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Brcc student services training


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Brcc student services training

  1. 1. Student Services Policyand Procedure Manual & Training Tutorial Click to Continue
  2. 2. 1.) Introduction 9.) Not FAQ’s 2.) Objectives8.) SIS Tutorial 3.) Definitions 7.) Departments 4.) Responsibilities 6.) Deescalating Angry 5.) Phone Customers Etiquette
  3. 3. The BRCC Policy and Procedures Online Manual provides guidance on theapplication of departmental policies and procedures. This manual provides:1. Detailed definitions of student services terminology.2. Outline duties and responsibilities.3. Teach standard phone etiquette and customer service procedure4. Assisting difficult customers.5. List various college departments and also student services flow chart.6. Student Information System Tutorial7. Situations & Questions not frequently encounteredREVISION AND MAINTENANCE OF THE MANUALThe BRCC Student Services Office is responsible for maintaining and revising this manual. Procedures are revised toincorporate changes implemented by the College and the Virginia Community College System. All users of the manual areencouraged to recommend revisions to the manual.
  4. 4. DEFINITIONSSIS:An employee who is working at-will may resign from work or be terminated from work with or without cause, with or without severanceor advance notice. All student employees are at-will employees.EMPLID:A student serving in a Fellowship. A Fellow is not considered a student employee under this policy.Fellowship:A grant given to a student for the purpose of support during a course of study, not for services rendered. A fellowship is not studentemployment for the purposes of this policy.Associates DegreeA student serving in a graduate assistantship is covered by Policy 2103, graduate assistants. A graduate assistant is not considered astudent employee under this policy.Career Studies Certificate:Funds given to a student for the specific purpose of financial aid, not for services rendered. Grants are not considered studentemployment under this policy.Certificate Program:A student serving in an internship. An intern is not considered a student employee under this policy.Curriculum:The Institutional Employment Program is designed to assist students in securing on-campus employment regardless of their financialaid eligibility.Full-time Student:A payment for a job or piece of work performed (as opposed to payment for time worked), even if the lump sum payment is divided intoparts payable at different times. Student employees may be paid via lump sum payments for a job or piece of work.Transcripts:A grant of financial aid made to a student for the purposes of attending the university, not for services rendered. A scholarship is notconsidered student employment for the purposes of this policy.Audit:
  5. 5. College Preparedness test:A fixed and regular payment of a grant of financial aid to a student, not for services rendered. A student employee is not paidvia stipend.Learning Assistance Center:A student hired by the university to perform regular employee duties. Student employees may be paid either under FederalWork-Study or employment policies. A student employee is not serving in an internship, an assistantship, or a fellowship,and is not paid on a stipend, scholarship, grant, fellowship, or other award to obtain training or work experience necessaryfor the completion of a degree.Non-Credit/ Workforce Services:Employment of a current student in a position within the university, either in a Federal Work-Study or an InstitutionalEmployment position, generally to meet part-time, temporary or seasonal needs. Student employees are not covered by theVirginia Personnel Act (Title 2.1, Chapter 10, of the Code of Virginia) and serve at the pleasure of the university.Student Employment Position:A position created by the university specifically for student workers. The position is not open to any applicants other thanstudents, and only currently enrolled students who are degree-seeking and enrolled at least half time (6 credits forundergraduates; 5 for graduate students) during the regular academic session (fall/spring) may be hired into the positions. Astudent employment position is not an internship, fellowship, assistantship, or other position paid on a stipend or award totrain the student for the completion of a degree.Work Hour Limitations:Student employees shall be limited to working no more than 20 hours per week at JMU while enrolled in classes, but areeligible to work full time during periods of non-enrollment (i.e., academic year semesters when the student is not enrolled).However, a student may work full-time during the summer, regardless of enrollment at JMU. Also, undergraduate students inthe Adult Degree Program and graduate students without assistantships are allowed to work over the 20 hour limit. Graduatestudents with assistantships are also exempted from this rule with the approval of their advisor.Work-Study:A federally funded financial aid program to provide payment for work performed by students on campus or in the community,based on the needs of the student and the availability of funding. The purpose of the work-study program is to help thestudent support himself or herself by providing a part-time job for the student. Federal Work-Study positions are awarded bythe Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to eligible students, but selection for specific jobs is competitive, and placementis not guaranteed.
  6. 6. Academic Division Office Business and Facilities Services Computing Services Development Office Financial Aid & Scholarships, Office of Student Human Resources Learning Resources President Public Relations Research and Effectiveness, Institutional Student Services Tech Prep Consortium Vice President of Finance and AdministrationVice President of Instruction and Student Services Workforce Services & Continuing Education
  7. 7. Privacy of Education RecordsEach institution shall establish and publish information release policies thatrespect the rights of individual privacy, the confidentiality of records, and thebest interests of the student and institution. As provided by the FamilyEducational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), colleges may disclose thefollowing VCCS directory information items without the student’s prior consent:1. Student’s Name2. Participation in officially recognized activities and sports3. Address4. Telephone Listing5.Weight and height of members of athletic teams6. Electronic mail address7. Degrees, honors, and awards received8. Major field of study9. Dates of attendance10. Grade level11. The most recent educational agency or institution attended12. Number of credit hours enrolledStudents must provide official notification to the office of the college’s registrarto prevent the disclosure of directory information.