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  • After being an organizer.
    Thanks for the invitation.

  • 10 tips from my entrepreneurship experience.
    My experience with Adegga & AVIN.
  • Hard to think in the beginning.
    Define who you are.
    Adegga: It took us a long time to understand who we are.
  • Adegga has a long term partnership with company called Catavino.
    Also our design was made by me and now being one by a proper designer.
    Great results so far.
  • - Don’t leave this for later.
    - Adegga has had 2 different business models. Going for the 3rd.
  • I to go to the most important wine events (at least in Europe)
    I’ve made more contacts and generated potential business from the events than anything else.
  • I’ve failed. Trying to change.
  • Listening we understand the context we live in.
    Go out of your way to understand how other markets work.
  • Overworked sometimes. Compensate with free time.
    Free time gives you the ability to think. TRAVEL!
  • Helps you see the eye on the big picture.
  • Work hard. Play hard.
    Be demanding with yourself!
    Too many things in the beginning is bad but it does take you somewhere.
  • If you’re making money, only passion will keep you goinh.
    Adegga has been a series of ups and downs.
    Money makes you think short term. Passionm long term.
  • Adegga has been a series of ups and downs.
    Amazing times but also some really hard ones.
    I would be here talking about it if it wasn’t for the passion for what I’m doing.
    Money makes you think short term.

  • Shift 2010-diy

    1. 1. A SHIFT IN WINE 10 Tips From the Trenches
    2. 2. WHO AM I? André Ribeirinho Wine Entrepreneur. Founder of (in 2005). Social Wine Discovery. Facebook of Wine.
    3. 3. WHO AM I? Founder of AVIN An ISBN for wine. Unique number for each wine. 10 Million wine labels. QRCodes.
    4. 4. 10 TIPS (Based on my mistakes experience!) 1. Find your niche & focus. 6. Listen. 2. Make parterships. 7. Balance your life. 3. Make money. (really!) 8. Get advisors. 4. Network. 9. Be the best. 5. Be available. 10. Follow your passion.
    5. 5. 1. Find your niche & focus. Understand who you are in the ecosystem. One project. One task.
    6. 6. 2. Make partnerships. Must share same vision. You can’t do everything.
    7. 7. 3. Make money. (really!) Find a business model. Change it if necessary.
    8. 8. 4. Network. Everytime. Everywhere. Conferences. New product launches. Tastings.
    9. 9. 5. Be available. Answer emails. Answer your phone.
    10. 10. 6. Listen. To your clients, competitors, media.
    11. 11. 7. Balance your life. Free time is as important as work. Travel.
    12. 12. 8. Get advisors. Friends & Contacts in different areas.
    13. 13. 9. Be your be(a)st. And nothing else.
    14. 14. 10. Follow your passion! Not the money.
    15. 15. BONUS POINT (11.) Make Mistakes! That’s the way to learn.
    16. 16. THANKS! Lets have a glass of wine together! Andre Ribeirinho Twitter: @andrerib