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Leon fagan


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Leon fagan

  1. 1. We used final cut express to edit all ourvideo footage, this included thepreliminary task, focus group, animaticand our final produced music video. Thisusing final cut was much more difficultwhen I used it lat as we had to gather alot more footage and also lip syncingwas involved. We also had to includedmany effects to make it look like anactual music video.
  2. 2. We used an HD camera to gather all ourmusic video footage on. The camera that weused revealed much more clearer imagesthan the camera we used last year which wasa DV camera. The HD camera was use forfilming the focus group, preliminary task andour music video.
  3. 3. The I Mac was used for many things such asediting video footage, using safari to go onwebsite such as Youtube, Facebook, google,blogger etc. With out the I Mac our musicvideo wouldn’t have been as successful as itis now.