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6 redes sociais


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Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual

6 redes sociais

  1. 1. RedesSociais
  2. 2. Networking não é novo, mas está mais ágil e rápido
  3. 3. “Aplicações, plataformas emídia online que permitem efacilitam a interação, acolaboração e ocompartilhamento deconteúdo”Universal McCann, 2008
  4. 4. Regras Wall Street JournalDont discuss articles that havent been published,meetings youve attended or plan to attend with staff orsources, or interviews that youve conducted.Let our coverage speak for itself, and dont detail how anarticle was reported, written or edited.Dont disparage the work of colleagues or competitors [...]or aggressively promote your coverage
  5. 5. Regras Wall Street JournalAll postings on Dow Jones sites that may be controversialor that deal with sensitive subjects need to be cleared withyour editor before postingBusiness and pleasure should not be mixed on serviceslike Twitter...Common sense should prevail, but if you are in doubtabout the appropriateness of a Tweet or posting, discuss itwith your editor before sending.
  6. 6. Relatório Ibope
  7. 7. Relatório JWT
  8. 8. Antes de entrar na dança,pense se vale a pena mesmo