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Value luxury Travel Media Kit

  1. 1. Value Luxury TravelMedia KitFor more information, contact: 1-415-686-7382
  2. 2. Value + luxury: It’s what everyone’s talking about.Travelers are on the go again, despite the economy. Yet more thanever, people want vacations that they can both enjoy and afford.They’re researching and deliberating before booking, making suretheir holiday not only fulfills their dreams, but stays within theirbudgets.We’re experienced travel writers and journalists. And that’s howwe’ve always planned our own trips. We understand thatluxury is a personal choice – and that value meansmaximizing your dollars for the greatest experience.As members of the Value Luxury Travel Network, we share acommon desire to help our readers discover the intersection ofwhere their budgets and dream vacations meet...… then, as we like to say, “Get on that plane!”
  3. 3. A little bit about our readers.They’re affluent, well-educated and price-aware.They crave travel experiences as unique as they are.No vacation is perfect, but working with us, they comeclose. Our readers seek our travel advice because of the trust wehave built as on-the-road writers, and because of the personalizedattention they receive in our active online communities.With over 100,000 pageviews per month among us, you’ll see thatour reach is significant – and constantly growing.
  4. 4. Why Us?
  5. 5. A little bit about the value of our marketing campaigns. We are trusted resources to our readers, and we have a track record for getting your name in front of online consumers searching for good value, buzz-worthy experiences. We are able to track and measure your investment with us, ensuring that our impact corresponds directly to your bottom line.We are flexible and nimble, with expertise on multiple platforms, allowing you to create the value luxury campaign perfect for your needs and budget.People laugh at our jokes. Why Us?
  6. 6. Why Us? We’re travelers and experts. Like our Mary Jo, who has 25 years of industry experience. As a flight attendant & travel writer, she flies half a million miles a year. She may have circumnavigated the globe, but knows every destination is special. Or Margo, not only a mother of two, but former destination marketer & film location scout, reporting to demanding movie execs. When we say attention to detail, Margo means business – she’s handy for trivia night! Then there’s Andy – “that travel guy,” international speaker on tourism marketing and owner of nearly 30 websites. With a decade of technology experience on top of that, Andy can almost see the future. Don’t forget Chris, who has 20 years of award-winning journalism experience at USA Today and other prestigious publications. Chris’s influence is so far reaching, you can’t put a number (or a ring) on it. Why Us?
  7. 7. Why Us?Just a sampling of our skills and interests… Why Us?
  8. 8. How do you benefit from working with us?Quality by Association. Our publications are well respected and have significant online reach and influence. But it isn’t just about numbers: our readers are the travelers you want to reach. It’s the one time you want to be guilty by association.Work smarter, not harder. We’ll help you find the marketing angle that puts your destination or attraction in the best light for your demographics.Like value luxury, we’re good value too. Our multi-media campaigns cost less than doing it yourself. Work with Us
  9. 9. Work with Us
  10. 10. Advertising & AdvertorialLooking to boost your exposure with advertising?We have flexible packages that enable you to send targeted, valuable traffic to your website. We can also help give your website an SEO boost!Contact us to explore your options and get started. Even if you don’t have a banner ad yet, we can help! Work with Us
  11. 11. The Value Luxury ExperienceTrying to reach travel influencers through online content and social media? Our Value Luxury Experience is the perfect fit for your online outreach.It’s more than a press trip.It is an integrated, multi-media marketing campaign designed to shine the value luxury light on your destination, accommodation or attraction. First we work with you to discover popular story angles and the best ways to highlight your destination or attraction. Then we hit the ground running, either all of us as a group, or a series of individual visits – experiencing, sharing, promoting. We deliver a series of content that dazzles, and as you may know, Internet content stays there forever! Work with Us
  12. 12. The Value Luxury ExperienceWhat the heck is a “multi media marketing campaign?” Well, you can pick and choose the features you need; your options include:Multiple features with varying story angles about you, on your own website, on our websites, and elsewhere. Social media campaigns and outreach – before, during and after our visit – to build your own fans and followers.Yelp and Tripadvisor reviews to boost your online profiles on these crucial sites.Uploading of photos to your Flickr or Facebook pools.YouTube videos posted to your profile or channel. Work with Us
  13. 13. The Value Luxury ExperienceWe’re always looking to visit places that fit our Value Luxury ethos. We’ll customize our campaigns to meet your needs and budget.And rest assured, we’ll always be on time (unless the pilot is late, of course). Send us an invitation! Work with Us
  14. 14. Member Bios
  15. 15. Meet Chris Gray Faust, a Founding Member http://www.caroundtheworld.comChris Gray Faust is the former travel editor of USA TODAY and publisher of the award-winning blog, Chris Around The World. Shes also a freelance writer for publications such as Cruise Critic, Budget Travel, Zagats, San Francisco Chronicle, USA TODAY magazines, Porthole and Destination Weddings & Honeymoons.Value Luxury Ethos: Believes that every vacation should be one worth bragging about at a cocktail party.
  16. 16. Meet Andy Hayes, a Founding Member http://www.sharingtravelexperiences.comAndy Hayes is the managing editor of the highly-influential Sharing Travel Experiences. Known as “that travel guy,” he is a highly sought-out writer, speaker, consultant and entrepreneur in the travel and tourism industries.Value Luxury Ethos: Believes that the best travel experiences are about the little things – details matter.
  17. 17. Meet Mary Jo Manzanares, a Founding Member http://www.thetravelersway.comMary Jo Manzanares is the Editor in Chief of The Travelers Way and also blogs at Traveling with MJ. She speaks and consults on travel-related topics and is the Conference Director for TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange).Value Luxury Ethos: Believes that luxury comes in all price points - find yours and embrace it.
  18. 18. Meet Margo Millure, a Founding Member http://www.travelbelles.comMargo Millure is publisher and editor of The Travel Belles. She is a published essayist and fiction writer, as well as the former executive editor of Sasee and Strand Magazines. Before becoming a professional writer, she was an economic development marketer for the Commonwealth of Virginia.Value Luxury Ethos: Believes that travel can be both pretty and practical.
  19. 19. Value Luxury, by the Numbers
  20. 20. Stats and Figures CAroundtheWorld Sharing Travel The Travelers Way The Travel Belles ExperiencesMonthlyPageviews 23,751 71,110 23,000 26,300GooglePagerank 4 4 3 3TwitterFollowers 11,660 19,368 18,339 7,700Facebook Fans 2,500 10,757 4,800 1,400NewsletterSubscribers 750 3,735 N/A 175Figures are approximate. Last updated: September 2012
  21. 21. DemographicsCAroundtheWorld: Sharing Travel Experiences:Sophisticated professionals aged 35-45 College educated women aged 25-44with higher education. Childless with with no children and an affluenthigh disposable income, looking for household income well over $100k aboutique vacations. Many have media year. Travel typically twice a year.influence.The Travelers Way: The Travel Belles:Affluent baby boomer women who Affluent women aged 25-65 withtravel frequently. These well educated higher education. High disposabletravelers enjoy seeing the world and income and travel several weeks ausually travel with their family or year, often with families or girlfriends.friends.
  22. 22. Let’s talk about how we can worktogether.Whether you’re just curious to know more, or you know just the thing you’re looking for, we’d love to chat.delia@valueluxurytravel.com1-415-686-7382