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Breaking the monolith


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Patterns to Break the monolith based on the book Enterprise Java Microservices

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Breaking the monolith

  1. 1. Bluesoft @andrefaria Breaking the monolith
  2. 2. BR US
  3. 3. Bounded Context (DDD)
  4. 4. Big Bang! Breaking apart every single piece of an existing monolith into microservices, such that there’s a single cutover from one to the other. The Big Bang pattern isn’t recommended for most enterprises as a means of migrating, and most definitely not for those who aren’t experienced with microservices already.
  5. 5. Strangler pattern Rewrite an existing system by gradually creating a new system at the edges of the existing one. The new system slowly grows over several years, until the old system is strangled into nonexistence.
  6. 6. Hybrid pattern Similar to the Strangler but you never fully strangle the original monolith. You retain some functionality within a monolith and integrate that with new microservices. RECOMMENDED
  7. 7. Q&A
  8. 8. BR US