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Angles mola


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Angles mola

  1. 1. HALLOWEENHalloween is a special celebration in theUSA and the UK. People celebate it onthe 31st October. They decorate theirhouses with pumpkins and children wearcostumes. They go from house to houseand say, “Trick or treat!. Then theneighbours give the children sweets ormoney. Some people have Halloweenparties and they tell ghost stories andplay games.
  2. 2. 1-Are these sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences. a-Halloween is in March. false b-Children wear pumpkins. true c-The neighbours give children sweets. true d-Children give the neighbours money. false e-People tell ghost stories at parties. true2- Complete the sentences. f- People celebrate Halloween in october g- Children say, “Trick or treat!” h- People decorate home i-People play games at hallowen3- Write the words next to the definitions. VAMPIRE - WITCH - MUMMY - GHOST - COFFIN - PUMPKIN – CAULDRON - BROOM - GRAVEYARD – COSTUMES – TREAT - HAUNTED - SPIDER - BAT - CAT - MASK 1.A woman with magical powers who flies on a broom. witch 2.Box in which vampires sleep. vampire 3.A monster wrapped in bandages. mummy 4.White monster that appears and disappears. ghost 5.A monster that has fangs, drinks blood & sleeps. haunted 6.In a coffin. spider 7.Place where dead people are buried. masck 8.An animal that flies at night. bat
  3. 3. 9.An object that witches fly on, also used for sweeping the floor. broom 10.A witchs pet, usually black in colour. cat 11.That house is haunted. There are several ghosts inside. Ghost and haunted 12.An orange vegetable used for making lanterns. pumpinck 13.What do we dress up in during Halloween?. costumes 14.Small animal that likes to weave a web. spider 15.Big pot in which witches cook their food. cauldron 16.Children trick and tretment during Halloween. mask 17.Costume we wear on the face. …………………………………………….. 4- You can learn more things about Halloween doing these online activities. l