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Face to face: guide to video collaboration

The guide provides an in-depth look at how video collaboration tools, including Telepresence, are being used by companies , in a cost-effective way, to bring together business stakeholders throughout the value chain, conveniently, easily and more often from around the globe.
The guide was originally produced for the CBI magazine Business Voice and includes:
• The latest video conferencing tools
• Video collaboration benefits
• Market trends from Ovum
• Case studies from Hannover Re and Arup
You can download additional copies of this guide at where you will find even more valuable information on video collaboration.

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Face to face: guide to video collaboration

  1. 1. The CBI magazine business voice FACE TO FACEHow video collaboration is transforming business productivity and efficiency In association with tata communications
  2. 2. from the topContents Welcome to the future Claude Sassoulas, managing director, Europe and Americas, Tata Communications. 4 B Better collaboration, usiness travel In this publication, we better businesses spending globally is discover how global Video technologies are transforming on the rise. Beyond corporations are already how organisations communicate and the escalating costs, this harnessing these collaborate globally. We explore how travel is degrading air technologies and that provides an important quality and contributing to supporting services to competitive advantage. global warming. For improve their ability to businesses with a global innovate and communicate 8 Built to last To uphold its reputation for innovation, global design and footprint and frequent international meetings, the social implications of with colleagues, clients, partners and suppliers around the world. engineering firm Arup draws on reducing travel are therefore We examine just how far expertise from around the world. no less significant than the economic. video technology has come since its How does video help? A new wave of video collaboration early days. Once plagued by unreliability, tools is now available that will help poor audio and visual quality, today’s 10 Options open Advances in video collaboration technology and services mean reduce the need for corporate travel. However, they also enhance how we work and communicate in a global high-definition Telepresence rooms create an immersive virtual meeting environment that can make organisations can start reaping the economy – from improving staff geographically separated users feel as if rewards with minimal investment. work-life balance and bringing dispersed they are together in the same room. We look at the options. teams closer together to speeding up We also look at the options now decision-making and opening up new provided by video technology, in the DIY 13 The analyst’s view According to Ian Jacobs, a principal analyst at independent research firm business opportunities. Global changes, both in the physical and digital worlds, are accelerating the approach and via fully managed end-to-end services, available through companies such as our own. With Ovum, employees’ changing adoption of these video collaboration managed services such as public expectations will drive business tools. Changes in demand stem, for Telepresence rooms, B2B video calling demand for video technologies. example, from organisations’ need for and inter-connect with other third-party multicultural experiences, the war for networks, it is possible to exploit the 15 Lights, camera, action Everything you need to know to achieve the perfect virtual talent and rising urban real-estate prices. On the digital side, ubiquitous connectivity, the proliferation of benefits and connect with more businesses around the world with minimum cost and pain. meeting experience. connected, ‘smart’ portable devices and We hope that this publication the emergence of new collaborative demonstrates the scope and potential of 16 Communication, tools under the Web 2.0 banner are all video collaboration services in a wide covered enabling employees and organisations range of business sectors. How might it Reinsurance giant Hannover Re is to consider virtual work environments affect your organisation? We look committed to innovation rather than more seriously. forward to helping you find out. imitation. How has it used video to take its internal and external “A new wave of video collaboration tools is now communications to the next level? available that will help reduce the need for corporate travel, while enhancing how we work” 3
  3. 3. changing how we workBetter collaboration, itineraries are less rushed and more product teams, in marketing initiatives focused,” says Quinlan. and global product launches, and by HR Telepresence is proving increasingly for training and recruitment purposes.”better business popular as a way to collaborate more closely internally, often initially between Come together distributed senior management teams. Increasingly, businesses are widening By making it possible for multiple areas their scope and applying the same Once viewed largely as a way to reduce the financial and of the business and members of principles of internal video collaboration environmental burden of travel, video collaboration tools are management to get together whenever to their dealings with external they need to, without the traditional stakeholders, advisers, third parties and, now delivering a host of compelling business benefits. constraints of travel, Telepresence is particularly, in supply chain relationships. simplifying and accelerating the “People may be working on differentH ow can your people work together historically centred on mitigating travel, decision-making process. sides of the world and never have the to innovate and make quick, the new wave of technologies goes But, adds Quinlan, while many chance to meet, but with Telepresence, informed decisions when they much further. It enhances how organisations start off using video to they can do so every day,” says Quinlan. operate in different timezones? How can organisations operate, enabling more facilitate executive level communication, “Supply chain relationship become more you build relationships and provide key effective, productive collaboration its use quickly filters down to middle productive as a result, because more services using limited resources? at lower risk. management and all areas of the people at all levels of the engagement In today’s global economy, Tata Communications has seen business. “Organisations are using video have the opportunity to interact directly, organisations often exist as ecosystems the benefits first hand, its in-house collaboration technology to leverage face to face, and build a rapport. We find of offices and associates, and work in Telepresence facilities clocking up six their resources around the world and that people become more motivated and increasingly lengthy supply chains. to eight hours of use per day. As well as apply their expertise in a much more simply do a better job together.” Getting everyone talking to one another reducing the number of business trips, global fashion,” he says. “We’re seeing Manufacturing companies, financial productively and cost-efficiently is no it has made the travel that does take greater collaboration between global services providers, universities and mean feat. place more productive. software development firms are all using Yet, in a turbulent economy, being “As we’re able to hold regular “Manufacturing companies, Telepresence to close the gaps created able to communicate and collaborate virtual meetings in between trips, financial services providers, by the global economy. Research effectively is an important competitive project momentum is maintained, and universities and software institutes, in particular, are harnessing advantage. It enables organisations to travel becomes more effective when development firms are all using video to draw on their complementary adapt quickly to changing conditions we do fly, since everyone is better telepresence to close the gaps expertise to cut R&D costs and shorten and identify and capture business informed and prepared, and our created by the global economy” development pipelines. opportunities. Businesses can harness “The trend, particularly in the the skills and experience within their pharmaceuticals and software organisations and exploit relationships development industries, is for large with valued partners, suppliers and corporations to leverage the expertise stakeholders worldwide. of much smaller organisations to speed up time to market and innovation,” says Reaching out Claude Sassoulas, managing director, “As companies seek globally to develop Europe and Americas, for Tata new markets or find new ways to Communications. “We’re also seeing compete, any technology that allows more open innovation - where them to eliminate or mitigate the effects of physical and cultural distances and improve the effectiveness of their collaboration is very valuable,” says Peter Quinlan, vice president of integrated business video services at Tata Communications. Videoconferencing has been an option for a number of years. However, while the business case for video4 FACE T0 FACE
  4. 4. changing how we work companies are working Video collaboration together towards a technologies are Watch this space mutually beneficial goal. already changing how As organisations can already link into a services and retail. One major Video collaboration will organisations offer see the benefits of videoconference using mobile retailer, for example, is already become an increasingly their services and video collaboration for devices such as iPads and looking into installing in-store important enabler reach out to customers. themselves, its popularity is tablets, combining highly videoconference booths, of these types of Some universities, for set to snowball. Peter predicts effective, face-to-face which will enable customers business models.” example, are developing its use will become collaboration with today’s to receive one-to-one help new ways to deliver their increasingly pervasive within need for employee mobility. with their kitchen designs Building a case courses, using the organisation, filtering Peter also expects from a centralised resource. By positively impacting a Telepresence to stream down from senior Telepresence technology to There’s similar scope for business’ core attributes, such tutorials and seminars to management to all levels of expand outwards, gaining workers who are traditionally as the efficiency of its supply overseas students around the staff, who will connect with ground as a tool to collaborate mobile – such as mortgage chain, time to market, agility and world. In another case, an entrepreneurial one another via a growing with external users and brokers and investment capacity to make quick, informed conference organiser is selling seats in a choice of endpoints. expanding into more analysts – to make contact decisions, Telepresence provides public Telepresence room, enabling In addition to desktop specialised applications in with customers remotely from genuine competitive advantage. That, businesspeople to take part in virtual devices and PCs, employees sectors such as financial a single location. says Sassoulas, is especially important in thought leadership roundtables with a down economy, when the scarcity of invited CEOs and experts. opportunities makes competition even Meanwhile, in the US, a family of experience they require are important the same result as a face-to-face more aggressive. hospitals is deploying a new factors in determining which meeting,” says Quinlan. “The foundation “Businesses need to look at how Telepresence solution to provide technologies will provide the best return. is there to accelerate and enhance how video collaboration technology can healthcare to people in hard-to-reach The range of technologies available we do business.” fundamentally change and enhance how areas. The technology even works today and the flexibility of the Technology providers have taken they do business, above and beyond with diagnostic equipment, such as videoconferencing proposition make away many of the traditional pain points, simply improving communication,” stethoscopes, to capture patient this an easier decision than it was in the enabling users to achieve maximum says Sassoulas. information, while allowing patients to past. Whereas videoconferencing once reach with Telepresence for minimal “Video collaboration can be applied discuss their conditions interactively meant a static piece of hardware that investment. For example, by using their within any area of an organisation, with their physicians. had to be wheeled into the office, network and hosted infrastructure, whether that be sharing statistical data today’s suite of Telepresence tools is organisations don’t need to invest, in oil and gas exploration, interviewing No pain, more gain broad and flexible enough to meet any upgrade and manage their own someone for a job or discussing a As well as looking at where video might organisation’s objectives. infrastructure, dramatically cutting costs client’s investment portfolio. To generate add value, organisations should also From installing high-end Telepresence and improving return on investment. the maximum return, you have to consider what kind of investment is endpoints or fully immersive rooms into Organisations can also take identify where and how enhanced appropriate for their needs. How often their offices to connecting individual advantage of a host of professional collaboration could make a real and in what situations they might use it, users via their desktop devices to services to manage their video difference to your business model.” and the quality of virtual meeting booking a public Telepresence room in a collaboration activities, ensuring they local hotel, businesses can choose from always get a reliable, high-quality a range of options and scale up or down Telepresence experience, backed up FACTS & STATS over time. (Read more on page 8). with full support. The quality of the meeting experience The challenge now for Telepresence 40% of business travellers say 50% of frequent flyers in the 90% of frequent users say is also a quantum leap ahead of what companies may have experienced in the past. Interoperability issues, unreliable connectivity, poor video and sound providers is to demonstrate just how far the technology has come in providing a fully immersive virtual meeting experience and the flexibility at which travel stress has a negative US need up to two days to video collaboration catch up on work, recover technologies save them quality and a lack of synchronisation multiple endpoints can link up. impact on their family life. Two-thirds would rather physically and get their at least two hours of work meant many investments in For organisations that venture into the spend time in a dentist’s personal lives back in time a week. One-third videoconferencing went unused. Telepresence space, the question is not if chair than take their next order after a business trip. estimate it saves nearly a “Telepresence now offers such a high video collaboration could make a business trip. (Microsoft) (Kensington Technology Group) full day. (Cisco Systems) level or reliability and standard of positive impact to their business, but service that the technology can achieve how to apply it to maximum effect.6 FACE T0 FACE 7
  5. 5. CASE STUDY Built to last With a reputation for innovative yet sustainable designs, Arup faced a challenge – how to balance the need to collaborate globally with a commitment to environmental responsibility? I f any organisation should understand These incredibly complex projects are the importance of worldwide the product of a global, organisation- collaboration it is global design and wide effort, involving the expertise of as engineering company Arup. The many as 25 unique disciplines, independent firm of designers, planners, distributed across the globe. It requires engineers, consultants and technical close collaboration between the specialists has a reputation for delivering company’s 80 offices worldwide as well highly innovative and sustainable as with clients and third parties. designs. Past achievements include the However, while this level of Sydney Opera House, the Water Cube cooperation is essential in order to bring for the Beijing Olympics and, more Arup’s pioneering projects to life, it recently, the California Academy of presents some challenges. The firm is Sciences museum. renowned for delivering sustainable designs and a commitment to the “Time spent travelling could be used more productively environment and sustainability is integral and employees are often left tired, which reduces their to the business as a whole. Yet the efficiency and responsiveness, and in turn slows down frequent travel involved in productive projects and decision-making” face-to-face collaboration and the associated environmental costs are in direct conflict with the company’s ethos. Because the rooms are available Another major draw for Arup was the Attempting to get experts in different around the clock, Arup can easily quality of the audio and video. “When timezones and geographies together in organise meetings with its offices in we hold a virtual meeting, we don’t want one place can also be very inconvenient different time zones and, where the people to be worrying about the for those involved. The time spent timing is difficult, participants can stay technology. In fact, we don’t want them travelling could be used more overnight in the hotel’s rooms. Food and thinking about it at all,” says Clover. “But productively, and employees are often snacks are also available during people forget there’s even equipment left tired, which reduces their efficiency meetings to help them flow without there; they believe the people opposite and responsiveness, and in turn slows unnecessary interruption. them are sitting in the same room.” down projects and decision-making. “One recent example was the Arup Arup has found that using Tata’s global executive conference, which we public Telepresence suites has Room for improvement held simultaneously in Boston, London contributed greatly to its working For Arup, the solution came in the form and Manila,” says Neil Clover, the environment, allowing design teams of Tata Communications’ Telepresence company’s chief technology officer for worldwide to collaborate whenever they public rooms, located at leading hotels the Americas. “Because of the time need to without increasing the close to Arup’s offices. These rooms differences, meetings such as these tend company’s carbon footprint. As Clover provide the company with immediate to be inconvenient, but with the Tata says, “The public Telepresence rooms access to high quality video and audio hotel situation, we were able to have a allow us to implement a plan to reduce on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no common break. People had breakfast, our carbon footprint, while improving capital investment and no facility or lunch or dinner depending on which our ability to collaborate globally with equipment of its own to manage. timezone they were in.” our engineers and clients alike.”8 Name here xxxxxxxxxx 9
  6. 6. FLEXIBLE TECHNOLOGY and 24/7 support is on hand should you need it,” he says. Users can also make use of a dedicated conference producer, who can monitor the conference, bring in additional endpoints, mute participants or change how the various sites are shown on screen. Participants in multiple locations around the globe can link up in real time using the Telepresence room, saving time and money on multiple meetings and reducing the carbon footprint. Video and audio content can be streamed to participants, while document cameras make it possible to transmit drawings and other documents through video. Video systems can also be connected to DVDs, VCRs and whiteboards, providing a fully multimedia meeting experience. Collaborating in this way has multiple uses in a wide range of business sectors, enabling expertise and opinions to be shared more easily and so speeding up decision-making and time to market. For example, regional marketing departments can meet to view the latest draft of a global product launch; R&D teams can study the results of research together and discuss the implications in Options T raditionally, the business case for collaboration without investing in their real time; and managers in multiple investing in videoconferencing was own infrastructure. locations can interview a candidate and justified by its mitigating effect on view samples of their work. open costly business travel. Yet it was still an Room with a view outlay that many found hard to swallow. For many businesses, the cheapest and Home and away Problems of interoperability and the simplest way to experience Telepresence As well as making use of managed, ongoing costs associated with is via a public room, typically found in public Telepresence rooms, maintaining and upgrading the high-end hotels, business centres and organisations can also choose to invest The range of opportunities infrastructure meant firms were retail locations around the world. in their own private facilities, which they provided by video collaboration reluctant to take the plunge. Sadly, those Equipped with life-like, high-definition, can use to link to other private rooms or is broad, whether you want to that did often found the experience guaranteed audio and video quality, endpoints internally or externally. What’s failed to live up to expectations. these rooms can be booked online and more, private rooms can link up to public hold a virtual conference with Today, video collaboration is an hired on a pay-per-use, hourly basis. No rooms around the world, enabling boardrooms across the globe altogether different proposition. The other outlay or long-term commitment or enable co-workers on the technology is reliable, easy to use and is required. same campus to connect from provides a fully immersive virtual “The beauty of systems such as those “By taking advantage of public meeting experience that is as good as from Cisco is their simplicity and telepresence rooms, businesses their desktops. the real thing. What’s more, by taking reliability,” says Tata Communications’ can dip their toes in the water advantage of public Telepresence Claude Sassoulas. “You don’t even have and reap the rewards of better rooms, businesses can dip their toes in to press anything, if you don’t wish to. collaboration without investing the water and reap the rewards of better The conference launches automatically in their own infrastructure”10 FACE T0 FACE 11
  7. 7. FLEXIBLE TECHNOLOGY insight organisations to connect Using a B2B global with individuals, clients exchange network, The analyst’s view and partners that don’t meanwhile, provides have Telepresence everything a business facilities of their own. needs to connect and “In this way, collaborate with businesses can other businesses via extend the reach of their private video Ian Jacobs is a principal analyst at Ovum, which their Telepresence networks. “We can provides independent research and analysis into infrastructure and now offer telecommunications and technology. collaboration without organisations the additional investment,” broadest and deepest says Tata Communications’ reach through our inter- Q. Videoconferencing Q. What trends are you Peter Quinlan. exchange and carrier has traditionally been seeing in demand for Sassoulas adds that this can be partnerships, as well as interoperability viewed primarily as a immersive and other especially useful for an organisation with to traditional videoconferencing way to mitigate travel. videoconferencing offices in different timezones. “There equipment. It’s about making sure they Has there been a shift technologies? may be periods when the time can reach the maximum number of away from this thinking Interest in immersive difference makes it impractical to meet people or endpoints,” says Sassoulas. and what new room-based systems has, using the private Telepresence room,” he “Organisations can also make use of applications are you to date, been fairly slow, says. “However, during those times your providers’ cloud-based services and seeing as a result? largely because they have private endpoint can be used as a hosted infrastructure,” he adds. “This The fact that video traditionally demanded a regional hub to reach out to other maximises their uptime and reach, collaboration hefty investment and been organisations in the same region, reduces management responsibility and technologies can cut the limited in their use. leveraging either their own private minimises their investment in amount of travel required However, demand is rooms or local public rooms.” infrastructure and support costs.” by organisations and picking up dramatically in Organisations can also enable The range of options and potential potentially reduce their environmental tandem with an increase in use of video individuals to link into a conference using applications for video collaboration are impact is still a major driver. However, by mobile and desktop users. desktop units or PCs, extending the now as wide as the business benefits, there are many organisations that are As immersive video systems make it opportunities of video collaboration yet organisations can take advantage now realising other benefits, principally easier to incorporate people on tablets, further. Provided there is a static public with minimal risk and investment. around the centralisation of resources. iPads and desktop devices into their IP address and the endpoint has been Sectors such as education, retail and video meetings, we’ll see a rise in registered with the communications medicine are already using video demand for both uses of video – provider, the Telepresence suite can dial Actions speak louder technologies to extend their services to immersive and mobile and desktop out to that user and bring them the Communication is about more than an people who might otherwise be unable video. As one form of the technology videoconferencing experience. Users can exchange of words. Being able to read non- to access it and to use their resources also browse their contact books and verbal signals is essential in developing lasting more efficiently. have face-to-face meetings with peers or and trusting relationships. This valuable element Studies have found that when learning associates without leaving their desks. of face-to-face communication is not lost in materials are delivered face-to-face it is video collaboration. Sassoulas recalls a series of more effective and so enterprises are The full package meetings held over the course of the day. “The starting to think about how they can As well as deploying Telepresence groups in each location took their coffee breaks also use video in this way. solutions, providers now offer a range of at the same, but continued to chat informally, I think we’ll see more use of video by professional services to ensure despite being in different time zones,” he says. businesses to share best practice and in organisations get a customised business Telepresence rooms can even be used interactive training, both in group and video solution, which provides a reliable expressly to bring people closer together. Tata peer-to-peer scenarios. and high quality experience. This Communications, for example, lends out its includes managing customers’ private rooms to staff during festivities such as infrastructure, the scheduling and Diwali, allowing families on different sides of the reservation of video calls, launching and globe to make contact. monitoring calls, and 24/7 support.12 FACE T0 FACE 13
  8. 8. insight in practice Lights, “Demand is likely to grow camera, action as it becomes even easier to integrate not only other non-immersive systems, but also collaborative tools” Everything you need to know to achieve the perfect virtual meeting experience. improves, demand for the other will Q. What other changes do you also increase. anticipate in the technology and When using a Telepresence *Be careful of glare – *Your audience awaits Demand is also likely to grow as it its application? room, your provider should Position reflective surfaces – Remember, you are becomes even easier to integrate not We’ll see greater availability of hosted ensure everything is set such as whiteboards or tables presenting to those in the only other non-immersive systems but services, which will make it easier for up to achieve the best away from the light. If you room as well as at every also collaborative tools. We’re going to organisations to access video quality audio and video – require additional lighting, endpoint. Speak to and see people use video as just one part of collaboration tools without a big capital from the positioning of the opt for lamps that mimic engage with all parties. the whole collaborative process. When expenditure. As video services become microphones, cameras natural daylight. that happens, organisations will be able easier to consume, more people will and lighting, to the room’s *The eyes have it – Eye to justify an investment in video in terms consume them. layout. Rooms are *Minimise background contact is essential to engage of increased productivity as well as I also expect the demand for pre- and post-tested to disturbance – Moving and build trust. However, in a travel savings. immersive and non-immersive ensure the experience is curtains, people walking video environment, it comes Interestingly, some of the most videoconferencing systems to be driven reliable and provides the behind you or activity behind from looking toward the innovative deployments of video have by the user. The ‘bring your own optimum environment a window or glass partition camera, rather than the been using satellite video systems in technology’ trend will be particularly for collaboration. can reduce image quality and display. If you need to areas where the terrain or political important. As more of the devices that However, video can now distract meeting participants. position your own camera situation makes video infrastructure people own and bring into work become be used in a wide range of (unnecessary in a managed difficult to build on the ground. video-enabled and those people scenarios, including on Ready for your Telepresence room) position Oil and energy companies and NGOs become familiar with using video in their desktop video units and PCs. close-up? it as close as possible to the such as the UN are using satellite video daily lives, they will expect to be able to To achieve the best possible When people first use top centre of your display. systems to achieve collaboration, both do so at work. That will eventually drive experience, therefore, it pays Telepresence, there’s a point-to-point within countries and back demand for video in organisations – to follow a few simple rules: tendency to be overly formal *The camera never lies to their home offices. We’re likely to see whether or not they can justify the cost with other participants and – The high quality audio more such deployments in the future. - because without it they will find it hard *Make it convenient – Place for the novelty of the and video can pick up and to recruit talented young people. desktop videoconferencing experience itself to be a even amplify the smallest This kind of change takes time, but units close to your PC so you distraction. However, as users gesture or quip. As in a when it happens it will result in an don’t have to move things become familiar with the normal meeting, be increase in demand for both traditional around to participate. Your concept, they ease into conscious of your actions, desktop video systems and the system can even be used as a collaborating exactly as they even if the camera isn’t immersive Telepresence rooms, because PC screen. Use a headset for would in a physical, face-to- pointed in your direction. you’ll be able to dial into them from a privacy where necessary. face meeting. range of devices. While you may be facing a *Use the technology – Many of the benefits of video *Look behind you – You and video screen, it’s important to Take advantage of the ability collaboration are currently difficult to your colleagues should be remember that the high to share multimedia content quantify, but at some point in the future the focal point with minimal quality of the audio and such as websites, videos and someone will find an accurate way to distractions, so keep your video make it just like the real presentations, to make your calculate or articulate the true ROI. background neutral and thing. Here are a few things meeting more productive Video collaboration will then become an avoid clutter. to keep in mind: and engaging. even more compelling prospect.14 FACE T0 FACE 15
  9. 9. case study H annover Re is the third-largest “The international reinsurance reinsurer in the world, providing sector has developed into a health and life insurance, as highly specialised financial well as other non-life insurance, to service, requiring considerable insurance companies. expertise from a highly diverse The international reinsurance sector range of fields” has developed into a highly specialised financial service, requiring considerable expertise, not only from insurance have to do is turn up at the scheduled specialists, but also from a highly diverse meeting time; the meeting starts and range of fields – everyone from ends automatically.” mathematicians and meteorologists to medical experts and engineers. Reaching out With this diverse input and the fact Hannover Re’s reinsurance specialists that terms and conditions must be also use their private rooms to connect negotiated in each individual case, with customers, who use public rooms in Hannover Re relies on excellent internal leading hotels and business centres communication to meet the needs of its locally. “While many of our customers customers. However, like many global have their own Telepresence rooms, corporations today, Hannover Re has a there are still issues of interconnectivity dispersed structure, with around 2,200 between the different Telepresence staff in more than 100 subsidiaries and systems,” says Gleiniger. “Optimisation affiliated companies, branch offices, of the connectivity between solutions service companies and representative will be one of the main challenges for offices worldwide. carriers in the next few years, because “Reinsurance is a face-to-face while the demand is there, the business, which traditionally meant one technology hasn’t quite caught up.” party would need to travel. However, as However, Hannover Re has found the overheads for travel and connecting with customers via the accommodation are disproportionate to global network of public Telepresence the meeting time, this is inefficient,” says rooms to be a very successful solution. René Gleiniger, the company’s head of As well as making its internal and telecommunications and collaboration. external communication easier, “We wanted to find a way to Telepresence has increased the amount communicate better, while removing the and effectiveness of its internal and Communication, inconveniences and costs of travel.” external collaboration. Hannover Re installed a network of 18 “We have found that many immersive Telepresence rooms in conversations that would have taken covered January 2011 and recently added a 19th. place by teleconference or by travel are “Scheduling and booking is carried out now held by Telepresence,” says by our room coordinators, who received Gleiniger. In fact, Hannover Re has seen training on how to use the system,” says use of its private rooms increase Reinsurance giant Hannover Re prides itself on Gleiniger. “We also ran an internal five-fold since their implementation. As being somewhat different, with a commitment awareness initiative to inform our staff of the company enters the period of the how the Telepresence system works and year when most companies renew their to innovate, not imitate. In keeping with this its potential uses within the business. reinsurance contracts, Gleiniger expects ethos, the firm sought to take its communication However, the ease of use of the the rooms to come into their own and methods to the next level. Telepresence rooms meant no training become an even more valuable was needed for staff in general. All they communication resource.16 FACE T0 FACE 17
  10. 10. tata communications Leaders in global collaboration How do you meet face-to-face all over Tata Communications, a part of the $83.3bn Tata Companies, is a leading the world without global telecom service provider. It owns the world’s largest network of public leaving town? Telepresence rooms. These rooms are located in premium public access With Public Telepresence Rooms from Tata Communications facilities such as luxury hotels and available in over 35 cities around the globe. conference centres in India, Europe, America, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, and can be accessed on a pay-per-use, hourly basis. Tata Communications also offers a comprehensive range of integrated business video services – Have a TeLePReSeNCe from complete turnkey services for organisations implementing video meeTiNg oN uS. endpoints to bespoke services integrating existing infrastructure. To fix your free meeting and confirm available The company can manage customers’ dedicated infrastructure locations, please visit through remote management or via a and use offer code: BVTP dedicated hosted model in its data centres. And, by offering Telepresence Alternatively, contact us at and video conferencing as a service, Tel: 0800 2061063 through its hosted cloud E-mail: infrastructure and managed services, it ensures organisations achieve maximum return for the minimum total cost of ownership and management responsibility. To find out how Tata Communications could improve your business collaboration, and to see the complete list of its public Telepresence rooms, visit www.tatatelepresence.com18 FACE T0 FACE
  11. 11. ninety per cent of frequent users say that video collaboration technologY saves them at least two hours of work time a week. One-Third estimate that it saves nearly a full day. Guide published in association with Tata Communications Ltd Written and designed by Caspian Media © Copyright rests jointly with Caspian Media and Tata Communications Ltd. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. The views expressed in thispublication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the CBI or Business Voice magazine. Tata Communications Ltd 0800 206 1063