Apple - Just the Best One


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Apple - Just the Best One

  1. 1. Apple - IdentityFoundation – California, EUA, April 1, 1976, Apple ComputersStores – 317Founders– Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald WayneEmployees – 6000 (in 2001)Industry – Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Consumer ElectronicsWebsite – – Apple Campus, Cupertino, California, EUA
  2. 2. Apple - IntroductionFounded by SteveWozniak, Steve Jobs andRonald Wayne, with thename of AppleComputers, in1976, California. An American multinational corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers.
  3. 3. A little of HistoryEverything has stared when Steve Wozniak developed Apple 1(computer), being a very advanced project at that time.It was refused by some companies, but the founders have decided totake the idea forward.This computer wasn’t a great success but the incomes had supportedApple in his first year, opening the way to release and create morepowerful and developed versions.
  4. 4. Sucess ProductsiMac (1998)iBook (1999)iPod (2001)Mac OS X (2001)iTunes/iTunes Store (2001)MacBook (2006)iPhone (2007)iPad (2010)Macbook Air (2010)iPad 2 (2011)iPhone 4S (2011)The New iPad (2012) In these ones the best were: iMac, Mac OS X, iPod, iTunes, iPhone/iPhone
  5. 5. iMacComputer model who was released in the 90’s to revolutionize thepersonal computer market.Last version iMac: iMac G5Appeared on August 31, 2004Recent laptops: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro
  6. 6. iPhoneSmartphone developed by Apple, with functions of iPod, digitalcamera, Internet, SMS, Wi-Fi connection and Face Time (Video Calls)Has the best interaction paradigm of mobile phonesAppeared on June 29, 2007Some iPhone models/versions: • iPhone2G • iPhone 3G • iPhone 4 • iPhone 4SO iPhone 3G has reached 1 million units sells in a week and iphone4S hasovertaken the sell of 4 million units in three days.
  7. 7. iPhone sells in millions
  8. 8. iPadDevice in tablet format announced on January 27, 2010, being the firstiPad version with Wi-Fi 802.11n, 7 inches, accelerometer and compass.iPad2, second version, announced on March 2, 2011, beingthinner, weightless and faster, with a front camera and back one too forVideo Calls. Two models: black and white. More advanced technologythan the first version.It has sold 3 millions of iPads in four days.
  9. 9. iPad Power9 in each 10 consumers have knowledge of iPad91% of the owners have downloaded at least one appWhen iPad celebrated his first year of existence, Apple had sold over 15 millionunits57.6% it’s the participation of iPad on the market, in the tablet sector
  10. 10. Apple and his profit on selling products In the last 2011 quarter, Apple sold 37 millions of iPhones (increase of 128%), 15.43 millions of iPads (increase of 111%) and 5.2 millions of iMacs (increase of 26%). His profit has established a new record in the value of 13.06 billion dollars, due the sell of the new iPhone (iPhone 4S).
  11. 11. Apple StoresSince May 2001, Apple has opened 374 stores, being 236 in USA.Apple Store in Nova Iorque Apple Store in Tóquio
  12. 12.  IDENTITY Full name: Steven Paul Jobs Birth: February 24, 1955, California, EUA Dead: October 5, 2011, 56 years, California Nationality: North-American Residence: Palo Alto, California Occupation: President of Apple Inc.
  13. 13. Steve Jobs – A little of HistoryInventor in informatics sectorCofounder, president and executive director of AppleRevolutionized the technologic world: personal computers, animationfilms, music, phones, tablets, digital publicationsIn his first years, with Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula, he developede commercialized Apple 2 (personal computer). Later he createdMacintosh.After he lost a dispute with Apple direction in 1985, Jobs resigned andhe created NeXT, company of platforms development. Apple boughtNeXT in 1996 and so, Steve Jobs returned to Apple.He died with 56 years, due a pancreatic cancer.
  14. 14. Rivalry Exists a big rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, ex-president and principal shareholder of Microsoft. “Steve Jobs will always be one of the most genius, titanic and creative minds of the world. Steve left behind a company that he only could built and his spirit will always be the base of Apple.”
  15. 15. CuriositiesThe bite that the apple currently has it’s for people don’t confuse na applewith a cherry.The first Macintosh laptop weighed 7kg. Today, MacBookAir weigh 1.3kg.Fortune magazine appointed Apple as the most admired company of the worldin 2008, 2009 and 2010.The little i before the names of the products, used to represent in the startInternet. Today, it takes reference to the individual and personal, being “I”.