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Traian Vuia, pioneer of aviation


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Traian Vuia, pioneer of aviation

  1. 1. Traian vuia – one of the first romanian pioneers of aviation
  2. 2. TRAIAN VUIA  The first man who lifted from the ground with a flying machine heavier than air.  “I do not work for my own glory, but for the glory of the human genius” said Traian Vuia.
  3. 3. BibliogrPHY 1  Traian Vuia was born on the 7th of August 1872 in Surducu Mic village, today namedTraian Vuia in his memory, from Timis county;  During high school, he built “a machine with wings”;
  4. 4. BibliogrPHY 2  He went to Politechnic School from Budapest to study, then he transferred to the Law School, where he took his PhD;  In 1903 he went to Paris and presented in front of the Science Academy his project regarding flying with the glider machine.
  5. 5. BibliogrPHY 3  Ambitious, he manufactured Vuia 1 glider (1906) with the help of his friends from Lugoj;
  6. 6. BibliogrPHY 4  On the18th of March 1906, in Paris, he succeeded in performing the first flight in the history of aviation, with an aircraft which rose into the air all by its own propulsion;
  7. 7. BibliogrPHY 5  In the spring of 1907 he improved the flying machine - Vuia 2, which he presented at the opening of the first airshow in Paris;
  8. 8. BibliogrPHY 6  In 1908 he graduated the university in Paris and took his degree as a mechanical engineer;
  9. 9. BibliogrPHY 7  In the fall of 1950, on the 2nd of September, he died and was buried in Bellu cemetery from Bucharest, Romania
  10. 10. “THE BAT” - Vuia1
  12. 12. HIS important CONTRIBUTION TO WORLWIDE AVIATION 1 Vuia built the first airplane in the world which took off using only dashboard means (it lifted all by itself);  It was the first monoplane in the world, wing up type, which actually flew;
  13. 13. HIS important CONTRIBUTION TO WORLWIDE AVIATION 2 He designed a completely metallic construction, except the cloth of the wings, which was realized using steel tubes, linked through metallic nut.
  14. 14. HIS important CONTRIBUTION TO WORLWIDE AVIATION 3 He designed an airplane with folding wings as a fan, along the fuselage; It was the first airplane ever built with only one propeller; - It had a landing gear with tires.
  15. 15. Traian vuia AIRPORT- timisoara timis county
  17. 17. traian vuia MUSEUM In April 2012, Traian Vuia Museum from his birthplace (Traian Vuia village named proudly after the great pioneer of aviation) opened its gates for the visitors for the first tame with the occasion of celebrating 100 years since his death.
  18. 18. celebrating100 YEARS SINCE THE FIRST real FLIGHT IN THE WORLD Anniversary Medals - 2 September 2006
  19. 19. - Between 1918-1922 - he designed 2 types of helicopters; - In 1925 – he invented the steam generator which was used afterwards at the future heating systems; - He was the representative of the National Board of Romanians from Transilvania and Banat at the Peace Conference which took place in Paris in 1919; - He was appointed Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy in1946. traian vuia’S OTHER activitIES