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Growth Startups


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Growth Hacking Agency helping Startup CEO's and Entrepreneurs grow and accelerate their businesses.

Who we are

We are an experienced team that has launched and grown successful businesses, helping become acquired by public companies for the rapid growth and positive cash flow we generated, and are now applying everything we’ve learned to help others reach success. We are a team of creative minded, tech savvy, data junkies, digital experts and of course Growth Hackers.

Why we created Growth Startups

We saw that many startups were failing on reaching their growth goals, and that many traditional companies were not reaching the right users in the digital world. The simple equation of CAC<LTV appeared to be a challenge for the majority of the startups and traditional companies. So we decided to create an agency that can help then to hack the growth they are looking for, using Growth Hacking techniques.

Why we say we do not have clients, but partners

Our core business is to generate success to our partners. We cannot be really successful if our partners are not succeeding. Notwithstanding if we are only providing consultancy services or a full Growth Hacking service, our goal is for our partners to unlock the growth they are looking for.

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Growth Startups

  1. 1. Partnering for Growth
  2. 2. Growth Startups Main Services ! Growth Hacker Mindset (No Guessing, just A/B) ! Viral Acquisition ! Paid Acquisition ! Content Marketing ! E-mail Marketing Automation ! A/B testing and Analytics ! Engagement Automation ! Customer Acquisition Automation ! Smart Retargeting Scalable Results
  3. 3. Growth Startups Process ! Define actionable and specific goals ! Gather feedback, build and prioritize hypotheses ! Define and set in place analytics to track goals ! Execute Experiment (Chose simplest solution) ! Optimize Experiment (A/B testing) ! Start again!
  4. 4. Growth Startups Main Goal with every Partnership ! Lowest CAC possible (Acquisition) ! Highest LTV possible (Engagement) ! Maximum possible Gross Revenue (Company Results)
  5. 5. One of our strongest Growth engines: 
 Facebook Technology Method Professional Team A unique mix of technology, method and a professional team that can improve the results of your Facebook acquisition strategy
  6. 6. Facebook is today the biggest publisher in the world ! Facebook is where you and thousands of other advertisers try to capture new clients among the more than 1.4 billion users that Facebook has. ! So... ! How can I differentiate my campaigns? ! How can I decrease my acquisition costs? ! How can I increase the quality of the users I acquire? ! How can I do all that at the same time?
  7. 7. Audience Targeting Real-time Analytics Optimization Target your audience by age, gender, income, location/ZIP, and multiple other demographic and contextual variables. Find your best converting clients and replicate them. Measure campaign performance metrics across all targeting parameters in real time & create an automated growth machine. Optimize campaign performance based on real time data and refining of targeting parameters. A/B testing of every creative and landing page. Audience Targeting, Real time Analytics & Optimization ! Growth Startups leverages sophisticated targeting and optimization algorithms to generate superior results
  8. 8. Facebook Growth Engine ! We can lower your acquisition costs ! We can improve your quality metrics ! We can get you more engaged clients
  9. 9. Some success cases ! A travel mobile app took their acquisition costs per download from $2 to less than $1 and explode growth and quality users! ! The Party: We helped an events' company that was selling only 20 tickets a day boost their sales to 1400 tickets in 3 days - with a cost of 7% of each ticket. ! For an international digital advertising SSP we acquired 70,000 publishers with a CPA<LTV relation of more than 7X! ! A finance mobile app took their opened account acquisition cost from almost $75 to less than $5! ! A pizza delivery place doubled it sales in the first week of working with us. And many more!
  10. 10. Our Growth Hacker Lead & Inspiration Social Networks Email Automation User Experience Affiliate Marketing Content Marketing Analytics Human Psychology Expert Consumer Behavior Trendhunter Marketing SkillsAbove Average Developer A/B Testing Freak Andy Alterini Growth Hacking Lead Endeavor Entrepreneur & Growth Mentor 500 Startups Growth Mentor NxtpLabs Growth Mentor
  11. 11. Thank you! +1 (650) 460-1483 +54 (11) 5032-8144