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How To Prepare For Natural And Man Made


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Survival instincts or self defense is the unifying characteristic of every life form on earth. This fundamental directive is a part of the genetic code of each and every organism. This is true even of the simplest living organisms like bacteria. Survival is the corner stone of evolution. And only the fittest survives. Our species could evolve because our ancestors were able to develop the skills necessary to ensure their survival. Despite all the progress we have made as a species, as individuals we are incapable of surviving major natural and man made disasters.

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How To Prepare For Natural And Man Made

  2. 2. The urge to survive is the hallmark of life, all living organisms aim for self preservation. It iscoded into each and every organism. Event the simplest of single celled organisms have survivalmechanisms. Survival drives evolution, and only those that are fit, survive. We could evolve onlybecause our primate ancestors could device efficient survival strategies that ensured their survival.As a species we are well equipped to ensure the survival of the species but as individuals, we arevery ill prepared to protect ourselves and our loved ones.Injured, helpless and alone - that is the state most victims of natural disasters find themselves inwhen nature lets loose its fury. Natural disasters are just one of the many threats we face, thereis also the constant threat of terrorist attacks, biological warfare and what not. Ask yourself, areyou truly capable of protecting yourself and your family when a crisis shows its terrifying face.Annually there are thousands of deaths that are a direct result of man made and natural disasters.Had they been prepared, many of these people could have saved themselves. Complete relianceon the government during emergency situations is plain suicide. Remember, in the face of crisis,you yourself are the only help that is available to you. Hence, the need for preparing to surviveanything cannot be stressed enough.The military prepares its men to survive anything in the field. Even after years of training, survivalis not guaranteed. It is very difficult for the average American to devote the time and resourcesrequired for military like survival training. But, what you can do is to follow the advice given bysurvival experts like Bear Grylls, Damian Campbell and the like. Because of a lack of a centralreference, it is difficult to find authentic survival information. Damian Campbell has created abooklet on how to survive anything. TV survival shows like the ones hosted by Bear Grylls are alsoa good resource for learning survival techniques and strategies.Your attitude is your best survival asset. Good preparation, as Damian Campbell says, is essentialfor survival. To survive you have to be smart and prepared. Even boat loads of money won’t helpyou survive anything if you are not prepared. Everything you might need is probably available atyour local supermarket. Good preparation means complete preparation. This is essential becauseyou might never know when an emergency will crop up. In the least, strong shelters, food andwater supply, and some self defense weapons are the basic requirements.Ultimately, survival boils down to your willingness to survive. Preparation is key. You can surviveanything if you have the right mental attitude and proper preparation.