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Evaluation question 4


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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. A blog account has be created in order for usto write about the step s and our progress whenproducing our music video . Many things to wereupdated to our blogs such as our favourite musicvideo , our research and planning and uploadingOur final produced music video. When using theBlog it was easy for me to add videos from YouTube,pictures and screen as we use this technology lastyear for the product for a thriller. My blogspotshould definitely reveal what is needed for you toget a good understanding of the process we tookand how we progressed.
  2. 2. The website was use d inorder to look for unsigned artist songs thatwe may want to use to create our musicvideo with. Unfortunately we didn’t get asong from this site that we liked so we wenton looking else where.
  3. 3. We have excessively been using the in order to share videos to ourblogger such the Coldplay which we used toanalyse. YouTube was also used to uploadedited footage such as our focusgroup, animatic and our final produced musicvideo.
  4. 4. We used to producequestionnaires for random people answer whichwas part of our target audience research. This sitewas highly effective as it help us discover whopeople want to aim our music video towards. Wealso created surveys to ask questions on behalf ofour finished music video which we did get positivefeedback from.
  5. 5. We use in order for usto put power points that we createdonto our blogs as what I have donehere .
  6. 6. We used to create wordsand put them in a distinctive was tomake our blogs seem moreinteresting. Below is an example.