New Heraldry: Nation, Region and City Branding


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Place branding at Glance: why, what for and how. Presentation by Andrei Stas, managing partner of Stas Marketing Partners

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New Heraldry: Nation, Region and City Branding

  1. 1. NEW HERALDRY© Nation, Region and City Branding
  2. 2. Nations, regions and cities are reshaping their identities… Past Past Present Present © Stas Marketing Partners
  3. 3. …to be more competitive in the fast changing world Past Past Present Present City City City City City City City City M L K J M L K J City City City City City City City City N А В I N А B I City City City City City City City City O С D H O C D H City City City City City City City City P E F G P E F G Places today compete with each other for Investments Export markets for their goods and services Business and Leisure travelers Inhabitants and qualified migrants © Stas Marketing Partners
  4. 4. Branding allows approaching place development from another point of view Brand is a Brand is the Brand is for powerful idea base for choice humans Entire market offer Institution What place For whom means? is this place? EMOTIONS E X P E C T A How place How target EXPERIENCE T I fulfills target groups O group needs? behave in N this place? Final Choice S Target audience Brand is the powerful tool to manage relationship of the place with Brand is the powerful tool to manage relationship of the place with various target groups that allows involving then in social and various target groups that allows involving then in social and economic developments of the place economic developments of the place © Stas Marketing Partners
  5. 5. Place brand strategy is to build depending on type of the place and priority target groups Place brand development strategy is dependant on type of the place (nation, region, city, town,| village) and priority target groups (investors, export markets, etc.). Population, Export Other Investors Travelers Migrant, Authorities Media markets places Students Nations Regions Various place brand development strategies Cities © Stas Marketing Partners
  6. 6. Place brand should emphasize key elements of its unique identity PEOPLE PEOPLE Habits Habits Education Education Skills / Capabilities Skills / Capabilities Celebrities Celebrities CULTURE CULTURE ECONOMY ECONOMY History / Traditions History / Traditions Industries / Clusters Industries / Clusters Education Education Education Education Language / Religion Language / Religion Resources Resources Arts Arts PLACE Natural resources Natural resources BRAND BRANDS BRANDS TOURISM TOURISM Traditional products Traditional products Nature Nature Famous local brands Famous local brands Ecology Ecology Export success stories Export success stories Landmarks Landmarks Events Events Adopted from Simon Anholt © Stas Marketing Partners
  7. 7. Successful place brand: unique, proved, consistent There are more than 150 nations, thousand regions and places: target groups make their choices in favor of places that are able to define and Uniqueness properly communicate theirs unique differentiators and crucial benefits for target groups. Positioning and slogan are not the same things. Positioning is a primary and it should define crucial value of place brand for target Clear positioning groups, while slogan is just verbal form of positioning to be delivered to targets. Positioning should emphasize key strengths of place. Positioning and uniqueness of the place brand can not be relevantly perceived and accepted by target groups without bright, easily checked Proved by facts and accessible facts that prove offered idea. Not all elements of brand are equal to each other and represent similar features and benefits. That is why it is useful to define optimum Optimum architecture balance between investment, travel, export and people priorities inside the place brand. © Stas Marketing Partners
  8. 8. Создание территориального бренда – многоэтапный последовательный процесс Place brand Creative Place brand Setting up the Place brand platform developments communication project structure audit development (visual identity) strategy Common Brand analysis Brand essence Brand description External communication plan understanding of SLEPT-analysis Key differentiation Slogans project goals and points Internal SWOT-analysis Logo communication plan structure Social role of the Benchmarking Graphic standards Results brand Distribution plan Target group profiles Brand Book Place perception Target group insights Operation plans for brand development Operation plans for brand development © Stas Marketing Partners
  9. 9. Russia: unlimited potential for place branding Nation brand Region brands, of for example, RUSSIA Kamchatka Macroregion brands: Village and town Sibir brand, or Far East for example Spas Ugol City brands: for example, Orenburg © Stas Marketing Partners
  10. 10. Knowledge Treasury W iin EW n NE 9 N 09 New Heraldry: How Nations, Regions and Cities 20 0 Create and Develop Their Brands (in Russian) 20 By Andrei Stas, managing partner of Stas Marketing Partners Book Features: In depth historic overview; Fundamental view of brand as place development tool; Place brands in context of nations, regions and cities; Place brands in context of different target groups (investors, external markets, travelers, population); Step-by-step place brand development guide; More than 20 case studies. © Stas Marketing Partners
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