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10 wk present 1-1


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10 wk present 1-1

  1. 1. BarBuzz Presented by TAZDev Tarrence van As Andrew Drozdov Zack Ulrich
  2. 2. Problem Find the night’s popular bars. Keep track of your friends. Chat and share media at the bar. Zack Ulrich
  3. 3. DemoUsers can: Crowd source real-time information on bars. See when their friends arrive at bars using social features. Share information, media, and chat with other patrons using the bar’s Buzz feed. Zack Ulrich
  4. 4. Comparison BarBuzz HappyHoured RicksLine.comDynamic List of x xNearby BarsReal-Time Media x xStreamLogin with Social x xMediaOpt-In Location xSharingIdentity Control xHelps Decide Bar xDestination Andrew Drozdov
  5. 5. Walls in Development Friend relationship for app users. Check-ins and accurate location. Implementing anonymous user chatting. Tarrence van As
  6. 6. Future Work Allowing bars to implement customization. Spam control and security of chats. Analytics based on bar history. Andrew Drozdov
  7. 7. Questions?