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Plum Deluxe Press Kit / Media Kit


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Independently-owned and operated-with-love, Plum Deluxe is the web's undisputed expert in life's little luxuries. On a daily basis, we publish handcrafted content for our quality-seeking readership, who share <strong>our mission to find all the little ways to celebrate today

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Plum Deluxe Press Kit / Media Kit

  1. 1. 73% of readers are female. 65% of readers are affluent six-figure earners. 70% of readers are based in North America. We assume the men are here, looking over their shoulder. And they are very careful & deliberate with their budgets. The rest are in Europe & other English-speaking countries. 55% of readers have a college education. 90% of readers are in their late 20s – early 40s. 67% of readers do not have children. Many have a money-making side gig or own a business. We don’t discriminate based on age – all are welcome. Ok, we had nothing to do with that, we swear. No, honestly!
  2. 2. Founded in 2007 100,000+ Readers 20,000+ Twitter Followers 12,000+ Facebook Fans 5,000+ Pinterest Followers 2,000+ Featured Articles
  3. 3. Travel affordable luxury travel, weekend getaways Food entertaining, recipes, dining out Drink wine pairings, cocktail recipes, beer/tea/coffee Home interior design, DIY Health physical fitness, mental health Goods great products Style fashion and beauty for men & women
  4. 4. Founder, Chief Creative Producer Managing Editor, Contributor’s Liaison Director of Copy & Content Strategy Operations Concierge, Community Manager Grammar Guardian
  5. 5. JAN Keep Going; Facing Failure; Love Yourself JUL Your Hotness; Self-Care FEB The Color Wheel AUG Giving Back MAR Spring in Your Step; Strengthen Your Roots SEPT Learn Something New APR Milestones; Weddings OCT Textures, Perspectives MAY How Does Your Garden Grow NOV The “New” Traditions JUN Take Your Time; Outdoors DEC Light up the Night; Put a “Bow” on It
  6. 6. • We work with a variety of brands on sponsored content projects - custom recipes, pairing guides, travel itineraries, eBooks, worksheets, and more. • , our curated shopping galleries, are for our revenue-sharing opportunities. • brings to the table brand development, web design, social media & content marketing services.
  7. 7. “Plum Deluxe is a brand that does email marketing right.” “Plum Deluxe is true to its word.. an experience that will engage your senses.” “Clever, Honest, Engaging”
  8. 8. We want to hear from you: • • 503.482.8658 • 1427 SE Salmon Portland OR 97214 Please check in with us before: - sending any item via mail adding us to your mailing list