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OKRs is a goal setting method developed by Intel and used by Google

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  • Thanks for sharing this presentation. Teams adopting OKRs need to understand the difference between objectives and key results and see real-world examples. Where organizations growing from startups into enterprises are finding challenges though is in the execution phase.

    At a certain size, spreadsheets and Google docs don’t work for tracking OKRs. Google built proprietary technology. Other companies need to consider a goal-setting platform for execution because as John Doerr says, execution is everything. Check us out at if interested!
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  1. 1. @andrefariaOKR’s
  2. 2. Businesses live and dieby hitting their targets
  3. 3. OKRs(objectives and key results)can help you business toachieve its targets!
  4. 4. OKRs is a method developed byIntel and used by Google
  5. 5. “Google sets impossible bodacious goals…and then achievesthem. The engineering mindset of solving the impossible problemis part of the culture instilled in every group at Google. Toughengineering problems don’t have obvious answers. You need toinvent the solution, not just optimize something that exists. Everyquarter every group at Google sets goals, called OKRs, for thenext 90 days. Most big companies set annual goals like improvingor growing something by x%, and then measure performance oncea year. At Google a year is like a decade. Annual goals aren’t goodenough. Set quarterly goals, set them at impossible levels, andthen figure out how to achieve them. Measure progress everyquarter and reward outstanding achievement.”Don Dodge,
  6. 6. Each quarter, every Googler sets their objectives and key results(OKRs). Every team sets OKRs, every practice group, all the way upto company-level OKRs. And at the conclusion of each quarter,those OKRs are all graded (from 0 to 1.0), for the entire companyto see. Anyone who scores too well is suspected of sandbagging;score too low and you’ll need to have good answers for why youdidn’t deliver. It’s not overstating it to say that the OKR process isone of the critical components of Google’s success.
  7. 7. The company, department, teamset not just their objectives, butidentify the key results for hittingthose objectives.
  8. 8. Goals are clear and measurable, andthere is alignment
  9. 9. Make sureeveryone knowwhat is important
  10. 10. Focus Effort
  11. 11. How to implement OKRs?
  12. 12. Set your Objectivessignificant, communicate action andsupported by the organization
  13. 13. For each ObjectiveFind Key Results(how you’re going to accomplish).A few SMARTkey points.
  14. 14. OBJECTIVEIncrease sales by 25% in the next quarterKEY RESULTSHire 2 great new sales peopleIntroduce new more effective sales collateralIncrease conversion rateon visits to website by 10%
  15. 15. OBJECTIVEReduce the bug count of mysoftware.KEY RESULTSClose all obsolete bugs.Triage all new bugs within 1 day.Assign an owner to every bug.Fix 3 bugs a week.
  16. 16. ReferencesInThePlex:HowGoogleThinks,Works,andShapesOurLives
  17. 17. Thanks! @andrefaria