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Private air service

  1. 1. Affordable Private Flights
  2. 2. Why? Ros Aviation Services delivers in-time, safe and reliable private flights, at the lowest price in the market. Ros Aviation Services saves you total travel time and costs by avoiding airline delays, long airport security lanes and long traffic jams by offering flexible and reliable time-efficient, door-to-door flight travel with your own aircraft in Europe. Just like a regular taxi on the ground you fly when you want, to where you want and pay a fixed fee per flight hour.
  3. 3. Private air services Whether it is a business trip or a holiday, Ros Aviation Services halves the total travel time compared with regular transportation. Being a Ros Aviation Services Executive Member, you get the advantage of being picked up to take you to the nearest airport; Then board to fly directly and safely to the final destination of your choice. If necessary we also arrange ground transportation. Cancellation because of overbooking, transfers, inflexible airline schedules and high ticket-change fees are in the past when you fly with your own aircraft with Ros Aviation Services private door-to-door air services.
  4. 4. Cirrus SR 22 Your comfortable Cirrus SR22 aircraft has access to 1200 low traffic airports and always brings you closer to your final destination. 
Experience the time saving advantages of airports not served by regular airlines, its private terminals and the inexpensive or free parking. All the aircraft are operated in a fractional ownership model, giving Ros Aviation Services Executive Members the right to use and decide on their contracted and shared aircraft.
  5. 5. Cirrus SR 22
  6. 6. Easy entry
  7. 7. All leather seats
  8. 8. Sophisticated cockpit
  9. 9.  Ros Aviation Services’ safety is safeguarded by: The Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS) Experienced and trained pilots
  10. 10. Service Area Our service area includes most countries in North-West Europe.
  11. 11. Pricing We offer two types of fares: Pre-Paid and Ad-Hoc. Both types have its distinct advantages; you choose the type that fits most of your travel needs. Both fares are preceded by a one time refundable fee of 995,99 EUR in order to secure your ownership part in our fleet. This fee will be refunded, when you choose not to use Ros Aviation Services anymore. All the mentioned prices are excluding VAT.
  12. 12. Pre Paid Pre-Paid: gets a grip on your business travel expenses. Pay your private air services at a fixed rate with our discounted Pre-Paid packages. Flight time will be deducted of your personal account. For more information about our intresting priced Pre-Paid packages please contact us at
  13. 13. Ad Hoc When you do not know whether you are going to use our services more then once choose for the Ad-Hoc fare. Services are charged per flight hour at a fixed rate of 595,95 EUR. Offers can be requested. Ground transportation and other services are charged separately, waiting time is charged at a rate of 75,00 EUR per hour.
  14. 14. Time efficiency Transport from and to the airport Using low traffic airports gets you faster to your departure airport and final destination thus getting round traffic jams. Major airports recommend to check-in 2,5 hours before departure for passport control and security checks. Flying Ros Aviation you arrive 20 minutes before departure, park your car and immediately join the pilot for check-in. When disembarking your luggage will be handed over by the pilot so you can leave the airport immediately. On board
While enjoying the flight and being the only passengers, private talks and meetings are possible within our comfortable Cirrus SR22.
  15. 15. More information? Call 00316-51694120 Or mail :