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COMET (Eco-Helmet)

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COMET (Eco-Helmet)

  1. 1. Andreas & Anggi WP | TBWA&Tequila
  2. 2. JAKARTA HAS BAD EMISSION PROBLEM The most carbon emission comes from motorcycle, with 9.6 kg carbon emission/day. How to reduce carbon emission of motorcycle in Jakarta?
  3. 3. FACT Impossible to reduce the number motorcycle in Jakarta, since it’s the most efficient vehicle when it comes to COST and TIME. Bikers don’t care about emission.
  4. 4. TARGET : BIKERS Whose motorbikes are precious things for them. They have prides for their motorcycle. And most of them are enlisted in a motorcycle club.
  5. 5. SOLUTION TiO2 (Titanium Dioxida) Chemical that can change CO2 into H2O and O2. Also great for paint, enhance color and make it bright. With perfect composition with paint, every 1 square meter = 1 tree.
  6. 6. IDEA eco helmet The helmet that can reduce carbon emission. COMET is an ordinary helmet re-color/re- paint with a special paint that consist TiO2, so wherever their motorcycle go, they responsible to clear the air again.
  7. 7. MECHANISM - Awareness Cooperate with local government to use all empty billboard in jakarta, and build QR Code made from real COMET directing to our website.
  8. 8. MECHANISM - Awareness Cooperate with all motorbike’s club in Jakarta to color their logo/identity on their helmet. Word of mouth spread to the other member. Also through social media.
  9. 9. MECHANISM - Engagement Website COMET, place when bikers can choose their own design and be a member into COMET Community.
  10. 10. MECHANISM - Maintaining By using a google map/foursquare app in our website, we can detect how many carbon that a biker or motorbike club has reduced. Thus the competition begin… The more member joined into a motorbikes club, the bigger chance they can win the pride.
  11. 11. GOAL Every 1 square meter (paint) = 1 tree = reducing 77.92 kg carbon/day. Every 1 square meter (paint) = 4 helmets. Every 1 unit motorcycle = 9.6 kg/day carbon (4. lt) 9.861.451 units = 94.669.929,6 kg carbon/day. ( Motorcycle in 2012 ) 9.861.451 units = 2.465.362,75 square meter ( Motorcycle in 2012 ) = reducing 192.101.065,48 kg carbon/day MISION ACCOMPLISH! ( IF every motorcycle only have 1 helmet )