gordon Gallery Derry, Pump St.(I am Co-Director)Publishers of limited edition Fine Art Prints specialising in Intaglio and Gyclee prints. Bothgroups strategy includes developing on-line sales and distribution network.Sales DataThe following sales “data bites” underpin the reality that a seismic shift in publishingtechnology and distribution is taking place. The digital tablet and hand held device market israpidly expanding for comic book products and this is fact all publishers must factor into theirstrategic plans.UK Lifetime Hardware Sales Revealed:The combined UK lifetime sales of PS2, DS, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii hit 32 million … Jan2010 .. Combined DS and PSP sales have hit 12 million units in the UK. Since launching in March2005 the DS has moved 8.8 million units, while PSP has sold 3.2 million units since debuting inSeptember 2005Source: Guardian tech blog.“Ipad … there is 57 million ipads forcast to be in existence by 2015”Oct 7th 2010 By: Laura Hudson Sales Down 20%, Digital Comics Up Over 1000% in 2010While the news for print was less than positive, with manga sales facing an estimated 20%drop in 2010, the news for digital comics was very good indeed, with Griepp projecting thatdigital comics sales would see a more than ten-fold increase this year over last.STRATEGIC VECTOR: OBJECTIVESThe following section outlines the key strategic objectives of the product marketing,distribution and product diversification based on the findings of the market intelligence in theprevious section.The product will be digitally printed using the VA centre facility. This will contribute to the VAstrategy of promoting and developing the role of the Graphic Arts in publishing ascommissioned by the NI Arts Council. The 2D festival will provide a platform to showcase theproduct and seek further distribution channels. 6
  7. 7. Andrew Hepburn_ DES_809_ EntrepreneurshipThe product will be used by the ISPS to support their cross community education strategy.Waterside Theatre Exhibition (linked to the ISPS) relating to Graphic Arts exhibition proposedand will enable sales of limited edition Fine Art Prints. (City Culture 2013)The success of ‘Blood upon the Rose’ and ‘Ireland’s Forgotten Legacy’ will encourageO’Briens Press to support and distribute “The Heroes of Messines” and involve a further printrun with a much wider distribution base.A key aspect of the marketing strategy for this publication is the consideration of a series ofhistorical publications and possible interest by O’Briens Press in terms of their existingbusiness and education strategies. The success of “Blood upon the Rose” may encouragethem to support further projects such as the story of the Civil Rights Movement in Ireland andultimately the history of “Bloody Sunday” in Derry.Classical Comics success in the UK and Ireland with a range of classical literature graphicnovels will encourage them to look at other markets / stories such as Irish Classics andHistorical stories. Clive Bryant (MD) is a regular visitor and contributor to the VA 2D festivalin Derry and the company now has an extensive UK and international distribution network viathe strategic alliance with Cenage Educational Publishing. There is potential to exploit thisstrategic partnership with ‘Heroes of Messine’ or further products.The IDW digital publishing strategy is one that all the above companies are or must considerin their future strategic plans. The existing financial data very much indicates a huge growthin digital comics / graphic products sales. A digital version of ‘Heroes of Messines’ will beuseful in demonstrating the flexibility of publishing platforms and will be made available to anyfuture on-line publishing strategy O’ Briens or Classical Comics have.The comic artist has traditionally used the original artwork as a means of generating a bit ofextra income. With the development and maturity of Gyclee digital fine art printing technologyit is becoming practice to release a limited run of collectible gyclee prints. I am Co-Director ofDerry Print Workshop Ltd. and have been instrumental in setting up an intaglio fine art pressand intend to seek investment for a full blown gyclee system. There is a definite opportunity inestablishing a further revenue stream in promoting and selling fine art prints of local graphicartists and the artists associated with the 2D festival and resulting collective. 7