Andrew Abraham Tillamook Pitch


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Andrew Abraham Tillamook Pitch

  1. 1. TI LL A M OO K IC E CR E A M CA M PA I G N
  2. 2. T ILL A M OOK I C E C R EA M CA MPA I G N AU G U S T 1 3 , 2 010
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONT E NT S Knack 3 Microsite 20 The Brief 4 Website 22 Consumer Personas 5 Flavor Page 24 Research 8 Pay Per Click 25 The Campaign 11 Hulu 26 Print 12 Radio 28 Brand Experience 16 Point of Purchase 29 Earned Media Plan 17 Media Plan 30 Online Presence 18 Budget 31 Twitter 18 Thank You 32 Facebook 19 1
  4. 4. public relations K A R LY B O LTO N designer N I C O LE J O RDA Naccount manager A N D R EW A B RA H A M copywriter CA RR I E D U N N designer K E N LA N G D O N
  5. 5. T EAM KNACK We are an agency driven by talent and passion. An eclectic group, we focus on collaboration to bring you what you need. We’ve got a talent for design. We’ve got a talent for writing. We’ve got a talent for PR, marketing, and brand communications. More than anything, we have a knack for creativity. We look forward to showing it to you. Use Knack, because we certainly use ours. 3
  6. 6. B R IEF Client: Tillamook County Creamery Association Product: Tillamook Ice Cream Message: “Best-tasting” Goal: Increase sales at point of purchase Campaign Elements: Advertising/media Public Relations Events Online Communication Channels Timeline: March-May 2011
  7. 7. C O NSUME R P E RS ONA S Susie Portland, OR 30 years old 3 children Family income: $170,000 Brand Alignments Starbucks | Corner Shop iPhone | Blackberry Windows | Apple Safeway | New Seasons Gap Kids | Hand-me-downs Currently Buys: Breyers Susie is the quintessential young working mom. With three Key Purchase Motivator: young boys, a working husband, and a full time job, she’s Believes in buying quality products and tends got a lot on her plate. However, Susie’s busy schedule and toward the brands she is emotionally tied to hefty combined income does not translate into an impulsive Behaviorgraphics: shopper. She is reasoned in her decisions at the grocery store, Online activity includes researching, and she’s a creature of habit. connecting, conversing, and observing 5
  8. 8. Laura Spokane, WA 48 years old 5 children Family income: $95,000 Brand Alignments Starbucks | Corner Shop iPhone | Blackberry | Flip Phone Windows | Apple Safeway | New Seasons Gap Kids | Hand-me-downs Currently Buys:Laura’s exhausted. She’s a super mom, often faced with Private Label Key Purchase Motivator:life, and she marks off each task with a smile on her face. Believes in buying quality products and tendsMoney is tight, and when she shops, she buys cheap. There toward the brands she is emotionally tied toare a lot of mouths to feed, and not a lot of money to go Behaviorgraphics:around. To convince Laura to spend more, you need to be Online activity includes researching,really persuasive. problem solving, and observing
  9. 9. Paige Seattle, WA 38 years old 1 child Family income: $85,000 Brand Alignments Starbucks | Corner Shop iPhone | Blackberry Windows | Apple Safeway | New Seasons Gap Kids | Hand-me-downs Currently Buys: Tillamook Ice Cream Key Purchase Motivator:If you thought Susie was busy, meet Paige. Paige is employed Believes in buying quality products and tendsfull time in the public relations industry, which means working toward the brands she is emotionally tied to60+ hours a week—and that doesn’t even cover communicating Behaviorgraphics:after hours on her iPhone. As a single mom to Peyton and a Online activity includes problem solving, commenting, researching, conversing,grocery shopping. She makes the impulsive, emotional choice producing, connecting, broadcasting,at the grocery store—regardless of the price. marketing and observing 7
  10. 10. RESEARC H 89% shoppers in their family, verifying our target market is correct. The following page contains a representation of the varied answers to the question, “Why do you purchase Tillamook?” The larger the word, the more often it was used in the reponses. The results of this survey are clear. The differentiating factor that causes consumers to purchase Tillamook over the competition is the idea that Tillamook is a local brand that tastes better. interviews of our target market. The results showed “local” is a brand from the northwest made of a higher quality, which stems from the people behind the product.
  11. 11. WH Y I P U RCHA SE T ILL A MO OK . . . 9
  12. 12. T HE CAMPA IGN There’s only one way to explain why Tillamook Ice Cream is Tillamook Ice Cream is made by and for the Northwest, so it only makes sense to perfect it with the best local ingredients. From Oregon strawberries to the Sticky Bun, all the way to our Marionberry Pie- it’s Northwest through and through. And of course, we make our ice cream the best by creating it with loving care. That makes it more than comfort food, it’s supporting food. Every time you take a bite, you can feel good about supporting a cooperative of dairy farmers who love what they do. It’s an ice cream made with love, to make it an ice cream Northwest pride. That’s Tillamook Ice Cream, and that’s Delicious Local Love. 11
  13. 13. PR INT During the campaign, a back cover print ad will run each month in Portland Monthly, Seattle Metropolitan, and Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living. The combined reach of these three magazines is 459,474 people. Of that readership, 61% is made up of our target audience. The back cover placement will give our ads the optimal position to be viewed by the consumer. The image of the ad is designed to quickly instill an emotional feel for our campaign. A call to under the message of Delicious Local Love.
  14. 14. 13
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. B R AN D E X P E RIE NCE The Delicious Local Love campaign will be led by the community involvement of the Tour de Yum. Customized Tillamook bikes (complete with freezers) will ride the streets of Portland, Seattle, and Spokane, giving out free ice cream samples during the course of the three-month campaign. At farmer’s markets, art walks, festivals and parades, the Tour de Yum will be there to make it better with delicious ice cream and a love of sustainability and all things local. The Tour de Yum will create direct, face-to-face interactions between Tillamook Ice Cream and consumers.
  17. 17. EARN ED M E D IA P LA N We will launch a thorough public relations campaign to gain coverage for the various events around Portland, Seattle and Spokane from March 2011-May 2011. This campaign will include pitches and media relations follow-ups with area newspapers, alternative newspapers, popular local blogs and mommy blogs. Local Magazines: PNW Mommy Blogs: Alternative newspapers: Portland Monthly Seattle Metropolitian Spokane Couer d’Alene Living Seattle Blogs: Alternative newspapers: Portland Blogs: Spokane Blogs: Newspapers: Oregonian The Seattle Times The Spokesman-Review 17
  18. 18. ONLINE P R E S E N C E Currently, all Tillamook products are branded online under “Tillamook Cheese.” In order for Tillamook Ice Cream to be further endorsed and celebrated, a separate online presence will be created. while promoting the Tour de Yum. Website updates will optimized the site to ensure ice cream product information is easily accessible.T WI TTER The @TillamookIC handle will be the center of all Tillamook Ice Cream news, photos, and conversations. The account will follow the Tour de Yum and provide real-time tweet responses for ice cream fans.
  19. 19. FACEBOOK The Tillamook Ice Cream page will be a forum for the Tour de Yum and ice cream information, photos, and conversations. Facebook ads will also be utilized to promote this content. 19
  20. 20. M IC ROSI T E The microsite will be the hub for all Ice Cream activity online. Links to the social media sites, fan page and main Tillamook website will be here, integrating them all in a single location. A Twitter feed will give real-time results for all Tillamook Ice Cream tweets. The Tour de Yum schedule will be easily accessed here, and a running photo album will allow fans to post their pictures from the Tour. A “Your Perfect Flavor” quiz will be available for fans to determine
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. WEBSITE For search engine optimization purposes, we will redirect the domain to To establish ice cream as a prominent product of the Tillamook brand, we are modifying the homepage to better showcase the entire family of Tillamook products. We’ve created a drop down menu for the Product tab on the home page. This will allow for easier navigation of the products, and a more direct route to the Ice Cream page. The current homepage is monopolized by the single call to action of learning Tillamook’s story. To capitalize on the user’s attention, we’ve created rotating content in this spot. Without having to refresh, the section will rotate through call to actions for the Tillamook story, Ice Cream, and Cheese to make the most of this important section and widen the user’s perspective of the brand. To integrate the Tour de Yum, we will add a link to the microsite.
  23. 23. 23
  24. 24. FLAVOR PAGE Delicious Local Love campaign. Facebook Open Graph technology will integrate the website with Tillamook’s social media. Users can “like” website, creating interactions that will be pushed to Facebook. The most ICE CREAM Sticky Bun Here at Tillamook, we know how great the classics are. Heck, we made the classics! But there’s nothing like taking a great thing and making it better. That’s why we’ve taken those delicious Sticky Buns everyone loves, and put them into our ice cream. Their sweet flavor has never tasted so good. So go ahead and grab some Sticky Bun Ice Cream, fresh out of the freezer. That’s Delicious Local Love, and that’s Tillamook Ice Cream. INGREDIENTS: Nonfat Milk, Cream, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Cheesecake Base (corn syrup, water, high fructose corn syrup, buttermilk solids, natural and artificial flavors, salt, potas- sium sorbate [preservative]), Strawberry Ribbon (strawberries, sugar, natural and artifi- cial strawberry flavor, vegetable stabilizer, citric acid), Contains less than 2% of the following: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Cellulose Gum, Mono- and Diglycerides, Polysorbate 80, Car- rageenan. ALLERGEN INFORMATION: This prod- uct contains milk products. It is made with equipment that also makes products containing soy products, wheat, peanuts, eggs and tree nuts.
  25. 25. PAY PER CLICK To formulate our PPC strategy, we examined the technographic and behaviorgraphic qualities of our consumer. Targeted keywords on Google Ad Planner helped us create a comprehensive PPC campaign that will reach these consumers while they use the internet as a tool to connect, research, create and observe. 25
  26. 26. H ULU As opposed to traditional television, Hulu offers direct target advertisement opportunities. Hulu ads will eliminate competition for the user’s attention, as it will be the only commercial seen throughout the episode. It also zeroes in directly on our target market. Every person from our consumer demographic who is on Hulu will see Tillamook advertisements, making every dollar spent here 100% effective. Also, Hulu offers research-based advertisements, so Tillamook can gain research on for their Ice Cream product and never stop learning about the audience they’re striving to reach.
  27. 27. 27
  28. 28. R ADIO Radio is a strong method for reaching out to our target audience. It is here that our mother will be able to tie together other experiences of Delicious Local Love, and now associate it with her local station, as well. This increases the sense of a “local” brand, especially when mentioned through radio personality endorsement, and also can intercept her as she is reaching the grocery store and the Point of Purchase.
  29. 29. PO INT OF P U RCHA SE This is Tillamook Ice Cream’s last opportunity to stand out from its competitors and reach the consumer. The current ice cream seal presents an affordable way to increase the appeal of the packaging. The seal redesign will remind the consumer of the Delicious Local Love Campaign message. 29
  30. 30. M EDIA PL A N Medium March April May Print Portland Monthly Back Cover Back Cover Back Cover Seattle Met Back Cover Back Cover Back Cover Spokane CDA Back Cover Back Cover Back Cover Radio Portland Run Run Run Seattle Run Run Run Spokane Run Run Run Hulu Targeted Demographics Run Run Run Social Media Twitter Launch Build Fan Base Maintain Facebook Launch Build Fan Base Maintain Microsite Launch Build Fan Base Maintain Tour de Yum Events Run Run Run Social Media Launch Build Fan Base Maintain Earned Media Run Run Run
  31. 31. B UDGET Tour de Yum Online Presence Employee cost $25,750 Social Media Bikes $50,000 Design & Set up $20,000 Run Cost $162,250 Maintenance $15,000 Total $238,000 Website Updates Print Implementations $8,000 Design Cost $20,000 Pay Per Click Portland Monthly $27,315 Design $15,000 Seattle Met $33,675 Run Cost $27,000 Spokane CDC 17,985 Microsite $25,000 Total $98,975 Hulu $425,000 Radio Total $535,000 Seattle $102,000 Public Relations Portland $97,500 $25,000 Spokane $60,000 Total $259,500 Point of Purchase Seal $20,000 TOTAL $1,176,475 31
  32. 32. T HAN K YOU We would like to thank you for the time you’ve spent imagining the world of Delicious Local Love. We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to our ideas as much as we’ve enjoyed making them a reality. Thank you to the Portland Advertising Federation and all of the participating agencies. Your time, support, and advice has helped us create a campaign that we can take pride in. Thank you and remember- Use Knack, because we certainly use ours. Sincerely, Knack