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Book of Abstracts

  1. 1. British Council purpose statement:To build mutually beneficial relationships andgaining recognition for the UK’s creativity andachievementsWe work in three programme areas:- Intercultural dialogue- Creative and knowledge economy- Climate change
  2. 2. What is Active Citizens?Active Citizens is a British Council programme inthe area of intercultural dialogue and globalcitizenship.The vision is a world in which people recognisetheir potential and exercise their responsibility toengage with others in the development of theircommunities at local and international level
  3. 3. What will the programme achieve?• The programme will move participants to improved understanding of their local community, to motivation to act in their community, and to understanding where their community sits in the world and how their local actions have global resonance.• By the end of this experience they will have made a significant contribution to social change within their community and to global sustainable development.• They will also have made new professional and personal relationships with people within their community and across the world.
  4. 4. How will this happen?The programme will bring diverse groups of people together on avoluntary basis within their community. It will be delivered in threephases:• Local training workshops will focus on global citizenship, working effectively with difference and agenda setting in order to achieve better understanding of the local community and global interdependency.• Social Action Projects will be planned and delivered by the participants based on what they learned and where they feel they can make a positive impact in their own community.• International exchanges and networking will provide the participants the opportunity to experience international practises and learn from other countries.
  5. 5. Global Innovation LabThere is a growing need to harness science, technology andinnovation to tackle numerous social challenges facing theworld today. However, barriers still exist that make it difficultfor countries to fully benefit from research and innovation.These include lack of opportunities for entry-levelresearchers to get experience, inadequate exploitation ofcross-sector research opportunities, poor transformation ofresearch results into actual innovations, and insufficientengagement with the private sector and the wider public.
  6. 6. What Is Global Innovation Lab?Global Innovation Lab is a project developed and led by theBritish Council that aims to catalyse international researchcollaboration, link research to innovation and end-users, andengage researchers with policy-makers and the widercommunity.The focus of the project will be on addressing current globalchallenges in four priority areas: sustainable living, digitalworld, lifelong health and wellbeing, and globaluncertainties.
  7. 7. How Will This Be Achieved?Global Innovation Lab will engage researchers and innovators in the earlystages of their careers, drawn from academic and non-academicbackgrounds in all disciplines, ranging from natural and social sciences, toarts and humanities. It will encourage collaborative approaches toresearch and innovation across disciplines and sectors, as well asinternationally, and stimulate fresh approaches to problem solving. Theproject will include a range of interconnected activities:• The Global Forum will be a virtual platform to link researchers andinnovators worldwide into a vibrant network• Global Challenge Labs will allow researchers and innovators to cometogether both face-to-face and online to discuss ideas, come up withsolutions and begin to develop approaches to potential projects
  8. 8. • Global Challenge Conferences will be international eventsfusing the traditional academic conference format withinnovative methods for engaging artists, business leaders, thepublic and policy-makers.• Famelab International is a talent contest for young scientists(‘Pop Idol for scientists’), often televised, which stimulatesenthusiasm for science and innovation amongst the widerpublic.• Seed Funding - we will establish a Global Innovation Labfund, supported by external investors, to allow researchersand innovators who have made contact through the GlobalInnovation Lab project to take their ideas one step further andturn them into action.
  9. 9. The project is currently in a pilot phase.It will be launched globally in the second half of2010 in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Find out more: Gabriel Ivan, Projects Manager Education & Science
  10. 10. New Work New AudiencesWhat is it?The heart of New Work New Audiencesis the presentation of British workacross all art forms in response toaudience demand.It allows audiences around the world toexperience the transformational effectof the arts and their power as a catalystfor developing understanding, trust anddialogue.
  12. 12. What is Living Together?• A large-scale British Council project to stimulate dialogue and collaboration in 34 countries, with a focus on South East Europe• A contribution to the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue