Pitch Bootcamp - Becoming Europe's leading job accelerator!


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PITCH BOOTCAMP is meant to get extraordinary companies closer to people who want to work. Until now it has created more than 300 job opportunities, besides working closer to around 600 companies such as Deloitte, Samsung, Bosh, Siemens, Microsoft, Roche, AstraZeneca, Wipro, ERA, TAP and top Universities in Portugal like Coimbra University, Minho University, Porto University, Catholic University and Nova University of Lisbon.

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Pitch Bootcamp - Becoming Europe's leading job accelerator!

  1. 1. TRAINING PITCH COMPANIESTwo intensive working days where participants:> Create their own business model (product, client, channels, tools, action plan)> Meet 50 companiesFramework
  2. 2. Goals> Create jobs and internships> Support the development of new skills> Develop business language> Support the development of new methods for seeking jobs. “Be the CEO of your career!”
  3. 3. WHO YOU ARE/WHAT YOU HAVE? LEARN HOW TO PRESENT YOURSELF.Each participant develop their own business model:> Product> Client> Channels> Tools> Action planDay 1Training
  4. 4. FIND YOUR CUSTOMERS AND DEFINE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THEM.Each participant define their market segmentation:> Identify target customers> Discover the differences between companies> Discover which are the best channels to reach the target customersDay 1Training
  5. 5. WHICH IS YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION?Each participant develop value propositions, specifically targeted for specific companies.Day 1Training
  6. 6. DEFINE AND EXPLORE THE CHANNELS BETWEEN YOU AND THE CLIENT.Each participant identifies channels between him and their customers:> Which are the most effective customer contact points> Define the necessary tools (resume, business cards, e-mail, signature, …)Day 1Training
  7. 7. Day 2Pitch50 COMPANIES> CEO’S> Human Resources Managers> Business Development Managers> Marketing Managers
  8. 8. MORNING PITCH + AFTERNOON PITCHEach participant presents his own value proposition to a panel of 4 companies.The magic happens! The participant receives feedback, advices, suggestions, mentoring, leads and also job opportunities.Day 2Pitch
  9. 9. NETWORKING BETWEEN PARTICIPANTS AND COMPANIESInformal networking moments, with the 50 companies, where participants share their ideas, ask for informations,mentoring, leads, …Day 2Pitch
  10. 10. Results+25.000Facebook+2.300Bootcampers+6.000Online application+300Jobs Created+400Partner Companies+40Partner Universities
  11. 11. Results+400 companies
  12. 12. Testimonials
  13. 13. André Azevedoandre@sparkagency.pt(+351) 914 253 574