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Bose digital marketing


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Bose digital marketing

  1. 1. BOSE Digital Marketing Campaign Andrew Brunette
  2. 2. Why Digital Marketing?
  3. 3. Niche Markets • User-focused • Each group has different needs
  4. 4. Goals • Sell products… but; change brand image • Increase positive associations with BOSE • Increase Webpage viewers • Increase video views • Increase mentions online • Create stimulating content • Create presence on social medias
  5. 5. Why Beats is killing BOSE
  6. 6. Uncle Drew • Pepsi Max campaign with Kyrie Irving • Viral video series • Over 60 million views • Fan-based twitter accounts • The video never focuses on Pepsi • Good user-focused marketing Bose YouTube Video Ideas: Sports, extreme sports(skateboarding, bmx, etc), live music, concert series
  7. 7. Social Media
  8. 8. Advertising • Pay-per-click: Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo search marketing, etc • Dozens of tailored campaigns per buyer persona “Bose – Experience Your Sunday Game day in Hi Def” “Bose – Sync your Sound from the Palm of your Hand” “Bose – Push Further with Bose Sport Headphones”
  9. 9. User Focused • Cannot reiterate this enough: User-focused • Requires extensive research: interviews, surveys, and so on • Each buyer persona will have a different set of needs to cater to
  10. 10. Measuring Tools • Monthly Budget: $100K+ -Research, Adwords, YouTube video production, marketing team • Key indicators of a working campaign: new visitors, subscriptions, video views, mentions online, reposts, retweets, followers, likes, returning visitors, time spent on website