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Mexico’s foreign policy


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Mexico’s foreign policy

  1. 1. Mexico’s Foreign Policy Andrew Bourget Political Geography Thesis Paper Spring 2012 Thesis“The current foreign policy of Mexico reflects a resentment of the United States stemming from the latter’s historical enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine”
  2. 2. AgendaMexican History•Mexican/US war•US Intervention in French-Mexican War•Zimmermann Telegram•Estrada Doctrine
  3. 3. Mexican-American War•1845 Annexation Of Texas as a US state•US invaded New Mexico, California, and partsof Mexico.•Started a Navel Blockade that would turn thetied of war•February 2nd, 1848 Treaty of GuadalupeHidalgo ended war in favor of US.•US got California, Nevada, Utah, NewMexico, Arizona, Colorado, and parts ofOklahoma, Kansas, and Wyoming.•Mexico got $18 million with border alongTexas decided as the Rio Grande river.
  4. 4. US Intervention in French-Mexican WarOnce Franceunable to helpIII,Mexico in 1864,withdrewownThe USand Brittan control of sought military Maximilian I was Spain Under Napoleon as they were fighting their support France,was took supported Napoleon, but action againstput as ruler of the and intended to capture of 1866 outright.Civil War. US entered in of “Free Trade” dueMexico France when he invaded idea 1865 , and by May to Mexico under the “Second Mexican Empire” Mexicanissued a withdrawal of Mexico. The USof money owed to President Benito Juarez’s Suspension again achieved victory France, Spain, and Brittan.using a Navel blockade of Mexico. Abraham Lincoln Napoleon II Maximilian I
  5. 5. Zimmerman Telegram1917 Telegram from Germanyasking Mexico to go to War withThe US.Intercepted by Brittan, handedover to US later.Mexico declined the details ofthe TelegramThough Mexico Never enteredWar Militarily, they denouncedwhat Germany was doing.
  6. 6. Estrada DoctrineMexico’s foreign Policy from the1930’s until the 2000’s.Based on the idea on none-intervention, peacefulinteractions, and self-determination.Created when Mexico entered theLeague of Nations in 1931.Now-a-days it is seen inInternational law in recognizingstates/Nations.Expressed Mexican resentment ofPost-war development of LatinAmerican nations.
  7. 7. Summary