How to Have a Good Weekend


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Lessons Learned reading "What The Most Successful People Do On The Weekend" by Laura Vanderkam and "First Things First" by Stephen R. Covey

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How to Have a Good Weekend

  1. 1. Have a Good Weekend @andrefaria
  2. 2. Lessons Learned Reading
  3. 3. Meet John
  4. 4. John is aSoftwareDeveloper
  5. 5. He loves his wife Monica and their two Kids
  6. 6. He likes Hiking
  7. 7. He likes to go to Italian Restaurants
  8. 8. He has manydreams
  9. 9. But he works a lot
  10. 10. And he lives far from workthat means bad traffic everyday
  11. 11. He just can’t figure out whyhe can find time to do what he likes one weekends...
  12. 12. He has chores left to weekends
  13. 13. And he has work to finish
  14. 14. And his children needs attention
  15. 15. How can we help him?
  16. 16. Well, many of us have trouble using our weekends well, don’t we?
  17. 17. Our time “disappear intochores, errands, inefficient e-mail checking, unconsciously chosen television marathons, or a death march of children’s activities that suck theenergy out of chauffeuring adults.” Laura Vanderkam
  18. 18. the paradox of weekends“You have to set an appointmentto go off the grid as surely as to go on it.”
  19. 19. There are 60 hours between 6p.m. Friday 6a.m. Monday.
  20. 20. Be strategic with these hours
  21. 21. “If you know you want to read abook, then get thebook out and have it set aside and make plans to read it” Laura Vanderkam
  22. 22. Your weekends should be different fromyour workdays.
  23. 23. You need Active Rest
  24. 24. “If running is your only mode of exercise, the samemuscles are alwaysstressed in the same way, increasing thelikelihood of injury,” Laura Vanderkam
  25. 25. “Man is so madethat he can only find relaxationfrom one kind of labor by taking up another.” Anatole France
  26. 26. You need an overall planning
  27. 27. “Anticipation accounts for a big chunk of the happiness gleaned from any event” LauraVanderkam
  28. 28. Even if all goes wrong in the moment you still will have derivedsome pleasure from the anticipation Laura Vanderkam
  29. 29. Plan 3 Anchor Events for your Weekend
  30. 30. Make a list of of your 100 dreams
  31. 31. Use Mornings as well
  32. 32. Keep a (tech) Sabbath
  33. 33. “compressing chores and professional work into a small time frame onweekends lets you relax the rest of the time, knowingthat there is a time for work, and now is not that time”Laura Vanderkam
  34. 34. “I know I’m in charge of me. Everything that I do, everyminute I spend is my choice.” Theresa Daytner
  35. 35. Now, Go Have a Good Weekend
  36. 36. @andrefariaThanks!