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Tips from 15 of the top #digitalmarketing experts.

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Tips from 15 of the top #digitalmarketing experts.

  1. 1. Black Friday Marketing Done Right Tips from 15 of the Top Digital Marketing Experts
  2. 2. Introduction It’s a fact: the winter holiday shopping season is one of the most lucrative and periods for online retailers. In fact, according to an Adobe Digital Insights Report, Black Friday (and its digital cousin, Cyber Monday) accounted for over 10% of US retail revenue for the holiday season! Pretty insane, right? That’s even more impressive when you take into account the fact that, according to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales can account for up to 30% of annual sales for some retailers! That means that sales from these two days alone can add up to 3% of the total sales revenue for the entire year. % BUY BUY BUY
  3. 3. Enough with the numbers… What’s the point? It’s pretty clear that Black Friday presents a very significant sales opportunity for eCommerce and offline retailers, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success. If you really want to see the benefits of the holiday shopping surge, you have to make your business stand out from the crowd with your holiday marketing efforts. No phoning it in and hoping that your “special holiday deals” and awesome products will automatically produce the results you want! So, what do you need to do? Like any marketing campaign, Black Friday marketing requires a comprehensive approach that includes everything from optimizing the on-site user experience, creating helpful content to reach more people, and setting up promotional and automated emails to successfully communicate your offers to customers and website visitors. At SendinBlue, we’re always looking to provide the most up-to-date and actionable advice for our readers. That’s why we decided to reach out to 15 of the most well-known experts in the digital marketing field to give us their thoughts and advice for the upcoming 2018 holiday shopping season. In this eBook, we’ll distill that expert advice and show you what you need to do to make sure that you’re completely ready for Black Friday and the holiday rush!
  4. 4. Introducing our 15 Digital Marketing Experts: Ziev Beresh Content Marketing Manager The Hoth Chris Arrendale Chief Privacy Officer Inboxpro Tim Watson Email Marketing Consultant Zettasphere Ovi Negrean Chief Executive Bee Chad S. White Research Director / Author of "Email Marketing Rules" Litmus Jordie van rijn Email marketing and MarTech influencer Stephen Stanczak President Online Geniuses Jaina Mistry Email Marketing Specialist Litmus Marta Buryan Content Marketing Ninja SocialBakers Philip Storey Email Marketing Consultant Enchant Agency Jonathan Aufray Co-founder and CEO Growth Hackers Jeet Banerjee Serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker & digital marketing consultant Andrés Silva Arancibia Founder of Flumarketing, Author of Conextrategia. International Speaker in 14 Countries. Sarah Evans Digital correspondent & consultant for brands Neal Schaffer CEO, PDCA Social | Social Media Speaker, Consultant, Author & Educator
  5. 5. Table of Contents Part 1: Digital Marketing Strategy: Reaching the right audience Part 2: Email Marketing: Effectively communicating your offer Part 3: Email Subject Lines: Standing out in the inbox Part 4: Abandoned Cart Emails: Winning back “lost sales” Part 5: Examples of Great Black Friday Marketing: Learning from the best 6 10 13 16 18
  6. 6. The goal of any marketing campaign is to sell more, and the way to do that is to craft a compelling marketing message, get it to the right audience, and remove any potential barriers to completing a purchase. If you miss any of these steps, your marketing campaign is not going to be nearly as effective at converting customers. This is especially true for Black Friday marketing campaigns, where the stakes are higher and the purchase cycle is shorter. But enough from me, let’s hear from the experts! Digital Marketing Strategy: Reaching the right audience PART 1:
  7. 7. “This year, focus all your attention on your social media audiences. Look into their demographics to learn what tone of voice you should use. Check their interests to uncover topics that resonate with them. Explore their affinities to get an idea of what kind of messages they engage with. Produce tailored content” ( Marta Buryan / SocialBakers) “Don’t forget the retargeting campaign” (Jonathan Aufray / Growth Hackers) “Get influencers to talk about your products (give them interesting discounts, freebies, or other incentives)” (Jonathan Aufray / Growth Hackers) “Create a shopping guide in advance that has the best sales and deals in your industry/niche listed and keep it up to date until the sales happen.” (Ziev Beresh / The Hoth) SendinBlue Tip: Content resources for customers that are related to your products can act like magnets for potential customers, and because it’s linked to what you’re selling, you’re guaranteed to get people who are more likely to buy compared to other, less targeted marketing tactics. A word from the Digital Marketing Experts: “Being able to quickly allow users to checkout through services such as Apple Wallet and PayPal will allow them to purchase their items while they are still in stock, a benefit which they will likely remember and will result in return customers.” (Chris Arrendal /Trendline Interactive) SendinBlue Tip: Including easy payment methods like this is an excellent way to reduce friction from the buying process, and it also adds a level of reassurance for customers because it’s something they are familiar with and prevents them from having to type out sensitive credit card information.
  8. 8. “A great strategy for SMBs to stand out from the competition for Black Friday & Cyber Monday is to partner with another company. A great way is to partner up with a complementary business in order to offer more value to your prospects and clients. For example, if your company sells camping tents, why not partnering up with a company sellingothercamping equipment? It has 2 great benefits. First, you can offer 2 complementary products. Second, the company you partner up with will also promote your product to their network. So, you will probably do twice more sales.” (Jonathan Aufray / Growth Hackers) SendinBlue Tip: Because of the surge in mobile use, it’s absolutely essential that you use responsive design in your marketing emails as well to make sure that your users have consistent experience no matter which device they’re using. Luckily, SendinBlue’s Email Design Builder makes it easy to create beautifully designed emails that look great on any device, no coding skills required! SendinBlue Tip: Landing pages are crucial for creating a targeted customer experience for your Black Friday campaign, but they can be difficult to create without technical knowledge. If you’re not sure where to start when creating your Black Friday landing page, you might want to check out SendinBlue’s new Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder. It allows you to select templates or build your own landing page from scratch by dragging and dropping customizable blocks and editing the content according to how you want you page to look. “Cater to mobile users and make sure the shopping and checkout experience is high quality. Every year more and more users are doing their holiday shopping on mobile devices so keeping this in mind when planning your marketing strategy will allow you to better facilitate their needs for an engaging shopping experience. ” (Chris Arrendale/Trendline Interactive) “Create a main landing page for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals with all the information in one place. This URL can even be used the following year to build up page authority which is good for SEO.” (Stephen Stanczak / Online Geniuses)
  9. 9. “If you're planning on launching Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns on social media, we suggest you focus your efforts on mobile-friendliness and video content. Research shows that roughly 40% of all social media users access social media platforms through mobile devices, though the numbers vary across platforms. In the case of Facebook, for example, mobile usage is much higher than the average and amounts to 95% of traffic, meaning you should definitely keep mobile in mind when creating your social media campaigns.” (Marta Buryan / SocialBakers) “Find the influencers and ambassadors that you already have in your database.” (Neal Schaffer / ) SendinBlue Tip: If you already have relationships with influential people in your niche or industry, you should leverage these connections to communicate the value of your product or offer in a more genuine way. People always treat brands with some (mostly deserved) skepticism when they promote their own business, but if that information comes from a well-known influencer, they will likely be more receptive. “Make sure you include video in your Black Friday and Cyber Monday content strategy. Users spend increasingly more time consuming videos across social media. In addition, 90% of con- sumers claim video helps them make buying decisions.” ( Marta Buryan / SocialBakers) “Make sure you are up-to-date with this year's trends and what the most popular items are.” (Chris Arrendale / Trendline Interactive) « Use short videos (no more than 15 seconds in length) and phrases that start with: Did you know... X tips to improve your... X ways to do… » (Andres A. Silva / « Make sure that your site is easily accessible and able to handle the increased load that your Black Friday traffic will place on your servers. » (Chris Arrendale / Trendline Interactive)
  10. 10. Although Black Friday marketing requires you to incorporate your full marketing stack, the most important channel for communicating with leads and customers is undoubtedly email. Whether it’s a promotional email that showcases your Black Friday deals, a newsletter that highlights your upcoming flash sale, or an automated email for recovering abandoned cart shoppers, email is the lynchpin that holds your entire Black Friday marketing strategy together. That’s why it’s so essential that you take the time to meticulously plan out your email marketing strategy for optimal engagement, keeping in mind things like: Email Marketing: Effectively communicating your offer PART 2: Personalization Timing Core value proposition
  11. 11. “Schedule your sales: put different products or product categories on sale every 1 hour or every 2 hours to give your company a timely reason to send out multiple emails on Black Friday. Creating an automated email workflow in which contacts receive a different follow-up email based on whether they open the email or click on a specific link would be even better.” (Ziev Beresh / The Hoth) SendinBlue Tip: SendinBlue’s Marketing Automation feature makes it easy to set up complex automation workflows that send the perfect message at the exact right moment, allowing you to generate more sales and create a more seamlesscustomerexperience. Here is what our influencers are recommending to win big with your Black Friday email strategy this year: SendinBlue Tip: Timing is everything when it comes to Black Friday. Because it’s only one day, you can really stress the time-sensitive nature of your offer to convey a sense of urgency with your customers. This creates a larger imperative for customers to make a purchase before it’s too late because they don’t want to miss out on the offer. “Follow up one hour before the campaign ends to give your subscribers one last chance to take advantage of your special offers.” (Ovi Negrean / SocialBee) “Add a live countdown timer directly in your emails.” (Ovi Negrean / SocialBee) “Keep your offer clear, but pick words that are different from the norm. Don't look like everyone else with boilerplate copy like 'Cyber Monday treats', or 'Don't miss our...' Try using more stylish word structures, periodic or parallel forms, and perhaps even a rhyme.” (Tim Watson / Zettasphere)
  12. 12. SendinBlue Tip: Keeping a clean email list is one of the most important jobs of an email marketer. Not only doesitallowyoutogenerate better engagement rates in your email campaigns while keeping subscribers happy, but it’s also a great exercise for maintaining good email deliverability. SendinBlue Tip: Segmentation is the most effective tactic for tailoring email content to meet the specific needs and interest of your entire customer base. The more information you have about your customers, the more you can personalize your content. If you want to take personalization to the next level, you can even use the data you have on your customers to dynamically modify the content of your email (text, images, or entire blocks of content) using SendinBlue’s conditional display feature. This allows you to send perfectly customized emails with content that is adapted to each individual customer’s preferences and attributes. “If a big portion of your subscribers haven't opened or clicked one of your emails in the past 14 months, you should seriously consider not emailing those subscribers around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. ” (Chad S. White / Litmus) “Don't wait to the big event to suddenly add a lot of inactive data. Rather, you should use the next month to slowly feed in smaller segments to measure what data is safe to use for the big sale days. Segmentation helps you discover who your fans are. Once you know this, you can personalize your email according to their level of engagement.” (Tim Watson / Zettasphere) “Make Cyber Monday your main event day. You'll already have final email push planned for Cyber Monday. Try sending a second email in the early evening on Monday to reach people who have clicked the sale emails but haven’t yet made a purchase.” (Tim Watson / Zettasphere) “Throw all of the email marketing rules out of the window - it's time to get messy. In order to compete for inbox attention, you'll need to massively up your sending frequency.” (Philip Storey / Enchant Agency)
  13. 13. Email Subject Lines: Standing out in the inbox My mom always told me, “never judge a book by its cover.” While this is a pretty great rule to follow in everyday life, it doesn’t really work for email… Recipients have to judge whether or not to open based exclusively on the “cover” -- but in this case, the cover is actually the email subject line. No matter how beautifully designed your email is, it won’t mean a thing if you can’t get your contacts to open it up and see it. That’s why subject lines are so crucial for effective email marketing, and Black Friday is no different! PART 3:
  14. 14. “Now is not the time for overly cute or clever subject lines. Be clear about your offer, deadlines, and other relevant information that's critical for subscribers to take action.” (Chad S. White / Litmus) “The best subject lines are intriguing with some element of mystery. Don't be overly specific.” (Stephen Stanczak / Online Geniuses) “Make campaigns RESULTS driven and ensure that the angle of your offer intriguing as well. Position your posts as How-To guides or listicles to encourage maximum social sharing” (Ziev Beresh / The Hoth) Here are some tips to improve your subject lines and separate yourself from the pack in your contacts’ inboxes: SendinBlue Tip: When customizing your email preheader, be sure to add unique value rather than just restating your subject line. This text is a unique opportunity to give contacts even more information about the content of your email, so try to be clear and concise. Additionally, if you’re considering including emojis to make your email stand out, make sure you use them wisely -- they’re not for everyone. “Use emojis in subject lines that support persuasion and influence tactics - think about action-based emoji's. 2018 is the year of the emojis. Think about your email box. When you get a bunch of emails with bland subject lines containing only text, you probably ignore them. Don’t let that happen to your emails!” (Philip Storey / Enchant Agency) “Have a short, personalized subject line, with some relevant emojis , and make sure you also use a short email preheader that draws the recipient in.” (Ovi Negrean /SocialBee)
  15. 15. “A/B test your campaign frequently to understand what works best for your audience.” (Nael Schaffer / ) “Countdown timers and time-based offers work really well this time of year.” (Philip Storey / Enchant Agency) “Create an extremely unique deal or discount that really catches people's attention. The reason why the biggest retail stores in the United States do so well on Black Friday is because they come up with an attention grabbing deal such as "60 Inch TV for sale for ONLY $99.99 on Black Friday" and then you read the fine print and it says the first 5 customers only get this deal. Find your own “60 Inch TV” offer!” (Jeet Banerjee / “Get creative with your subject lines, but also be sure to not oversend to your recipients as this can lead to burnout or promotion fatigue..” (Chris Arrendale / Trendline Interactive) Your Black Friday Email Template is already here! Get My Template
  16. 16. Abandoned Cart Emails: Winning back “lost sales” PART 4: One of the most frustrating aspects of running an eCommerce business is cart abandonment. With average cart abandonment rates as high as 70% or more, this problem presents a massive challenge for eCommerce businesses trying to maximize sales. At the risk of sounding cliché, every challenge poses an opportunity as well! Setting up abandoned cart emails can help you win back a huge portion of this otherwise lost revenue. By following up with subscribers after they fail to complete a purchase with a targeted message (and maybe some extra incentive like a coupon), you make it much easier and more likely that these customers will come back and finish the purchase process.
  17. 17. “Consider adding seasonal imagery to secondary messaging to these emails. For instance, add information about shipping and returns, gift wrapping services, etc.” (Chad S. White / Litmus) SendinBlue Tip: When creating content for your abandoned cart emails, try to address the potential reasons why your customer abandoned their cart in the first place. Including information like shipping and return policies (as mentioned by Chad), customer support information, or links to help resources can go a long way in reassuring customers who might be having second thoughts about completing their purchase. Here are three tips to help you get your abandoned cart emails ready for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush: “Make sure that these emails are triggered quickly on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You shouldn't wait hours and hours to trigger a cart abandonment email. Consumers are making decisions much more quickly than usual, so retailers need to respond more quickly than usual as well.” (Chris Arrendal /Trendline Interactive) “Review the messaging of these emails. Is the messaging up to date? Are they still rendering and functioning as intended across all the popular email clients? Are all the links accurate?” (Chad S. White / Litmus)
  18. 18. PART 5: As with most things in life, one of the best ways to learn marketing is by looking at examples of things that have worked in the past. To give you some final inspiration on how you can achieve success with your Black Friday marketing this year, our influencers reflected on a few of the best examples of killer Black Friday marketing campaigns. Examples of Great Black Friday Marketing: Learning from the best
  19. 19. “The best example that I can give in terms of a great Black Friday strategy is one that I remember from a few years ago. I forget the name of the website, but they created a sort of wheel-of-fortune-style spinner, and every target on the wheel had a unique discount. Wherever you landed after spinning the wheel, that was the deal you got for Black Friday. It's just all about being creative and finding unique ways to stand out and promote your offer. What's a unique hook or tactic that you can pull audiences in to come check out your website? That’s what you should be asking yourself!” (Jeet Banerjee / “Walmart hired a DJ to make a live stream and play all day music on their website. This was a really clever way of enticing people to come check out their website, while also providing entertainment once you arrive!” (Nael Schaffer/ Here is some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing! “Mediamarkt is a great example. In 2017, they set up a fantastic landing page with a shocking counter, reminding users exactly when the Black Friday promotions started.” (Andres A. Silva / “In 2017, Amazon created a differentiated offer for each day of the week. Users had to stay alert every day of the promotion if they wanted to take advantage of the deals, rather than just forgetting about it after seeing it once.” (Andres A. Silva / “Yes! Black Friday is a great time to offer deals, discounts and offers, but it's also a great time to share a meaningful message. In previous years, we've seen companies launch messages saying they won't participate in Black Friday, or that they're giving employees holidays off to celebrate with their families. You don't need to only think in terms of what you'll give away as a discount. You can also consider how to showcase your company's culture and values if that makes more sense for your business.” (Sarah Evans /
  20. 20. Wrapping Up Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer businesses a massive opportunity to sell more and make customers happy over the holiday season, success is far from guaranteed. It takes a meticulous and strategic approach if you really want to see the full marketing potential of these holidays. By following these expert tips and prioritizing your customers’ needs and interests,you’llbewellonyourwaytoasuccessfulholidayshoppingseason! But, only you know your customers on a more intimate level. You’ll have to work hard to craft the right offer and messages to guarantee success using this knowledge. The more you can personalize your offer and marketing communications to align with your customers’ needs, the better your results will be. We hope you found these influencer tips useful as you set up a winning Black Friday marketing strategy for your business. Let us know what you thought of the eBook on social media or through email! Also, a big THANK YOU to all of our influencers who submitted advice for this eBook. We appreciate your expert knowledge and look forward to learning more from you in the future!
  21. 21. Top 50 Marketing Digital Influencers To Follow In 2019 ·@johnrampton, Entrepreneur and connector. Founder of @Due & @Calendar. ·@johnhall, Co-founder @Calendar @influenceandco ·@larrykim, CEO @MobileMonkey_, Founder @WordStream (acquired for $150M) ·@jeffbullas, #1 Content Marketing Influencer, Social Media Marketing Strategist & Speaker, ·@randfish, Founder @SparkToro, ·@neilpatel, Co-founder of Neil Patel Digital ·@PamMktgNut, CEO @MktgNutz @SMProfitFactor#Speaker Strategist, ·@TheJeetBanerjee, 25 years old. Serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker & digital marketing consultant. ·@GrowUrStartup Co-founder & CEO @StartGrowthHack, ·@markwschaefer, Keynote speaker, executive branding coach, marketing strategist., ·@jaybaer, Keynote Speaker & Emcee, ·@andressilvaa, speaker & founder of #flumarketing, ·@anujprajapati11, Tech and Automobile Influencer, ·@dmscott, Marketing and Sales Strategist, entrepreneur, ·@leeodden, CEO ·@TopRank Marketing Agency - B2B content marketing, ·@PatFlynn, ·@kamichat Founder and CEO, Zoetica Media ·@annhandley, Author. Marketer. Chief Content Officer, ·@JoePulizzi, Founder @CMIContent, ·@JohnAguiar, Help Bloggers, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs with Blog Marketing, ·@amitbhawani, Founder & Editor-in-chief of @PhoneRadarBlog, @AndroidAdvices & @TripRazer ·@lilachbullock, Professional Speaker, Lead Conversion Expert, Content Marketing & Social Media Specialist ·@BrennerMichael, Marketing consultant, speaker, author, CEO of @MKTGInsiders, ·@MadalynSklar, Social Media Consultant, ·@IanCleary, ·@sujanpatel , ·@NealSchaffer , Social Media Author, ·@prsarahevans , Digital correspondent and consultant for brands, ·@AskJamieTurner, Author, @CNNcontributor and CEO of 60 Second Marketer ·@OnlineGeniuses, Online Geniuses is an internet marketing community 15,000+ members, ·@AdeldMeyer, #PR | Co-Founder @CryptoCollecto & @DAPScoin, ·@adamjayc, Founder of @BloggingWizard & @FunnelOverload, ·@Lisapatb, Social media marketer, consultant, blogger, content marketing, ·@dknowlton1, International Speaker | Co-Founder @KPSDigitalMktng, ·@OviNegrean, Founder @SocialBeeHQ, ·@TomPick, Independent B2B digital marketing consultant, ·@MattWoodwardUK, Award winning blogger, ·@allanp73, SEO, ·@RyanBiddulph, ·@SEO, SEO & Content Marketing Expert, ·@ZievBeresh, Content Marketing Manager @The_HOTH ·@Arrendale, Email marketing expert, ·@tawatson, Email consultant, ·@jvanrijn, Email marketing consultant, ·@jainamistry, Email marketing specialist @litmusapp, ·@MartaBuryan #ContentMarketing Specialist at @Socialbakers, ·@philipstorey, CEO of Enchant Agency, ·@Jyoti_Chauhan1, SEO expert & blogging, ·@chadswhite, Author of 'Email Marketing Rules', Research Director @LitmusApp