Diagnostic Relationships  Rapid Market Development To Unleash Innovation  A unique one-day discovery program designed to t...
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Diagnostic Relationships - Rapid Market Development to Unleash Innovation


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Diagnostic Relationships - Rapid Market Development to Unleash Innovation

  1. 1. Diagnostic Relationships Rapid Market Development To Unleash Innovation A unique one-day discovery program designed to turbo-charge market developments, unite sales, marketing and product development teams.
  2. 2. Program overview The Idea in Brief product introduction trategy and effective ex- s ecution of the sales strategy.A unique market development program When sales are disappointing, product develop-designed to: ment and marketing departments often place 5. How to leverage highly differentiated blame with the sales force, citing poor execution and tangible value at the early stage of the new• Breakdown barriers that inhibit the of an otherwise brilliant new product introduction product adoption curve so that new marketsproduct development, sales & marketing depart- strategy. take-off and grow quickly.ments from working as one united and powerfulteam. In turn, sales departments tend to believe that marketers are out of touch with what’s really go- Wheres’ the value ?• Speed up the markets adoption of ing on with customers. Through Diagnostic Relationships participantsyour new products, services or innovations by will discover:aligning product life cycle to the optimum target Each group often undervalues the others contri-markets. butions. This lack of alignment ends up retarding 1. The sales and marketing decision driv- development of new markets, burning cash and ers at planning and implementation phases that• Rapidly access new markets with ultimately hurting corporate performance. influence behaviour of both the ‘J’ and ‘S’ Curvesresonating value propositions that give your of the product life cycle.customers the confidence to invest in your in- Through Diagnostic Relationships participantsnovative solutions. will discover: 2. The necessity of designing resonating value propositions at product launch to helpDiagnostic Relationships is the only sales 1. The benefits of designing and imple- salespeople connect the strengths of your inno-development program specifically designed for menting a marketing orientated approach in a vation to the customers business objectives.product development & marketing teams and Business-to-Business selling environment, to en-the only new market development program gender customer trust, loyalty and respect. 3. The importance of translating the fea-specifically designed for sales teams. tures and benefits of your innovation into a tan- 2. The importance of selecting and tar- gible value equation your customer both agreesOur Australian designed program is built for: geting innovators and early adopters with and has the confidence to invest in. at the launch of new products, innovations or• New technology & business start-ups when approaching new 4. The professional sales and marketing markets. mindset that recognises the difference between• R&D, Product development, sales & a decision to buy versus a decision to change. marketing teams & executives 3. The five critical customer decision drivers that stall development of new markets 5. How to work smarter not harder by• Government bodies and Not For and ways to overcome the customer compre- reducing the amount of heavy lifting required Profit Organisations focused on trade hension barrier. across the sales process through the design and & new market development implementation of sales tools and value calcula- 4. The crucial linkages between your new tors at the new product launch stage.
  3. 3. What will I learn? Personal Results Company OverviewUpon complete this program, you will; Once you apply learning’s from this program you Sales Psychology Australia offers leading sales will; organisations an integrated approach across• Know how to position yourself more confi- four core competencies, that together combine dently as an ethical, professional and value • Stay on the strategic course and grow new to drive overall sales force effectiveness; namely, orientated sales and marketing executive, markets quicker, Sales Process,• Understand how to leverage a value based • Avoid doing desperate things and generate Selling Value, selling methodology and avoid the com- higher revenues and margins, modity trap, Sales Presentation and • Enjoy the benefits of closer relationships• Learn what product development, sales and better communication across the Sales Performance. and marketing teams all have in common entire team, and discover how to approach generic Put your sales force on the path to significantly marketing problems using a common • Reduce sales lead times and improve sales higher performance. Sales Psychology Australia vocabulary. conversion ratio’s, tackles the issues surrounding sales force ef- fectiveness to help you design and implement• Know how to apply the concept of turbo- • Understand how to spend more time with high-impact sales strategies to accomplish your charged market development to new high quality sales opportunities in optimum revenue and profit objectives. Sales Psychology markets, products and services, target market(s) Australia applies an evidenced based approach towards sales productivity improvement that delivers tangible gains in bottom line results and• How to identify, select and target the right • Find enjoyment in your customer relation- delivers them fast! customers across all stages of the product ships and generate more satisfied and life cycle. more loyal customers. Allowing your Assisting businesses to grow establish traction customers to discover your true value and and improve in there ability to sell, our unique• How to assure the value promise across give them the confidence to invest in your programs & tailor made solution build sustain- all stages of the sales process to gener- solutions. able entrepreneurial environments , allowing ate sustainable and profitable customer companies to enhance competitiveness through relationships redefining their operating policies, gaining ef- ficiency, creating differentiation and expanding markets.
  4. 4. Unlock your potentialAndre Vlcek | + 61 425 707731 | andre@salespsychology.com.au | info@salespsychology.com.au 11 Yarra Street | South Melbourne Victoria | 3205 AUSTRALIA | PO Box 379, | North Balwyn Victoria, | 3104 AUSTRALIA