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Modern systems architectures: Uber, Lyft, Cabify


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Have you ever wondered how to build a system architecture to support an application like Uber? Here are some clues.

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Modern systems architectures: Uber, Lyft, Cabify

  2. 2. - S2 Library (Spatial Indexing) - Efficient query operations for finding nearby objects, measuring distances, computing centroids, etc. - Kafka - DISCO (Dispatch Optimization) - Distribute the work in different servers using a hashing system - GPS is essential for the system to work
  3. 3. - Break the World Map into pieces - Divide Workloads into Services. - Easier to calculate ETA. - Match Supply and Demand in the area.
  4. 4. - Know what servers handles each location requests, and how to reshard when necessary using hashing. - Demand Service ask Supply Service by Location ID (s2) - Supply Service find the cab. - Request is placed to cab by oder. - After a time-out try another cab. - If it a match notify the user.
  5. 5. - Terraform - Docker - Mesos - Regions - Kafka - Hadoop
  6. 6. - Calculate ETA (pickup, destiny) - Calculate different options to find the best.
  7. 7. - Tech Dummies - Success in Tech - Quora Thread - Pratik Jain - Uber Engineering Blog